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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 26 April 2016
A wonderful book to read. When I first bought this without reading too much in to Satanism I always had this weird idea in my head that it was all about a cult, dark worship and Satanic magic, when in reality it is about being yourself, and to not feel guilty over it. It is like a life guidance to accept yourself wholly and to do what you want to do without feeling judged, guilty or wrong. After reading an unbelievable amount of reviews I notice many are under the impression that there is deeper meaning behind it, but I can not see it and in my opinion it is all about being YOU. I recommend this book to everyone and anyone to read before thinking you know about 'Satanism' It can open your eyes into seeing yourself how you should.
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on 18 November 2004
When I was 16, I read this book and actually enjoyed it - at least the first bit of it - once it wandered into the territory of the occult, my cynicism circuits re-engaged and I put it down.
All I can say is skip this and read Nietzsche instead. This is Nietzsche for Dummies: a huge ego-fulfilling prank played by Anton La Vey. Now that he's dead, the Church of Satan is the most pointless organisation in existence.
I'm not bad mouthing the man, according to his own philosophy he did exactly the right thing - conned thousands of people into sending him money by looking scary on the front of a book - well done Mr La Vey - but if you're looking for anything deeper than that, get the philosophy first hand and skip the junk.
Besides which, you can name check Nietzsche at parties until your dying day: professing to be a Satanist will only be cool until you leave school.
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on 28 February 1999
The only reason I can consciously review this book as having any merit is for the fact that LaVey was a very clever, witty, and frighteningly charasmatic figure. Plus the fact that a book giving such a poorly thought out philosophy could manipulate thousands of weak minds into near worship of the author, which is, I suggest, all LaVey wanted.
Instead of going to one extreme of Roman Catholic-stereotypes of Christianity as a mind-washing, dominating relgion, LaVey simply suggests the reader go to the other extreme of a state of mind-washing one's own self. The whole thing is certainly very appealing to the teenage audience at which it is aimed. But the whole philosophy of being one's own God is too self-orientated for a society-based organism. One can not have a life worth living if all one ever considers is one's self. It's all just a giant rebellion no better than that which it is going against.
Of course, I think LaVey knew all this. Yet he continued to live only for himself, which is why, with the exception of a pathetic minority, the world will remember LaVey mainly as the guy who dressed up in a devil suit and appeared in Rosemary's Baby for all of five minutes. He built himself around Hollywood, not a thousand or so dedicated followers who meant nothing to him except his next paycheck.
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on 26 November 2005
This book contains so much that it's really impossible to summarize it in a review (though I see many have tried, here). If you want to find out more about Satanic tenets as set out in The Satanic Bible, I suggest you go to [...]
Clicking on Theory-Practice link there is a very good start, and you can also download a free information pack written by High Priest Gilmore.
So yes, visit the site I linked to above, read the info I mentioned... And make an informed decision for yourself as to whether you wish to purchase this book instead of relying on the opinions (positive and negative) of over a hundred people here, many of whom it is clear from their comments that they are completely clueless.
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on 19 February 2001
I had always had a passing interest in satanism until I read this book. Now I realize that I have always been a satanist without realizing it. If you want this book bc you think it will describe demons and encourage your beliefs in a god do not buy it. Satanism is the religion of self love and preservation and I would recomend this book to everyone that wants to lead a rewarding, respectful life.
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on 25 July 1999
"The Satanic Bible" is the basis of contemporary Satanism and offers a refreshing and powerful philosophy. Portions of the text are based on sources other than Anton LaVey, for example "Might is Right" by Ragnar Redbeard and the Enochian Keys from a biography of John Dee. Although some readers have criticized LaVey for incorporating other authors' ideas into "The Satanic Bible," I think it's marvellous to find a religion which was developed from research, experience, and logic instead of a lunatic's "divine revelations." Here you will find a religion based on good common sense, the law of the jungle, and human nature. Whatever your beliefs may be, I strongly recommend that you read this book. You'll learn what Satanism is really about, which you won't find in any of those old episodes of "Geraldo" or in fairy tales about ritual abuse. However, be warned! Reading this book might just change your outlook on life. Hail Satan!
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on 18 November 1998
The Satanic Bible is by far the most intelligent book ever written. Dr. Anton LaVey was an obvious genius. The word "Satan" causes many people to shun this book, which is it's exact intent. Those who can not think objectively to religion are angered by the book, yet many Christians have probably bought this book for the interesting shock effect. In this book, those who are looking for horror are sorely shot down, as it contains only ways of living in an un-Christian society. Far more philosophical and realistic than the Holy Bible (a great fiction novel), The Satanic Bible shows the way to live life to the fullest extent and in happiness. Truly the fathers of our country would have deemed this book "EXCELLENT," in this day and age of Christian Fascism that would be impossible. I think people should read this book and the Holy Bible as the combination of the two creates an objective viewpoint of reality vs. spirituality-Two complete opposites. The Satanic Bible also creates an optimistic view on life as you create your own situations to fulfill your needs, not worshipping an obsolete "god" that demands for you to abstain from all of man's desires.
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on 23 October 2014
After recently discovering that Satanism is a huge misconception, and studying various sources on what it actually is, I decided to buy this book to verify all the details which turned out to be accurate. I wont go into detail as to what it actually is, but I will simply state as to what it isn't, and it isn't the belief in Satan, or more in the Christian version of Satan who actually derives from pagan origins, as Laveyan Satanism is mostly atheistic, but differs very little from theistic, which simply involves more spirituality and the amount of magic you insert into your beliefs. It's not at all an evil religion or a religion who thrives on evil attributes, more of a philosophy with Gothic theatrical fun which is carried out in control and in safety of ones self and of others, not that it actually involves any obscene and ridicules scenes Hollywood has painted in your head. The book may seem a little weird at first, but it certainly is clarifying, and there is no objection to be made as it represents no actual harm or evil to society, other than the panic attack the religious have over the name of this religion.
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on 24 August 2008
When I was a teenager, the Satanic Bible was considered to be the worst and most dangerous book ever written, with the possible exceptions of "Mein Kampf" and "The Anarchist Cookbook". Everyone was talking about it, but nobody had actually read it. I believe they sold copies of it in some dim lit corner of the local science fiction bookstore. Naturally, the Church of Satan were considered to be dangerous extremists, and their black-painted church in San Fransisco sure looked spooky.

