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on 7 October 2007
I read the book and the reviews. Bottomline is that Jessie Tafero is where he belongs. Sunny Jacobs should be incarcerated for the rest of her life. And Walter Rhodes is where he belongs. He was parolled in 1994 and promptly changed his name. He was finally caught in 2003.
When he was taken into custody, he had motified weapons and a Florida Highway Patrol badge with him.
He is incarcerated because of his violation of parole and is where he needs to be.
After all, FHP Trooper Phillip Black and Canadian Constable Donald Irvin are still dead.
As his wife, (SLE), has chosen this review blog as an avenue to solicit support for her incarcerated husband, Walter Rhodes, and direct readers to her website, I feel compelled to speak on behalf of the true and only victims in this case: Phillip Black and Donald Irvin: the two law enforcement officers who were gunned down that day in 1976 in cold blood by Sunny Jacobs, Jessie Tafero AND Walter Rhodes.

(If the moderators of this blog wish to remove my post, please also remove SLEs, thank you).
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on 5 October 2007
The Phillip Black family were neighbors of ours back in the 1970s. Our families went to the same church and for a short time, after Trooper Black's death,I babysat their toddler in a nearby daycare center.
My parents were devastated by the tragedy as was I.
For weeks, we could see his FHP patrol car in the vacant lot next to their house.
Phillip Blacks' widow had to rear their toddler alone. Their child never knew his father because Sonya Jacobs Linder, Jesse Tafero and Walter Rhodes killed him in cold blood.

I was relieved to read the very TRUE review revealed here of Sonya Jacobs Linder's criminal history and of Jessie Tavero's violent criminal past.

When she emerged from prison, Sonya Jacobs Linder was quoted as saying that the first thing she was going to do was to take a bubble bath.

Looks like she went from there to vacating this country,(undoubtedly because no one else shared in her fantasy of innocence), to becoming a mascot for death penalty opponents and to now writing this fictional
book for profit.
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on 12 February 2013
this is a great read, really heartbreaking i would recommend to any one who likes true stories.a brilliant buy for a good read
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on 22 October 2012
A great book, nice story and it should be the book everyone should read. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.
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on 8 November 2007
I am disappointed that most of the reviewers here have not actually read the book and prefer to use it as a forum to discuss their own views on the case and the death penalty. Personally, I am not convinced even after reading her book that Sunny was entirely guilt free but surely 17 years in prison is punishment enough for her involvement.

However, this book did open my eyes to the injustice of the United States justice system, particularly in the light of recent debates about whether the death penalty is cruel and unusual punishment and the right to a fair trial.

As for the actual book, the writing is poor and not particularly literary. At times the book was boring, hence its 3 star rating.
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