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on 10 April 2012
New news

There is much in this book that will be `new news' to the reader.

For example, few Catholics know that John XXIII did not believe in the visionary saints, the reason he canonized only saints who founded good causes. It was he who coined the phrase `The Fatima Cult.' What's more, he refused to reveal the contents of the 3rd letter on grounds that the Vatican--he--did not accept the testimony of its visionaries.

The less astute public might not grasp everything said here. But, each one of them will learn something they never knew before. This is the great contribution of this work.

Yet, there is a problem. Whereas, on the one hand, there is much historical information--things that actually happened; on the other hand, there is much fantasy--things that never happened. The shortcoming is that the author does not draw a line between the two.

For instance, the `black mass' serves as a gripping opening, despite that it might be offensive to many Catholics who each Sunday morning participate in the same ritual - Christ's clever substitute of harmless blood and wine for the blood sacrifice demand of His Father in the Old Testament (Leviticus). Yet, though not the author's intent, many readers might take it that this ritual actually took place.

This kind of window dressing might serve to entrap the less astute mass. Yet, it is bothersome to a few who would prefer this renowned priest turn toward molding his legacy as a great historian rather than as a great writer. He certainly has the credentials to do so.

Widely read on the Vatican, this is one of the most informative books on what goes on in Rome I've come across. Perhaps, the only one I recommend higher is the explosive investigation into the mysterious death of the 33-day Pope John Paul I The Vatican Murders: The Life and Death of John Paul I
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on 5 September 1999
Fr. Malachi Martin's last book (and perhaps his best) reveals that the evening of Pope John Paul II's papacy is truly the moment of truth for the Catholic Church. Will JP II restore his decadent institution before his death, or will he allow it to disintegrate even more than it already has? Those who laud Fr. Greeley(a nice guy, but if he feels the way he does, why not just become a social worker) should take note that if his vision of the Church suceeds, then demographics show that by the year 2030 it will cease to exist as we know it. The answer to what ails the Church is not more updating;it is not more caving in to the world;it is preaching the undiluted Gospel of Chirst- a gospel that is "a hard saying",not one thatsays we can live as we like and it does not matter. Dr. Martin's book proclaimed this courageously; may angels sing him to his rest.
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on 24 January 2017
Enlightenment, if you want to know the truth behind NWO then read this book,
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on 8 July 1999
Malachi Martin is a very important author in today's world. And I am a big fan of his. So I am willing to accept that he had reasons of his own for writing this very spooky look at The Vatican as a weird and sinister novel instead of a work of non-fiction.
'Windswept House' is obviously the 2nd part of a trilogy detailing Martin's analysis of the world. The first part being the scholarly tome 'Keys of This Blood', the third part being 'El Ultimo Papa'.
(Note: All three of the texts can be read as stand-alone books without having read the others. In fact they are better read --as they are released-- as progress reports on The Vatican's status. 'Keys of This Blood' already is dated. And until 'El Ultimo Papa' is translated to English 'Windswept House' is the most current installment for English-only readers.)
'Keys of This Blood' was written when Martin seemed to still have hope The Vatican could remain a force in world politics. 'Windswept House' lays the foundation for the removal of The Vatican from the world stage due to dark and disturbing internal conflicts within The Church (which the book describes in lurid detail).
Read 'Windswept House' now, but more importantly get 'El Ultimo Papa' the second it is translated. It looks to be best book of Malachi Martin's yet.
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on 21 February 2009
WINDSWEPT HOUSE reads like a biography and leaves the reader wondering how much of it is fact, thinly disguised as fiction.

The crumbling of society that has only escalted since this book was first published is no longer inexplicable, no longer the fault of one president or the passage of one bill or any of the usual scapegoats. Martin traces an intricate web of evil and perversion coupled to power struggles and greed that rumble beneath the surface of society's foundations, splitting it with high-pressure fissures, cracking it apart. He clearly lays out how we have all been brainwashed into welcoming what was recently abhorrent to us.

Was Malachi Martin gifted with an unusual insight and foresight, or was he simply unmasking the host of the perverted masquerade ball we have all unwittingly been attending?

WINDSWEPT HOUSE is an unusually thought-provoking piece of fiction. Or is it thinly veiled fact?
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on 23 April 2009
As usual Fr.Malachi draws our attention to the corruption of highly placed men in the Vatican who since the Council have worked to destroy all that faithful Roman Catholic hold dear.
Fr.Martin reveals much factual information woven into the plot of Windswept House, challenging the reader to discern fact from fiction.
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on 10 June 2014
As far as I'm aware it hasn't been read yet so I'm unable to review at this point. Thank you
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on 25 November 1998
The author's background of high service to the world's oldest and most global political empire, the Roman Catholic Church, provides for a much more clear picture of current geo-political trends than possible from any national press or politician.
As someone very involved in politics I normally detest even the mention of buzz phrases such as the New World Order. Fr. Martin finally puts the correct face on the NWO: globalism in and of itself isn't what's bad and deserving of our opposition; it's the absence of a moral base accompanying the movement that is most dangerous.
While a long and detailed read, Windswept House never fails to tell a story for even a moment. Mid-way, I was glad it was long so the story wouldn't end. By the end, I was wanting to add a hundred more pages.
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on 19 February 1999
The picture the author portrays is mind-boggling but true except of course for the names of some of the characters. It is sad but true that I as a Catholic holding onto the remnants of Faith as handed down the centuries by the Church can immediately recognize the diabolical orientation the Catholic Church has undergone in the last 50 or so years as was so remarkably laid forth in this novel. A must read for anyone wanting behind the scenes knowledge of the present crisis in Western Civilization especially as embodied by the Roman Catholic Church and its priesthood.
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on 9 October 1998
Malachi Martin's book is like watching history in the making, as one is confronted with the fact that there are Cardinals who are satanists, homosexuals, anti-papists and other high level individuals that we never hear about who are dedicated to one world rule. Apparently the Pope is surrounded by men in clerical garb who are working hand in hand with financial institutions, educators, governments, foundations, and non-governmental organizations such as Masonry to bring the new world order into existence. It's a book written by a man who apparently grieves over the state of the church today. As a non-catholic I found the book compelling because the "updating" of dogma and the modernism taking place in the Catholic church is also taking place in non-Catholic seminaries and churches. It's a matter of concern for many who desire to be true to our Lord Jesus Christ.
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