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Anthony, Viscount Bridgerton is a Rake (to paraphrase Lady Whistledown, a Rake is dangerous to women, while a rake merely thinks he is), but after ten years of pleasurable pursuits he's decided it's time to get married. Time he found a wife, settled down and sired an heir. He's not asking for much - a little beauty and intelligence is all he needs. Oh, and he mustn't fall in love with her.

Edwina Sheffield fits his criteria to perfection; she's beautiful, smart and sweet, and absolutely no risk to his heart. His blood pressure, however, is a different matter, for the way to Edwina's hand lies through the approval of her sister. And Kate Sheffield is not impressed.

It's soon obvious that this pair have two vital things in common - fierce devotion to their families, and a severely adverse reaction to each other. But several farcical situations push them closer together, until the intervention of a tiny bee leads to a compromising situation and a gossip's dream.

For Anthony it's only a minor setback because he's a sensible, rational man who won't fall in love if he won't allow himself to. Yes, it's truly that simple. Easy, really. Anthony's certain he need never fear falling in love, ever.

This, the second of the 'Bridgerton' novels, is utterly fabulous, packed full of laugh-out loud moments, and one or two worthy of a cringe, but always intensely enjoyable. Anthony's obsession with his father's death and his need to marry without love collides spectualarly with Kate's obsession that Edwina will never, ever marry him. The fierce, overprotective elder brother from 'The Duke and I' truly meets his match in the independent, forthright and fiendishly intelligent Kate. They are clearly far too similar to ever reach an agreement over Edwina. But over each other...

This book is filled with sublime moments of ridiculousness that can't help but leave Anthony's dignity in tatters, whether it be at the paws of an overly friendly corgi, or an innocent family game of Pall Mall - at times he could be forgiven for believeing that Kate is out to ruin his life. To make matters worse (for him, so much better for us) his brother, Colin, is often on hand to stir things up.

Anyone with siblings will certainly understand and sympathise, and it is impossible not to fall in love with these two, even if they do their damnedest not to fall for each other.

One of my favourite 'Bridgertons' it's a keeper on any shelf. Oh, and while you're at it, get hold of the Second Epilogue e-book for the return of Pall Mall and the 'Mallet of Death'. I laughed so hard it hurt, although there's a spoiler in it for 'Romancing Mr. Bridgerton'.

As for this book, well, in the same way as everything else JQ does, you really won't regret reading this.
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on 2 April 2001
A delightful and heart-warming romance. You might think all romances would be heart-warming, but believe me, they're not. It was reassuring to read a historical romance which was more concerned with the characters and their feelings than secret government missions or revenge motives. It was also cockle-warming to read about two characters who were throughly nice (boring word I know) and who each loved their family and friends. My one little niggle is when will Julia Quinn learn that the English never married in their houses, let alone the drawing room? It would have been a church wedding (in the morning) or nothing. Thankfully the very American wedding scene takes barely a page, and you can quickly skip over it and forget about it and get caught up in the heart-renching, and ultimately, sweet, wedding night happenings. I would recommend this book, and while you are at it, pick up the companion book, The Duke And I. The next in the series, An Offer From A Gentleman, is due out in July and I for one can't wait.
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on 23 May 2008
The Viscount Who Loved Me - Bridgerton Book 2.

The Storyline:
Anthony Bridgerton (the Hero) suddenly decides its time to settle down and marry. He wants a bride he cannot fall in love with, so asks his brother Colin (star of Bridgerton Book 4) who the diamond of the season is - Edwina Sheffield.
Meanwhile, Kate Sheffield (the Heroine) has read all about Anthony's antics as a Rake in Lady Whistledown's Newspaper column and knows she doesn't want him anywhere near her beloved sister Edwina. Edwina has told everyone that before she accepts a suitor's marriage proposal they need permission from her sister, Kate, so Anthony sets about winning over Kate to get to Edwina. However, this seems doomed from the start, as Anthony and Kate clash from their very first words to each other. As Anthony tries to court Edwina, fate continually throws him together with Kate, as she tries to keep him away from her sister (and herself!) What they didn't expect though, was a spark of something between them, as they continue to spar (amusingly) through dancing, walking Kate's dog and even an unexpected drenching in the Serpentine!
(- And this is all just in the first quarter of the book!)
Does Anthony marry Edwina? Can Kate and Anthony ever get along? Will they live happily ever after? Read it and laugh your SOCKS off!!

Why Buy?
After reading JQ's first Bridgerton book (The Duke&I) I was unsure about buying this book because Anthony was so overprotective of Daphne. But (of course) I couldn't resist and bought the book. Much to my delight, I was pleasantly surprised - I LOVED it! If fact I now rate this book on my list higher than The Duke! This has to be because of the main characters. Anthony & Kate are just perfect for each other. Their interactions and JQ's wit and humour that she puts into the story, make this the perfect historical romance.

The funniest section in the book has to be the Pall Mall game. Daphne & Simon (The Duke), Colin, Edwina, and of course Anthony & Kate, play the Croquet style game -with a difference!

