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4.6 out of 5 stars
The Tracker
Format: Mass Market Paperback|Change

on 30 January 2018
Deeply inspiring auto-biographical book, covering the real life adventures of the author whilst living on the edge of the Pine Barrens wilderness area of New Jersey.

82 year old Lipan Apache "Stalking Wolf", (who had avoided reservation life, and got his name by stalking and touching a Wolf) had his lifetime prophecy/vision realised when he saw the 8 year old Tom playing by the river in 1958.

A ten year apprenticeship commenced, where Stalking Wolf imparted his 82 years worth of earth and spiritual based wisdom into eager participants Tom and his friend Rick.

Split into 21 easily readable chapters, this shortish book covers concepts like the inter-connectedness of, and value of concentric circles in the forest, how the mice can be great teachers, the mythical "Jersey Devil", and learning how to change ones relationship to the cold.

Several gripping, page turning chapters include encounters with packs of wild dogs (Tom has to think about dog pack and lead dog psychology and use great ingenuity and physical prowess to get away after 72 hours stuck in a tree) , an encounter with an angry bear, an extermination, a revenge against inconsidered humans, and the life or death tracking of a mentally impaired adult who is lost in the Pine Barrens.

This book is for anyone who wants to reconnect to what we might have lost in our materalistic, scientific, evidence based world. It provides a window into how a continent used to live for tens of thousands of years until recently

I found this book was one that lived contentedly in my dreams. I bought several copies and wanted to give them away and enthusiatically wanted to tell the stories within it (without giving away the endings of course!).

I also felt sadness for what has been lost in terms of my understanding of nature and spirit and my natural environment.

However I think that a master novelist couldn't match the impact of some of these chapters. I've never been much of a reader but perhaps i've just been reading the wrong books.......
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on 25 December 2014
This book was first published in 1978, has 190 pages, 21 chapters and foot print drawings of humans and animals through out this book. The book is dedicated to author WILLIAM JON WATKINS' wife and children.
This book is on TOM BROWN Jr, who is said to be one of the best trackers in USA. His pursuit of the mysteries of the track has taken him through the wilds, living in the wild with nothing but a knife, stalking and being stalked by grizzly, helping police track and destroy a pack of killer dogs, and finding a lost retarded adult, a thousand searchers had given up for dead.
Brown Jr started tracking at the age of 8, when "STALKING WOLF", an Apache tracker, taught him the secrets of tracking and stalking and of surviving in the wilds. With Stalking Wolf, as his guide and his grandson "RICK" as his companion, Brown Jr learnt his art by being out in the woods and following track after track of any source. Brown Jr perfected his skills and respect for all living things.
Brown Jr had spent summer alone in the wilds, living outside of time, eating and sleeping by his private clock, and loosing his taste for civilised things. He had braved the Dakota Badlands; survived in the heat and desolation of Death Valley; stayed with an Indian tribe in Grand Canyon; and learnt from old hunters, trackers and prospectors, how to live in the wilds.
There are many short stories about living in the wilds and then tracking the trails, in this book. Some parts were really hard going.
Some other books of interest are:-
(1) The Hunting and Spoor of Central African Game, DD Lyell, 1929
(2) Collins Guide to Animal Tracks and Signs, Bang, 1974
(3) Man Tracking, Robbins, 1977
(4) Art Of Tracking, Liebenberg, 1990
(5) Behaviour Guide of African mammals, Estes, 1992
(6) How to Read Animal Tracks and Signs, Rezendes, 1999
(7) Mammal Tracks and signs, Elbroch, 2003
(8) Field Guide to the Tracks and Signs of Southern and Eastern African Wildlife, Stuart, 2003
(9) Animal Tracking Basics, Young, 2007
(10)Practical Tracking, Liebenberg, 2010
Having born in Kenya, I found this book interesting.
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on 22 December 2017
Damn fine book, so hard to put down, and the type of book you want to get others to read. This book also connected me to my love of nature, and caused me to go out and embrace the earth, rather annoyingly turning me into someone who since cannot sleep comfortably indoors anymore, without fresh forest air etc.
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on 5 October 2013
I bought this book to take away on holiday. I couldn't put it down!! It is the amazing story of Tom Brown Jr, growing up in New Jersey, learning all the native skills from Stalking Wolf. If you're interested in bushcraft, survival or spirituality of any sort, then I would strongly recommend reading this book. I can't wait to read more from Tom.
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on 19 October 2015
A real page turner. I read it in 3 sittings. However some really important parts of this story were missing or are very poorly explained. Still a great read.
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on 26 April 2015
This book is the one to read,I have only ever read 4/5 books over the past 10yrs.Looking forward
to read all 19 of tom browns books.And you can buy them all at amazon.<satnav tom>.
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on 11 April 2018
A great introduction to living in nature, in the wild & surviving with no clothes or tools - in total harmony!
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on 3 May 2018
Always a fan of Tom Brown and this book was a birthday gift for my grandson.
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on 30 September 2013
First in Tom Brown's series. A heart warming and occasionally dangerous story of a boy and his indian friend learning the ways of an exceptional native canadian tracker called Stalking Wolf. Highly recommended to anyone seeking a 'back to basics' approach to nature observation. I am looking forward to the day this is made into a film!
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on 14 May 2015
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