Or did it? Well, not really. When I finally read "The Satanic Bible", I was very disappointed. *This* is supposedly the most dangerous book ever written?! You gotta be kidding. And, of course, Anton Szandor LaVey *is* kidding. His Church of Satan isn't really Satanist at all, and uses the designation mostly to provoke people, Christians in particular. If anything, "The Satanic Bible" is libertarian and hedonistic. When I read it, it struck me that the morality of LaVey, considered shocking 40 years ago, is actually embraced by most people today. Has the West gone Satanic? Hardly, but it has become more overtly secularized, liberal and hedonistic than it was on Walpurgisnacht 1966, when LaVey supposedly shaved his head and formed his black arts organization.

True, the Satanic Bible does contain statements that sound distinctly fascist. But it's obvious from context that this is simply another provocation, especially since these portions are deliberately plagiarized from a 19th century parody of Social Darwinism, "Might is Right". LaVey actually condemns most practices usually associated with Satanism: human sacrifice, rape, wanton violence, child molestation. Ironically, if people would follow the precepts of the Satanic Bible, they would probably be better behaved than they are! But, of course, they *would* throw the occasional kinky sado-masochistic fetish party. Perhaps in 10 years, even that will be considered normal. Strictly speaking, LaVey isn't a moral relativist or nihilist, but rather a believer in a secular version of "an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth", which really isn't controversial, once the principle is correctly understood. (The fetish parties might be.)

When one reads LaVey's tract, one wonders why he didn't simply become a hedonistic atheist? The answer comes in the latter sections, where it turns out that LaVey actually believed in magic (well, sort of). But his magic borders the ridiculous, and perhaps functions mostly on a symbolic level. Indeed, the present leader of the Church of Satan explains in a foreword to the black bible that the magical rituals are simply "powerful psychodrama". The idea of sticking needles in voodoo dolls to harm your enemies would strike most people as...well, hardly worth reporting to local law enforcement.

So why do some people still consider this book to be dangerous? Some might object to its hedonism, which I would consider to be a serious-minded criticism. But many others are apparently still outraged by the Satanist label. Christians are offended, but so are secular people, since Satanism is associated with child molestation or drugs. I heartily recommend "The Satanic Bible" to all such people. Read it and make up your own minds.

Hail Satan! :-)
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on 21 April 2000
I read most of the book several years ago when I was a lot more impressionable. In hindsight, I have to say that I could have done without it . I can't say that it wasn't interesting, but one has to wonder if LeVay applied his own philosophies in writing this book (ie controlling other people to your own advantage). Like everyone else that creates a religion, I think our little buddy Anton wanted a huge group of fanatical followers that would cater to his every need for the rest of his life. The rituals are nonsense, and probably only exist to make the whole thing seem more enigmatic and spiritual to the newbie satanist. Without them Satanism isn't really a religion at all, just a rather selfish philosophy for living. You don't need a book to tell you how to live. Just do what makes you happy. -Josha
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