Sprinkle in cameos from our favourite Bridgertons and Lady Whistledown commenting on each chapter and you have a winning mix.
Lady Whistledown (mystery gossip columnist) is great. Check out her two anthology books as well.

The Bridgerton series all link together - Brothers & Sisters, Anthony to Hyacinth (Famously named siblings A-H!!)
I would recommend reading book 1 first (Duke), then this book (Viscount), then 3 (not as good) & Book 4 (Excellent - Colin, Romancing Mr. B). After Book 4 (Mr. B), read JQ's Epilogue to Book 2 (LOL - Viscount). Then re-read from 1 - 4 before going on to Book 5!

If you like Historical Romance, you will love this book - buy it now.
- Buy the U.K. version, the Cover Art is better than the American.
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on 11 August 2011
First of all, I would just like to say that if you are searching for a book with villains, intrigue and depraved liaisons then this book is not the one for you. However, if you are looking for a true romance, in which two ordinary people (well as ordinary as you can be in Regency England) find each other against all odds and forge an extraordinary connection, then look no further!

Anthony's sincere devotion to his family, his endearing arrogance and his charming heroism has you falling for him page after page. On the other hand, Kate Sheffield with her sharp tongue and witty repartee is his equal in all regards. Only they themselves know how the loss from their past continually haunts them and it is only until they find one another that they can begin to heal these old wounds. Their connection is not one based on physical attraction alone, it goes beyond that. In the words of Anthony himself; "It was that spark. That damnable spark that never seemed to dim between them. That awful prickle of awareness that burned every time she entered a room, or took a breath, or pointed a toe. That sinking feeling that he could, if he let himself, love her." Put simply, Lord Anthony Bridgerton and Miss Kate Sheffield are made for each other.

I had read several books before I came across "The Viscount Who Loved Me" and I have read hundreds after. While I have enjoyed some and quickly discarded of others, no book has ever had me as riveted as this one. There are some moments which are so heart-warmingly touching and others which will literally have you laughing out loud. Finally there are those moments that will leave you wishing you could stumble upon your very own Anthony and keep him all for yourself. Quinn has truly outdone herself with this novel and I would strongly recommend it to all; it is one that has earned a permanent spot on my book shelf!
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on 8 January 2014
Anthony is the eldest Bridegerton. It's A for Anthony since Lady Bridgerton named her children in alphabetical order. Of all the Bridgertons, Violet Bridgerton takes the cake. You'll meet her in every book and grow to love her the way you never loved your own mother.

Anthony's father passed away rather suddenly and he's been the 'responsible one' all his life. His father died before he was forty, and Anthony has a deep sense of his own mortality. Love is not for him. He cannot do to his wife what was done to his mother. He will never marry for love. All he wants is an heir. He chooses Edwina Sheffield, a pretty empty-headed blonde.

Enter Kate Sheffield. Edwina's older sister.

Kate was born to be a Bridgerton. We know that. Anthony's a bit slow on the uptake. The attraction's there. Oh yes. The verbal repartee and battle of wits is there, certainly. But it isn't till that fatal game of Pall Mall that things just go..er...pell mell. Every phase of their courtship is just absolutely fantastic. One of my favourite Bridgerton books...okay so they're ALL my favourite...one of my three most favourite Bridgerton books.
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on 14 September 2016
Julia Quinn is a fine storyteller & her stories are easy & fun to read.
They are seriously let down though by her lack of knowledge about the way people behaved or spoke in the Regency times. They did not 'fancy' each other or have Kerosene . Ladies morals especially were very carefully guarded & did not 'snog' or punch people ( a good hard slap has worked for ladies for hundreds of years & leaves a satisfying red face !! )
The sex was too much & not very well written- as grown ups we all know what goes on in the bedroom & don't need it spelled out in lots of detail.
If the reader is interested in how people really did talk & act in Regency time - read Georgette Heyer books. Some of the very best are ,Lady of Quality / Grandy Sophy / Arabella & many more.
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on 9 December 2000
Can anyone do this better? I think not! This is the best book that Mrs. Quinn ever has written, and I have read most of them. But don't take my word for it, buy it yourself and for a few hours visit a place where dreams do come true! The dialogue and interaction between Kate and Anthony is delightful to read, and my only regret is that the book wasn't longer because I didn't want to say goodbye. I`m looking forward to her next book.
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on 29 January 2001
The viscount who loved me was a compelling read, i have enjoyed reading this book i am an avid reader and this was a book i could read quickly as it kept my concentration, an excellent read i recommend this book highly to anyone with an imagintion, well done to JULIA QUINN for writting such a marvolous book.
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on 7 April 2001
Kate and Anthony make a wonderful couple, perfect for this delightful witty novel. The plot is a little mundane but the characters more than make up for it.Just as good as The Duke and I.
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on 21 October 2010
really irritated - this is advertised as a book (normal price 7.99) with 394 pages - in fact it is a pamphlet - about 20 or 30 pages long at the absolute most - no one in their right mind would pay £1.18 for it let alone the supposed £7.99 price. Total swiz - how do I get my money back?
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