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on 6 July 2017
I bought this and th ebrand new Monty Pythons papperbok for my 15 year old step-son`s birthday..... to kind of educate him.
Kids are so straight and cynical nowadays!

I was totally gone just at the at the picture of the Llapgoch guy.. The secret Welsh art of self-defense that requires NO INTELLIGENCE, STRENGTH or PHYSICAL courage.... Only a four second work out each day and you will be ready to HARM people, develop up to 38 inch biceps and grow up to 12 inches taller after your first work-out!
very teenage boy stuff at times, but brought memories of fantastic subversive thinking.
Some highlights book club of the months ` some highlights from great masturbators of History` School report of God; Edward Woodwards Fish page... where the stars buy fish
etc etc still genuinely guffawing att his stuff I know so well.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 9 June 2013
There is a useful Latin maxim about there being no arguing about taste, you either find something funny or beautiful, or not; you cannot be argued into it. With the Python boys (and Carol Cleveland) if you think them a hoot, me telling you this is even funnier than the brilliant but patchier 'Holy Grail' book (that's worth it for the 'Psychiatrist skit' and Gerry Marinello passages alone, by the way) won't do much for you. Contrariwise, if you don't like them, it won't avail me much if I say how verbally brilliant this is over and above the sketches that are usually unadorned here. But I have to say the 'The London Casebook of Detective Rene 'Doubty' Descartes' really DID kindle my interest in philosophy; my brother and I still laugh at the ridiculous notion of Von Richtofen who "wreaked his dastardly revenge" on "the drug crazed British lads" in one of the three short Biggles parodies, one involving a cowpat and another involving a quite ridiculous aeronautical display (I have never even read Biggles!). And the page of word play is like the verbally inventive bigot in Big Red Book, who boasts how many languages Enoch Powell can speak, but taken to the Nth degree of truly virtuoso ingenuity, a higher parody comprising exemplars of stunning cleverness masquerading as simple examples of figures of speech - so, 'a not less than shining greeting to all you lovers of circumlocution" - Eric Idle at his best; the spoof jungle tale always raises a laugh (quite often out loud, its 'translations' of implausibly long 'native idioms' for the simplest things are patently nuts as is the narrator's fighting off a lion using lessons gleaned from his boxing teacher at school, Buffy Spalding); Eric Henderson's banal diary of nowt much is quite superbly vacuous and the spoofing of advertising lingo and 'ethics' is a tonic in a stupid age. It's inventive, intelligent, daft, quotable, the perfect gift for the discerning idiot...Like the Big Red book except it isn't blue, although it is quite big... and it IS a book too.
Oh and the fingerprints on the cover had my bookshop sending all theirs back to the manufacturers as they thought them soiled.
To quote 'Jeb Magruder' from the 'Holy Grail' blurb, "I laughed till I stopped." Go on, be British, get it; you can then consult the Oxfod English Dictionary(sic.).
Have I won yet?
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on 3 March 2002
Time cannot date genius, and it doesn't here! After over 20 years, this bok remains as surreal and funny as it was when it was first lovingly handcrafted from whelks' skins all those years ago. Featuring the collective brilliance of Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones and Michael Palin, this is a superb companion to any conforming Pythonist, and a sure-fire converter for the uninitiated. Includes: adverts for non-products, skewed, lewd and sideways-looking hints, tips and Upper Class Twits, alongside the wonderful animations of Mr Gilliam, and almost completely new (extra to MPFC) additional material by all members. The understated cover, and spontaneity all add to the feeling that this is the definitive cheese.
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The second Monty Python book was again a graphic representation of one of the greatest TV shows of all time. Buoyed by the success of its predecessor `Monty Python's Big Red Book' the budget for this book has been greatly increased giving us more pages and cut outs all adding to the beauty of the thing.

Although a fantastic looking book or bok it is a classic case of style over content. `Biggles and the Naughty Things' raises a smile but for anyone looking for a worthwhile tie in to `Monty Python's Flying Circus' then I would recommend they get hold of the scripts.
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on 11 October 2012
Read this as a kid and just rebought it to bring back memories, some good bits some bad bits, worth the small price you will pay just for a few titters though.
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on 4 March 2010
Ahhh this book is such a part of my childhood and early adulthood- just had to have it!
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on 2 December 2015
good quality, value for money
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on 25 April 2016
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