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on 30 August 2017
A real eye opener a great read a bit hard to follow though due to the writer being so much more intellectual than most of us and complicated jargon but great read all the same
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on 29 January 2016
"While Europe Slept" should be read by Europeans and Americans who are concerned about the future of personal liberty, democracy, and human rights on planet earth. Bawer argues that Europe is dying and that "Eurabia" is being born (a term borrowed from Bat Ye'or, an Islamic scholar). This is because Muslims are flooding into Europe at an alarming rate and are having more kids than the native Europeans. Within fifty years, Muslims will be the majority in some European countries.

Will a growing Muslim population in Europe be a threat to personal liberty, democracy, and human rights? It appears so. Already, Muslims in Europe have set up societies within their host societies (e.g., Germany, France, Sweden, etc) and are causing social unrest among the native populations (murdering those who "insult" Islam, individually or gang raping women, beating up gays, practicing honor killings and female genital mutilation, not letting women out of the house without an escort, calling for a ban on alcohol and entertainment, lighting cars on fire and smashing shop windows, etc). The police in these countries often feel overwhelmed by the Muslim gangs roaming the streets and are often afraid to go into Muslim ghettos for fear of being attacked; the only time the police will go into such neighborhoods is if they have lots of backup.

One lingering thought I had while reading "While Europe Slept" was whether or not there will be civil war in Europe. Will the radical Muslims try to take power away from the natives, overthrow the liberal democracies, and set up Islamic states? Will the radical Muslims then set their sights on other countries, too, like America?

The future of Europe looks bleak indeed, especially with Europe's lax immigration policy and a political/media establishment that's doing everything it can to appease the radical Muslims at every turn and to give in to their demands. Is America paying attention? Hopefully so. Otherwise, radical Islam may destroy America from within, too, just as it's currently doing to Europe.

Will Europe, the Old Continent, survive? Read this fascinating book and decide for yourself.

Readers would also like "Jenna's Flaw," a novel about the death of God, the crumbling of Western civilization, and how the West can save it.
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on 2 December 2016
Well written and particularly so as the writer is from the US but lived in Europe and has watched along with the rest of us as the problem deepens as each day passes. Considering this book was written a decade ago, his vision of a rise in extreme right wing politics is now starting to come true and I note that Bruce Bawer gets personal criticism in some of the reviews. Presumably on the basis that if you can't attack the message, attack the messenger. It is a cliché but - Read it and weep.
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on 2 February 2016
Sadly Europe still sleeps!
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on 10 October 2013
Any criticism today of violent, fundamentalist Islam is tarred as ignorant at best, far-right racism at worst by lazy, politically correct Amazon reviewers and political commentators.
Bruce Bawer doesn't fit the stereotype the PC mob would like though, an intellectual gay man who wrote this book to air his genuine fears about what is happening all over Western Europe. Islamic, race-hate murders of Jews in France unreported by the media there, Muslims walking around European countries wearing shirts emblazoned with the year Sharia law will be imposed there, the far-left becoming bedfellows with some of the most fanatical, violent, homophobic, murderous people on Earth, purely because they have Anti-Americanism in common.
Writing about things like this happening in Europe doesn't make Bruce Bower racist or bigoted, it makes him someone concerned about the future of European civilisation and culture in the face of an aggressive, fundamentalist, unchecked onslaught. This book is unfairly rated, a look at any of the single star ratings will tell you that, and Bruce Bower should be applauded for a brave book.
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on 11 September 2014
It is a pity that the reading of this book is not made compulsory across Europe in ALL languages West of the Caucausus mountains!
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on 26 October 2016
Everyone should read this and believe it.
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on 28 March 2014
It requires a quite extraordinary sharpness of vision and incisiveness to see the hidden roots of future catastrophe. This book provides a powerful discourse and timely warning of danger virulently plaguing the fabric of western society. Highly recommended for those who are in denial and acutely dismissive of reality.
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on 5 March 2006
In this absorbing work, Bawer examines the psychological, moral and political aspects of Europe's current predicament and its reaction to the threat posed by large unassimilated minorities in its midst. One of the most fascinating revelations concerns the monolithic multiculturalism of the continent's academic, media and political establishment. Political journalists are part of this ideological club so they consider mainstream politicians as colleagues. One consequence is that the ideological range of the European media is quite narrow. Rigid adherence to multiculturalism renders the integration of immigrants impossible with the result that members of these communities turn to Islamism for inspiration.

Beneath the surface tolerance and welfarism, there lurks something sinister in Europe today, something that the sanctimonious political correctness, anti-Americanism and anti-Zionism of the elites cannot cover up. Bawer exposes Europeans' nativism and intense awareness of ethnicity as manifested through subtle discrimination and the bigotry revealed in private discourse. Reared as bureaucrats, European politicians aspire to lucrative positions at the EU and the United Nations. The fall of the Berlin Wall did not result in gratitude towards the USA but increased resentment.

