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on 15 September 2012
The Kindle conversion of this book is not usable in its present format. We already own this book on paper and needed a second copy, so are able to make a direct comparison.
The text has been converted (not perfectly, see below) to Kindle format. However the grammar tables e.g. The Accusative of adjective and pronouns, appear to have been handled as images by the conversion process. The text in the table remains very pale (it is not wonderful in the printed version) and cannot be enlarged by using the type face size controls of the Kindle.
The only way to get a larger view of the tables is to alter the orientation on the Kindle to Landscape and thus prove a wider screen, which the table then extends to fill.
There is a second a problem with type face conversion. Some accented Russian vowel characters are larger than they should be and in bold. See for example Language Points, The Imperative, which is correctly set out on page 41 etc in the printed book.
There may be further conversion problems but we have not checked through the whole Kindle book and will no longer have access to it.

Amazon have refunded us the cost of the Kindle version. We are now postponing buying a further paper copy of this book in the hope that Routledge will improve the conversion to Kindle. A Kindle plus its cover weighs less than a copy of this textbook and any willingness of publishers to put textbooks onto Kindles is to be warmly welcomed. However, more time and trouble needs to be taken before selling such items to customers.

We are older readers and our normal Kindle typeface size is set at the third from the left.
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on 3 February 2005
I relied on Colloquial Russian 1 to get to GCSE level without a teacher (the book actually goes a bit further than that) and hope to get to AS level with Book Two. It's clear on grammar without being pointlessly exhaustive too soon. Instructions for excercises are in English which is great for an independent learner and the translation with answers at the end of each chapter helps to check progress. The texts are up to date and give an insight into modern Russia, and the longer introductory chapter is good revision of the basics covered in book 1. My Russian isn't good enough to spot a Russian mistake but there are several minor but silly ones in the English parts of the text. I don't think the vocabulary at the back of the book is quite as exhaustive as it claims to be and I often have to check things in a dictionary. While the materials are modern, the format is quite traditional (possibly reassuringly so for some people) and there are no gimmicks or tips for studying. However, I would certainly recommend the book (with cassettes or CDs), and expect my copy of book 2 to become as tatty as the first book.
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on 28 December 2016
Svetlana has produced an excellent guide...with approachable and fair comments... however I found some of the sample text a bit outdated.
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on 25 March 2016
Too many mistakes via the electronic transfer, resulting in wrong or missing Russian letters. Not such a problem if your Russian is fairly good, but can mislead less experienced students. The book itself is good, so it really merits being re-prepared for Kindle.
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on 13 December 2016
Use this book in a group class. It contains good study material.
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on 5 November 2017
Excellent book for University course
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on 27 February 2017
Good book , very helpful in preparation for leaving cert exam. Excellent quality . Fast delivery. Thank you.
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on 17 April 2010
A 14 unit textbook ideal for self-study. You will find lots of modern everyday Russian and this book offers a grammar reference and detailed answer keys and it covers a broad range of everyday situations. It will improve your skills in written and spoken Russian!
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on 13 January 2014
I don't think this is the best textbook for learning Russian. Some of the texts are way too stereotypical for my taste and the grammar points are not that comprehensive.
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on 18 August 2007
Contains a good variety material and exercises but not the best layout. I didn't like the way the grammar was presented in some areas and don't understand why they place relevant information in random parts of the book rather than all together. However, the articles provided are quite interesting and not too difficult. A dictionary is definitely required whilst using the book because only key words are translated. As is clearly noted in the title, it is for people who already know quite a bit of Russian and would be nigh on pointless for beginners.
Overall, maybe not essential but worthwhile if you're serious about studying the language and have cash to spare.
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