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Unders & Addres Adult Sexual Attrac
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on 16 February 2017
This was a fascinating read. Sarah Goode gives a voice to and therefore humanises people who are sexually attracted to children. This is perhaps the most unfortunate sexuality because it is forbidden to do anything about it except masturbating to fantasy or child model photographs. I felt that the weakest part of the book however was on the subject of 'child sex abuse'. The author writes that 'adult sexual contact with children is harmful because of the developmental processes which the child is still undergoing. Child development is a subject we still have much to learn about... I suggest that the harm caused by adult sexual contact with children is fundamentally related to psychological intrusion and the violation of intimacy... It coerces the child into something which is invasive and intrusive, an intimacy which the child has as yet no developmental boundaries to protect against... The child's autonomy and self-determination are violated... The child's first experience of a sexual relationship becomes a coerced experience, deeply embedded and re-experienced within the child's body and mind'. The frustrating aspect of this is that it may all be perfectly true but here it is all assertion and suggestion rather than based on critical evidence-based research. To be fair this was not the aspect of the topic she was researching but unless we know how the concept of 'child sex abuse' is evidenced and constructed it is difficult evaluate her recommendations for what should be done about it. If anyone knows of any good critical books on this aspect please let me know.
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on 5 January 2017
The book presents c.50 qualitative accounts from pedophiles. For that alone it has value: it provides great insight and brings us closer exploring the human within the pedophile. It challenges a reader who is new to the idea of looking at the person behind the act and provides some excellent (and intelligent) accounts from the horses mouth. Some people are fearful of the consequences of their actions (for the children, their families and themselves), some talk openly about the difficulties it has presented for them (finding work etc) and others talk openly about what it is that they find attractive about children (which can be shocking at times).

However, I had a few qualms:
- It's hard to draw many comparative or collective conclusions from a sample size that small. Perhaps this wasn't the aim of the book but the title alone suggests that the reader will have an understanding of the subject. Personally I found Michael Seto's book (Pedophila and Sexual Offending Against Children) provided a more clinical and thorough understanding of the research up until the point of its publication (2nd edition is out in 2017).
- I found Goode's writing to be a bit 'gloaty'--how this study is the first of its kind and brave etc. It seemed, especially at the start, that every chapter opened with reemphasising how great this book is. I found this a little repetitive and had to skim read those bits.
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on 12 August 2014
What a brave and intelligent book. In a society that tends to react hysterically to sexual behaviour with children in the press and ignore it in our own streets and houses, an author who is prepared to engage with the subject in such a humane and balanced way is to be congratulated. I am grateful to Dr Goode for daring to shine a sane, compassionate light on this subject whilst also stating openly her own beliefs and opinions. What I find so impressive is her capacity to hold her own feelings, which must have been painful and confusing as she sifted through so much intense and contradictory data, to present it in such a calm, clear voice whilst bringing herself honestly and openly into the book, rather than hiding behind a safe, distant academic voice. Dr Goode makes no secret of the fact that her own beliefs and feelings are as much an influence in the text as those of her research respondents. For me, this is a rare and courageous piece of research and writing, and desperately needed in our effort to understand this difficult aspect of society.
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on 17 October 2011
Staying objective throughout, Goode exposes the humanity of those living with minor attraction; revealing that many have no desire to act on their desires, but still acknowledges the very real threat those that do pose to society. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to cut through the media hype surrounding this controversial issue.
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on 14 July 2009
In short, this is a well-researched, well-written, courageous, progressive and roundly excellent piece of work which enables the reader to cut through the tabloid mess surrounding paedophilia and get to the reality of the experience of living with a sexual attraction to children. Considering how thoroughly they have been demonised by our society, one is struck by the humanity of those interviewed.

