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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars

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Christine Canady "CC" was an Air Force Sergeant. Forgotten on her twenty-fifth birthday, even by her parents, she wished for a little magic in her life. Shortly afterward, her military plane crashed into the ocean. Near death, CC thought she was hallucinating when a beautiful mermaid appeared and offered to swap bodies with her.
CC awakened to find herself in the time of Ancient Wales, where magic could still be found, and CC quickly learned that she had a royal merman, Sarpedon, determined to wed her against her will. Gaea, Goddess of Earth (and Undine's mother), granted CC legs to go ashore, but she must return to the sea every third night or die.
With one crazy merman in the sea, another handsome merman in the sea, a Knight courting her on land, and a shady abbot who was always nearby, CC/Undine had troubles galore!
**** If you do not believe in magic, stay away from this novel. But for those of us who do believe, or want to be convinced that magic does exist, here is the novel for you! Written like a fairy tale for adults, this book is perfect to cuddle up with on long chilly nights or days you may be snowed in. It will whisk you away to a warm tropical island. Wonderful light reading.
Reviewed by Detra Fitch for Huntress Reviews.
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VINE VOICEon 7 October 2005
Air Force sargeant CC is forgotten by everyone on her 25th birthday including her parents. On the night of her birthday she does dance to the earth Goddess on her balcony. She is about to be sent on a 6 month tour of duty to the Middle East, the plane she is flying on crashes into waters and thinking she is bound to die she comes face to face with a mermaid who wants to exchange her soul with hers.
Gaea, Goddess of the Earth who granted CC this magic comes to CC's aid and every 3rd night CC has to return to the sea and for the rest of the time she is granted legs to return to land, unless she can find a man who can truly love her. CC discovers a royal merman Sarpedon who wants to wed her against her will but, CC is in love with another merman, Dylan CC's troubles are never ending!
This is a really lovely book, its all about magic and myth and another brilliant novel from P C Cast.
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on 12 October 2009
This is the first of the Goddess series that I have read. I wasn't sure I would enjoy it but, to my surprise, I found it utterly enchanting. Very easy reading, I finished the book very quickly and with a smile on my face. I am looking forward to having some time to myself to read more of P.C. Cast's books.

Lovely 'feel good' story.
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on 10 November 2005
I really liked this fairy tale, it was heart warming and had a way about it that just makes you love the characters. It is CC's 25thbirthday - though her father thinks it's her 21st - and seems that she's been forgotten. Feeling a little bit annoyed she gets drunk and performs a Goddess summonig ritual...and then becomes part of a very surreal world in Middle Ages Europe as a Mermaid!!! Then ofcourse there is Dylan the sexy Merman for whom CC falls. Very nice and with an ending that I really enjoyed though it was enexpected. Which mde it even better.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 13 December 2010
When her birthday is forgotten by her family, CC does a little solitary celebrating with 2 bottles of champagne. In a drunken moment she wishes for some help in creating magic in her life and encounters a big heap of it when her plane crashes into the ocean. Faced with potentially drowning or switching souls with a beautiful, immortal mermaid the choice is pretty straight forward, but CC is not only catapulted into the body of Undine the mermaid, she is also flung back in time to Medieval Wales.

CC/Undine faces complications as a modern woman and a mermaid in the year 1014. To escape the evil clutches of her (Undine's) brother Sarpedon, CC appeals to the Goddess Gaea for help and is granted human form. CC must return every 3 days to the ocean or die unless she can become permanently human by finding a man who will truly love her.

Now this is where the story just wanders off pointlessly. From the start of her adventure CC makes her interest in merman Dylan clear and they fall in love, leaving me questioning why bother getting legs and attempting to woo a human man? Perhaps this was to broaden the scenery and have a modern CC clash with an archaic sexist culture and singlehandedly stem the subjugation of strong women, yet I felt this aspect of the plot didn't jell with the magical/fantasy elements. With its female subjugation vs. feminine power undercurrents "Goddess of the Sea" tried a little too hard to be more than a light hearted fluffy fantasy romance but didn't quite pull it off.

