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on 4 January 2016
Liked the book very very much, and it was delivered between the stated window of delivery from Amazon.
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on 2 December 1998
This is the first book that I've read written by Lynn Kurland. I must say that I loved it. The characters were wonderful. I admired the way Christopher, the hero of this beloved story, was able to triumph over the problems caused by his blindness. I loved him because of the way he lovingly supported and protected his wife, Gillian. Gillian, I loved, because of her courage, her all around beauty, and her amazing love for her husband. The supporting characters are also just as lovable. The story is full of humor, action, and an unrelenting love. I recommend it to anyone.
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on 24 June 1997
In 1238 England, women have no choice as to whom they may wed as their
male guardian arranges the marriage for them. The abusive Bernard of
Warewick concocts a betrothal for his daughter Gillian with the notorious
Dragon of Blackmoor. Knowing that she has no choice, Gillian decides life
cannot be any worse than it is now, so she might as well begin anew.
Christopher of Blackmoor does not want a spouse, but he has little choice
too because political necessity forces him to wed Gillian. Christopher
fears that his new wife will learn that, though he still trains with his
troops, he is secretly blind from a recent battle.
..... Gillian arrives, expecting the same treatment from her new husband
that she used to receive from her father. Instead, he seems to avoid her.
She takes charge of the household and begins investigating the mystery of
Christopher and his strange behavior towards her . She quickly realizes
that she is dealing with a compassionate but bruised soul that she now
loves with all her heart, something she did not believe was possible. As
she continues to lay siege to his impregnable heart, she prays that she can
eventually break down the walls surrounding him.
....... After reading THIS IS ALL I ASK, fans of historical romance will
ask a lot more from the obviously talented Lynn Kurland. The writer's
novel is a brilliant Medieval piece that brings alive a bygone era through
two of its most emotionally scarred individuals. Christopher's blindness
and Gillian's emotional traumas are not told in a condescending manner.
Instead they are simply handicaps that need to be overcome if they are to
share a loving relationship. Love, emotional healing, great characters,
and a fantastic story line add up to one obvious fact; readers will devour
this thirteenth century magnum opus.

.......Harriet Klausner
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on 3 August 1997
I went in to my local bookstore in search of some good science fiction..
Sci-Fi, Horror and fantasy is really what i read.
so how i came apon this book is a mircle in it's self.
I would never browse the Romance section. well anyhow, the book in question
"This is all i ask" happened to be in the Sci-Fi section. I thought it was a fantasy
story about dragons.. Dragons INDEED! to say that i feel in love with this
story is an understatement. i found my self crying my eyes out at gillians plight.
i also found my self wishing i was her.
I think i was ment to buy this book, it was strange that it would be in the wrong section
and even stranger that i was feeling a bit down at the time. i truely needed to read
a love story like this...
so far, i've read the book 5 times in a record 2 weeks, i think i must be in heaven.
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on 19 May 1998
In "This Is All I Ask," Lynn Kurland has succeeded at what I feel is the most difficult type of romance to write--the kind driven by character, not by plot, where conflict is caused by personality clash that can only be resolved by personal growth and self-awareness. In this novel, the hero, the heroine, and their friends are not cardboard cut-outs but actual people taking up residence in your imagination for the space of the story. They have strengths, and they have weaknesses, and how they overcome those weaknesses, and find true strength in uniting against evil, will keep you riveted to the end. A beautfiul love story, a tense battle between good and evil, and characters worth getting to know--this book has it all. I also enjoyed the gentle humor of this book, based upon the characters' foibles and small vanities rather than on some sort of sitcom joke.
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on 28 February 1998
Lynn Kurland's novel, This Is All I Ask, is one of those rare stories that will stay with me for years to come. It tells the poignant tale of an achingly lonely young woman and an emotionally ravaged warrior in thirteenth century England, two people whose heartbreaking lives are all the more touching because of their courage, vulnerability, and strength. It's been a long time since I've been as moved by two characters as I was by Gillian and Christopher. The setting is wild and majestic, a forbidding castle high above the sea near Scotland. The love scenes are tasteful and never resort to the purple prose that can so often ruin an otherwise good story. The touches of sweetly gentle humor further enhance the tale, another sign of Kurland's gifts as a storyteller. This is a book well worth the read, for romance and fantasy lovers alike.
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on 12 March 1999
I'm sorry. I'm about to tick a lot of people off, but this story was average. I read all the 5-star comments and figured, wow, this must be a great book, so I bought it. I kept reading, waiting for the parts that generated all the excitement to come, but 300 pages into the book I realized that they weren't coming. I forget the heroine's name, but she was too wimpy and obsessed about being ugly for my tastes. She was nice enough, but I didn't find anything extraordinary about her. What I did find extraordinary was the fact that so many people were fooled into believing that the blind hero could see. Talk about dumb! I don't want to insult anyone because I know every reader has his/her own likes and dislikes, but this book was pretty weenie.
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on 23 May 1999
I am a dreamer who believes that love comes from the inside of a person.And not from the outside.That is what inspired me most about this book.About how Chritophor who could not see Gillian, but still he fell in love with her. And Gillian who was brave, but still afraid saw that Christopher was not a bad person.But a frustraded one who needed love and tendernis.And that was just what she gave him. Beauty comes from within. I recomend this book to everyone who loves to read.It's beautiful,charming and it's a book that every couple should read.
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on 4 August 1997
The year 1249, England. Two people who have nothing to offer anyone, find love in each other and overcome the fear of love, the fear of life and the fear of each other. An enchanting tale of love and hardship like I have never read before. With the help from three unusual witches they come together to create a love so strong nothing can keep them from each other. Lynn Kurland's "This is All I Ask" is a true love story. She is an outstanding new author and I can't wait to read more of her work.
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on 20 November 1998
This book will forever have a place in my heart. The story is poignant and beautiful. The characters are not the usual superheroes, but are flesh-and-blood humans that have weaknesses. Christopher is so heart-breakingly sweet and gentle that I found myself envying Gillian. The transformation of the two main characters and their growing love is portrayed progressively throughout the story. This book made me laugh and cry, and when finished, have this wonderfully shimmery sensation deep in my heart.
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