The first manifestations of the clash of civilization have been the murders of Van Gogh and Fortuyn, the Madrid bombing & London bombings, the 2005/6 riots in France and the uproar about the Danish cartoons. These are just the beginning of an ominous cultural conflict. The denial evident amongst the political and intellectual elites shows disturbing similarities to the 1930s. The elites employ the potent stigmatic "populist" indiscriminately against all those who challenge the consensus, maligning the leaders and mocking the members of such parties. Some of these movements are suspect but there are also parties firmly rooted in classical liberalism.

The consensus obsessed Eurocrat elites have a hostile view of classical liberalism which they consider Americanism. The welfare state is soft Leftism based on multiculturalism and moral relativism. What is most disgraceful about the current European mindset is the phony tolerance, for example the European view of unassimilated minorities as "colorful" but Europe's refusal to meaningfully integrate them into society. Europeans are happy to dole out welfare money but not prepared to give these people proper employment. When applied to European politics, the word "sophisticated" indicates ideas removed from observable reality plus a peculiar selectivity that leads to idolization of the EU & UN and disparagement of Israel & the USA.

The pieties of multiculturalism obscure a very tenacious ethnocentrism & the implications of the declining birthrate of native Europeans versus the rapid rise in the numbers of immigrants. European elites remained in deep denial after the murders of Theo Van Gogh and Pim Fortuyn. Bawer's observations on the passivity of bystanders are particularly disturbing, especially the examples provided from the Netherlands and Sweden. The rhetoric of "solidarity & community" is just welfare state sloganeering. Dependence on the state has undermined individual responsibility and established a deadly pattern of indifference.

It is clear that the continent, especially Old Europe, is in deep trouble. Bawer sees it poised between Islamism and native Neo-fascism. It might also be a type of Christian fascism that is embraced by a panicked population amidst serious economic and social turmoil. Part of the problem is that Europe mostly lacks a decent Right, except perhaps amongst the libertarian parties of Scandinavia. The senescent Christian Democrats have accepted the tenets of welfarism whilst fascist tendencies characterize many European "conservative" parties. The welfare state consensus has never been properly challenged except in the UK where Margaret Thatcher positively transformed the country in the 1980s. That is why British society is in a better state today.

In part three: Europe's Weimar Moment, the author looks at the liberal resistance and considers future prospects. First the consistency of newspaper editorials from across the continent in response to the Madrid bombing is dissected: Expressen (Sweden), The Guardian (UK), De Volkskrant (Netherlands), Dagbladet and Aftenposten (Norway) all sang the same wildly irrational tune. Pim Fortuyn is discussed as an early example of liberal resistance in the Netherlands who was demonized by the consensus media. Other individuals who saw the danger and have acted upon it include Ayaan Hirsi Ali, British comedian Rowan Atkinson, author Melanie Phillips, Sabine Herold & Guy Milliere in France, the now departed Oriana Fallaci and Denmark's Queen Margrethe and prime minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

In the Afterword to the paperback edition, Bawer shows how dhimmitude is on the march. The elites still explain away delinquency, suppress reports of violence and continue to smear defenders of freedom with labels like "secular fundamentalist, extremist or single-issue fanatic." There were further riots in France in 2006, the cartoon controversy in Denmark and the Pope's speech at Regensburg. In all cases, there was a craven response of appeasement and accelerating tendency towards self-censorship. Free speech is not only being criticized but also outlawed and prosecuted as Bawer shows with reference to cases in Norway, Belgium and Britain and the notorious Ad Dura hoax in France where Israel was falsely accused. Responsible reporting is found in a few papers such as The Times, Telegraph & Daily Mail in Britain, De Volkskrant in Holland and Denmark's Jyllands-Posten.

Crime continues to rise at an alarming rate, illustrated by the situation in Berlin, Oslo and Stockholm and antisemitism is on the march again, Bawer shows with reference to an article in Der Spiegel and the disgusting statements of a prominent Norwegian writer. Thus the process of Europe's betrayal by its ruling class continues through the inversion or suppression of truth. For more information on the recent history and the current state of Europe, I recommend Icarus Fallen by Chantal Delsol, The Changing Face of Antisemitism by Walter Laqueur, Eurabia by Bat Ye-or, The Force of Reason by Oriana Fallaci and Menace in Europe: Why the Continent's Crisis Is America's Too by Claire Berlinski.
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on 8 January 2015
The problem is that the majority of Europeans are ageing, tired of war, materialistic, not of firm faith. The indigenous population is choosing lifestyle over procreation. This has created a vacuum to be filled. Couple this with a ridiculously generous benefits system centred towards child benefits, we are basically there for the taking. I wouldn't want to be around in Europe in 30 years time, I feel sorry for the children. A new dark age approaches. Great book!
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