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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 10 August 1999
This was a great romance book that I couldn't put down. I read it in one day. I like it when the two main characters are together for the whole book and not in separate places or parted by war or some other tragedy. It had totally likable characters and Dom was one sexy guy. The love scenes were hot, too. I'll read Christina Dodd any day and look forward to her next book.
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People that have not read Chrisine Dodd will like this book, people who are her fans will have a bit of trouble with Prince Dominic (because of Runaway Princes - he was not NICE). The books really need to be read together, and when you do that, you come off disliking Dominic, so its jarring to have him suddenly presented as the hero. (Catherine Coutler did this in Chandra and the first of the Fire series - he was a total louse and suddenly he is hero in the next book.) It just makes it so hard to switch horses in mid-water.
Dodd's writing is always engaging and she sort of pulls it off, despite Dom's shady past. I enjoyed the book, but Dodd as done much better.
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on 15 June 1999
In May 1829, the Crown Princess of Bertinierre, Laurentia, turns twenty-five. As the heir to the throne to the small Mediterranean kingdom, Laurentia worries that she must soon marry and produce the next generation. None of the aristocracy paying tribute to her beauty fits the bill of her prince.
That lonely feeling changes when Prince Dominic arrives at court. Dominic behaves like a mercenary rather than royalty. However, in light of recent acts against his throne, Kin Jerome worries about the safety of his daughter. The monarch hires Dominic to protect Laurentia. For the first time in her life, Laurentia feels she has met someone who comports himself as her equal, not a slobbering servant. Soon they fall in love. However, Dominic insists that her princely mate will someday come, but that it is not him. Laurentia has her work cut out to prove to her bodyguard that he is her Prince Charming.
Anyone who has had the pleasure of reading a Christina Dodd historical romance knows they have been treated to a royal novel. The books are always excellent. The great author's newest tale, SOMEDAY MY PRINCE, is a fabulous story that never slows down for a moment. The heroine is in trouble by enemy forces who want to control this strategic country. Under fire, her bravery, level-headedness, and kindness make her a magical character who will attain much acclaim for the author. Dominic is dangerous and intrepid, but loyal to his loved ones. These two protagonists take a well-written historical romantic intrigue and add humor, depth, and warmth. This combination turns the novel into a sure award winner for Ms. Dodd.

Harriet Klausner
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on 8 April 2013
I have read several of Christina Dodd 's books but I have to say that even though this was a delight to read it did lack the substance that I am familiar with from her governess series.
This book is about a princess who has been hurt by her previous marriage and a mercenary looking to complete the job.
However I think it's Christina's inability to extend the depths of the other characters in the book that lets it down. We have one small chapter on Brat the mercenary's second in command. We learn that from her experiences that she has become less wild and looking for a simpler way of life. Yet we know someone is following here's don't learn much else to the end when she is happily in love. This was never explained.

I know the description was vague but that is because of all its faults, this book is still a good read. Enjoy
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on 17 July 1999
Christina has done it again! Her wit and humor, as well as her erotic sensuality, make this book extremely difficult to put down. I enjoy it when authors write the story of a character you got to know in another book. Dominic of Sereminia is the brother of King Danior from "The Runaway Princess", it was truely wonderful to read his story.
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on 12 July 1999
I did something with Someday My Prince that I have never done with any other novel that I know of. As soon as a finished the last chapter I flipped back to the beginning and started to re-read the book all over again. Wonderful doesn't cut it, terrific doesn't either, this book was magnificant! I take my hat off to any author that makes me cry while reading(something I rarely do). Right now the book has the honored spot in my bathroom so if I get bored on the toilet I can read my favorite passages. This is a deffinit keeper and I defy the reader who says they get bored while reading it. Buy it Someday My Prince, you won't regret it!
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on 11 July 1999
Princess Laurentia of Bertinierre thought she had it all: rich wardrobe, glittery balls, and the best of everything. She was lonely, though, and she found no interest in the suitors who wanted her hand. Prince Dominic of Sereminia is the man who is hired to protect her, but he has no interest at all in marrying Laurie. All he wants is to show her a life of adventure. Christina Dodd does it again! Her colorful fantasy world vibrates with the beings of Laurentia and Dominic, just as it had with Danior and Evangeline in The Runaway Princess. It's a wonderful escape, and you'll be glad you came along for the ride!
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on 13 July 1999
I found it extremely difficult to suspend disbelief in the matter of Dom, who was first introduced in Dodd's last book. It seemed as though his personality changed too swiftly in some aspects to be remotely believable and the chemistry between the two leads was not as strong as others of Dodd's books. A pleasant story but not one of her best.
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on 11 August 1999
Once again, Christina Dodd kept me up late reading. I just couldn't put this book down. If you only buy one book this month, make it SOMEDAY MY PRINCE!!!
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on 21 July 1999
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