I would recommend the book to anyone with even a vague interest in this area, academic or otherwise. The passages written by those who participated in the research often make for moving reading as well as, inevitably, some uncomfortable reading, but the topic itself it covered with admirable neutrality by the author.
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on 25 November 2014
Dear Sarah
thank you. I have just finished watching the Channel 4 prog and have been looking for a way to contact Eddie.
I am a woman in my late 40's . My father abused me from when i was a baby and throughout my childhood. My life and my health and still very impacted by this abuse. While i do not feel i chose this abuse etc i know know after 8 years of therapy (and training as a therapist) that the abuse has been part of making me the woman i am. I am thank ful to have deep levels of sensitivity and compassion. Of course i am not thankful for the abuse. I wanted to say that as someone who has and still suffers from abused as a child I am very glad that you are laying the groundwork for changing how we view those who feel attraction.to children. It is true there has been no answer to the problem and i suspect understandable fear and rage blocks wanting to understand. And yet understanind it important if the aim is to protect our young. I wanted to thank Eddie and his colossal bravery. I think he is a rare heroic soul who has found his calling. It will not be easy for him but he is part of .. nothing short of changing the world. He is actually a paedophile who is involved in protecting and not harming children. Finally I wish i could read your book im not able to afford them right now but i want to point out a book to you called God and Diseases which has intersting things to say about incest. Thanks:) Jaye
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on 25 August 2009
This is an innovative and very brave book. The author's account of the project's gestation gives details of a very difficult struggle to get the topic past various official gatekeepers (incidentally, this is a disturbing revelation of the ways in which universities police their staff, in this case for news management purposes). The groundbreaking research discusses the views of self-identified paedophiles, contacted through an internet chat group, and it goes as far as is possible to disturb the tabloid newspaper image of these people as, simply, evil demons. We learn much of the ways in which their identities are constructed through debate, and that there is a significant 'non-contact' group which tries to combat its desires in the belief that the result of expressing them can only be harm to children. So (much to the disappointment of one of the other reviewers here) the book's 'understanding' of these people, while revelatory, does not offer approval of their desires or their behaviour. The author condemns, in the name of child safety, the license afforded to paedophile activities by 'theorists' such as Kinsey and the selfish hedonism proposed by wannabe radicals of subsequent academic discourse. Good for you, Dr Goode.
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on 16 July 2009
During the latter-half of 2007, Ms. Goode utilized questionnaires and interviews to compile the views of 'minor-attracted adults' on a range of matters relevant to their lives, politics, and self-perception. Ms. Goode's stated interest being sparked by a desire to challenge "the two-dimensional cardboard cut-outs, evil monsters", perpetuated through the self-interest of the media, children's charities, the child abuse industry, politicians and law enforcement. This book partially stems from that research.

The unusual aspect of the text is perhaps its genuine engagement with the community being studied, and the recognition given to the courage of individuals actively struggling to liberate desire and overturn the mythology that is the 'CSA' construct. The value of the book can be seen in its opening chapters, with the explicit acknowledgement that the prevailing approach of demonizing 'paedophiles' "makes the situation worse", with its implicit awareness that 'the protection of children' must consequently sit extremely low on the agenda of the organizations and bodies that are most vocal thereon. Ms. Goode notes:

"When individual people become so corrosively vilified, not because of what they do but because of what they are, it is certainly time that sociologists and other students of culture study this phenomenon."

Unfortunately, having commenced by asserting this surely commendable (if conceptually-flawed, and somewhat belated) approach, the text soon deteriorates. The author continues to deploy stratified, hegemonic narratives for providing the contextual milieu, and consequently her attempt to *situate* the collected data into anything resembling coherence is a fundamentally futile task. To use an analogy, the reader has the sense that the author wishes to critique a fairy-tale because she finds its *ending* a little implausible - forgetting that it is the entire story that must be called into question.

The text is certainly valuable from the limited perspective of its attempt to deconstruct the populist 'myth-of-the-monster', and in terms of its genuine engagement with an ostracized community; beyond this, however, unfortunately it cannot be recommended. The author's unfamiliarity with contemporary developments in the field of study, together with her transparent lack of a solid philosophical grounding, mean that naïve rhetoric continually replaces original thought, and the repetitive invocation of factitious binary concepts stands in place of any genuine insight.

[Note on alternative reading: For similar research, the work of Rüdiger Lautmann is recommended. Outside of academic journals, for a variety of reasons (not least, Haworth-type political expediency), there is little innovative being published in this field at present. Readers with access to academic journals are directed towards the work of those such as Drs. Steven Angelides, Robert Bauserman, Bruce Rind and Richard Yuill. Those without such access will find Male Intergenerational Intimacy a good starting point.]
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on 21 July 2009
This is a very readable, helpful book that will be useful to anyone who works with children or with parents. It will also be of use and interest to anyone who has had any contact with people who sexually abuse children or people who have sexual thoughts about children, or anyone who is worried about how children can be protected from the harm that such people can cause.

Dr Goode explores this extremely disturbing subject, helping us understand the complexities and difficulties that arise when we stop thinking that adult sexual attraction to children is restricted to 'Paedo' monsters who can be easily identified and removed from our societies. The book explores how the people who children meet every day ' family members, teachers, youth workers, neighbours, friends ' may have sexual thoughts about them and discusses the implications for our society and how we keep children safe.
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on 1 December 2016
Progressives will love this, then again they have been trying to normalize paedophilia since the early 70s. Shock therapy ,lobotomy or castration should be the only solution to "child lovers". The book itself isn't a bad read, but subjectivity i don't agree with the victum mentality that alot of progressive types seem to lead towards when describing people who want to indulge in sexual behaviour with minors. Alot seem to lack morality to the point there anomic.
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