I had further issues with the plot. Why does CC/Undine never appeal to her father Lir (aka Poseidon)? If CC was to reveal his beloved daughter was threatened with rape then surely he would protect her? When CC finds sanctuary in a monastery in which the monks believe her to be a Norse Sorceress, does CC stay under the radar? Nope, instead Gaea gilds a statue and acknowledges that this will cast suspicion on CC. Errr so why do it? To avoid further suspicion and remain free from the clutches of Sarpedon, CC must keep her nocturnal visits to the ocean brief and discreet; yet instead she spends hours cavorting with Dylan, playing with dolphins and exploring her underwater world.

Oddly enough I enjoyed this book. The romance is sweet and CC is certainly a feisty heroine. "Goddess of the Sea" is a promising enough start and despite the average star rating I intend to check out book 2 "Goddess of Spring" before passing final judgement on whether to continue on with this series.
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on 10 May 2012
I Love P.C. Cast, I now have three of her series, including; The House of Night series, Divine series and now the Goddess Summoning Books. At first I found this book a little hard to get into, but I prevailed and was very pleasently suprised, it was an amazing read. I then continued to read more of the gooddess summoning book; here's a list of the order they go in, while not cruical that you follow this order some references are made in recent books to previous ones;
Goddess of the Sea
Goddess of Spring
Goddess of Light
Goddess of the Rose
Goddess of Love
Goddess of Troy
Goddess of Legend.
Make sure to read Goddess of Spring before Goddess of Light, as Goddess of Light refers heavily to Goddess of Spring and it makes more sense to read it this way round. Also Goddess of Troy should be read after Goddess of Love as again references are made to the Goddess of Love book. These books were fantastic, but one word of warning for anyone with a nervous desposition, Goddess of Love centers around Venus, helping a young modern mortal find Love and desire, this book is a good read but a quite graphic, so not suitable for young readers. But otherwise can't fault, these books follow the the interactions of the Greek Gods and Goddesses with modern mortals, and many of the Gods and Goddesses find were their heart truly belongs. These books are incredable definatly read them!
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First one in the series and what a taster..... Would recommend all of the Goddess Summoning books and infact P.C. Cast to all adults to read who enjoy this style of book. Fantasy meets Romance in a brilliant blend. To think I only discovered P.C. Cast over Christmas 2009 by accident at the local Tesco's with her Divine trilogy, I have now ordered and read each of her books and can't wait for more.
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on 17 March 2005
I always love finding new authors that I like and this book is a little gem. I read it in one sitting. It was just the light, romantic story I needed to take my mind of serious matters.
If you like magic and believe in fairytales then you will enjoy this book. It made me want to drink champagne, dance in the moonlight and wish for magic. I will defiantly try her other books. Hope you enjoy.
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on 7 July 2013
Yet another fabulous book from P.C. Cast. Before I read this, I read; The House of Night Series and the Divine series.

This book is a wonderful mix of the classic mermaid tails (no pun intended) and modern women's ideals. The galant, silver suited Prince is no longer what women want, but a kind, loving man who can offer his heart and soul.

Slightly slow to get into on the first 40-odd pages, but as with all stories these pages are essential for knowing the main character.

Throughout the rest of the book, however, you are taken on a magical adventure underwater and in ancient Wales.

The ending is superb and had me shedding tears till the last page. It is beyond words as I don't do spoilers so read this book and I have no doubt you will agree
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on 1 April 2012
This is one of the most wonderful books I have ever read! I do not care whether I am labeled ridiculous by those who did not enjoy it as much as myself, but it was wonderful. It seems that you just dive head-first in (no pun inteded), and embrace the storyline head on. CC brought me into her world and let me see the things she herself saw and experienced alongside her. Dylan was just...wonderful. (I have to say, Christine was not the only one wooed.) When I first bought the book I was unsure as to where it was going and questioning its brilliance, but I was swiftly moved and for the first time I laughed, cryed, loved and felt for the characters in a book. It was pure brilliance. I say splash out and buy it!
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