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on 21 December 2015
Great item
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on 30 June 2015
a little gem of a book
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on 14 May 2015
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on 28 September 1998
I've read all of Tom's books, and he is one awesome story-teller, but when it comes to teaching hands-on skills...well he's really just ok. I've been teaching primitive wilderness living skills for years, and there are quite a few topics in this book that his treatment and understanding of, are less than satisfactory.
Get Tom's book The Tracker from amazon.com, to experience him at his best. For better survival skills info get Primitive Wilderness Living by John McPherson, or Outdoor Survival Skills by Larry Dean Olsen.
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on 15 February 1999
Tom Brown Jr.'s knowledge and perfection in regards to nature and survival skills/philosophy, I feel, is truely amazing. The fact that he has lived for many years, putting these skills to the test, makes him a great teacher(a master) in this regards. His words and teachings are of truth and this book, as well as all of the other books he has written, is to say it in simple terms: "AMAZING!"
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on 1 July 2017
Amazing book and delivered in one day even though I got 5 day free delivery!
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on 17 December 1998
This book could've been cut down to two thirds it's leangth if it wouldn't have been so saturated in stories. Entertaining, but I needed information and pictures to apply the information. Unless you are a plant expert, this book is basically useless.
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on 1 July 1998
I wouldn't be cought without it on any camping, canoeing, or fishing trip. I recomend this to everyone who goes outside.
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on 28 October 1998
This book teaches you about all that you need to know about outdoor survival. but, a book that was better than this was outdoor survival skills by Larry Dean Olsen. There was much more information in this book and it taught me a lot of more seful things that you could use in the wilderness which i have tested and they work. I would refer this book to the people that go to look at Tom Browns book.
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on 18 February 1998
this guide along with others of Tom"s books if studied and then practiced will allow you to become totally independent of civilization as we know it.
I attended his basic survival course and can vouch that his techniques work.He refers to his approach as "naked survival' in other words you should strive for the ability to walk into the wilds naked and set yourself up comfortably from totally natural matierials.he believes survival is a pleasure not an ordeal.
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