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on 14 September 2015
Never read Sophie Kinsellas novels before, but am now on my third. Rebecca Bloomwood lives in a flat in fashionable Fulham, London, that is owned by her best friend Suze's wealthy parents. Becky is a financial journalist for the magazine Successful Savings, but is the first to admit that she doesnt like her job, and doesn't know anything about finance. The nearest she gets to personal finance is the thousands of pounds in debt as is evidenced by a run through of her Visa card bill. This novel is brilliant, it makes you laugh and smile not to mention hold your breath at some stages. The addition of the "letters from the bank" threatening action about debts and overdrafts (which go completely unhindered by Becky) breaks up the storyline and makes amusement even better.
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on 23 June 2013
I only bought this book because I love the other Sophie Kinsella books. I have delayed buying this despite its popularity but then enjoyed the others so much I decided to buy it. The reason I delayed buying it was because I'm not really one of those girls who enjoys shopping that much. I really wish that I had followed my instinct.

I can imagine many people would love this book as it has its funny, heartfelt and entertaining moments just like other Sophie Kinsella books. However I am giving this book 2 stars because firstly I found the main character shallow, naive, vapid, annoying and desperate. If I knew her in real life she would be someone that I couldn't hold a 5 minute conversation with before wanting to scream 'just get over yourself' and try to slap some sense into. Another reason is that, not being a great fan of shopping, I really couldn't identify with her obsessions and couldn't understand her misplaced priorities where she puts a scarf before more important things like her job. People will probably now think that I'm a bit of an idiot because the clue was in the title but I still think the character could have been more likeable. Why also does it seem that she gets herself into awkward situations due to her bad judgement then just expect everyone else to bail her out?

The other thing that annoyed me was, looking at the others in the series, the main character doesn't learn anything from her mistakes and carries on getting into serious debt despite the risk of losing her loved ones. The books seem to follow the same storyline but with different settings.

I'm sure many people will love this book because as I said, it does have its good points but it really wasn't for me and I won't be buying the others in the series.
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on 30 August 2016
The first in a series of books following the life of a would be fashion journalist who instead finds herself as a financial journalist despite being hopeless with her own money and drowning in debt and being chased by a debt collector! This fashionista spends her time buying clothes and dreaming of her big break. But along the way she finds love and the rest is a funny journey with many mishaps along the way. A fun, light hearted read.
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on 19 September 2013
I liked Sophie's other novels. But this one has the most annoying protagonist I have EVER encountered. Vapid, selfish, compulsive liar. I do love shopping, and yes I've occasionally bought something I really shouldn't have... I thought I might be able to relate. But Becky is just ridiculous. She spends money she doesn't have and ignores bills, and makes up lies how she needs the money to buy a gift for her aunt in hospital!

Was skipping/skim-reading the embarrassing shopping scenes to get to the "good" bits. Of which there were few. However, I did enjoy the last couple of chapters which is why I'm giving it 2 stars.

People said "if you like shopping, you'll like this book" but I really think it should be "if you are addicted to shopping, you'll like this book". If you like shopping, are generally happy with life, never been in (serious) debt, and prefer to read stories about competent heroines, like me you'll probably want to spend your 4 pound on a different book.

tl;dr - most annoying protagonist ever, but last couple of chapters ok.
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on 10 January 2016
The story follows main character and Shopaholic Miss Rebecca Bloomwood. She is a financial journalist telling other people what to do with their money, how to invest, how to save, where to spend, where to not spend but secretly hates it, a boring office job that I think the majority of us can relate to.

The book is written in a brilliant format, diary style but without the date and time headings that you would expect. As you read the book you really get an idea of what Rebecca is feeling and her thought process. Most of the chapters start with a letter or two that Rebecca has received from her bank manager, credit card company or store cards chasing money in some way or responding her hilarious list of excuses for not paying.

Rebecca is from the outset quite clearly in debt. She spends spends spends like there is no tomorrow and buys things purely for the sake of buying them. She seems incapable of being responsible and taking control of the situation and instead just buries her head in the sand which makes for some brilliant avoidance tactics...for example throwing un-opened debt letters in a random persons skip!!!

The situations that Becky finds herself in are pure comic gold and had me laughing out loud...much to my partners amusement. From introducing herself to the bank manager that she has spent months avoiding by accident, to getting caught looking at her dates cheque book, it all seems totally outlandish and extreme but is hilarious none the less.

I loved how the book was written, you really get an insight into the workings of Beckys thoughts and they are brilliant. Some of them I can completely relate to and others not so much but were a joy to read anyway.

The book obviously focuses on Becky and her shopping habits but there is a love story thrown in for good measure. Not only is Becky a brilliant main character but I grew to love her support team as well. The ever so lovely Suze, Beckys flat mate and best friend, her extremely loving parents who seem to believe excuse after excuse that Becky comes up with and even the ever so handsome Mr Luke Brandon.

I read the book in 2 days (Lucky I had a week off work) as I just could not put it down.

If you are looking for an easy read, something to make you laugh out loud and in all honesty make yourself feel a bit better then go and read the shopaholic series NOW!
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on 24 August 2015
I loved some of the other Kinsella books like Can You Keep a Secret and Undomestic Goddess But this one has soooo much shopping I did get a little fed up of it (even though I do like the odd shopping trip) but I guess shopping is the point for a shopaholic! I also found Rebecca to be more irritating than funny. It's still an ok escapist chick-lit read but I'm not so sure I'll read any more of this particular series about shopping.
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on 18 December 2017
I love this book but I guess it’s enjoyable if you can relate to it...ie girly, love London and shopping and working in London. I went through it very quickly an easy read like watching a chic flick.
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on 3 May 2015
I absolutely loved this book but, I thought it ended a bit abruptly and well I was hoping to read more but never mind I did love it though.
I loved recognising the shops Becky often visited because in the movie they were all American shops that us British wouldn't recognise or heard of. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the books in the series 😁. Awesome job Sophie Kinsella ❤️❤️❤️
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on 14 May 2016
After discovering sophie Kinsella years ago, and finally tracking down the book i was after (the undomestic godess), i then came across the dreamworld of a shopaholic.
i got straight into it! i am now on the third series and have not been able to put them down! will not disappoint!
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on 3 March 2002
This is a real giggle out loud book. Great if you want a fun, escapist read on a miserable day. The heroine is ditzy and well meaning, and constantly deceives herself in the way we all do about overspending, and the financial scrapes she gets herself into are mad, but in places scarily believable. Although the story itself is eminently readable, the facsimile letters from the banks, credit card companies and stores are the funniest bit, and we find out even more about the heroine, Becky, from them.
All in all, this isn't the book for you if you're wanting great emotional depth and all that, but if you want to be entertained and made to smile, it's just the thing.
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