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on 21 April 2017
great thanks
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on 29 August 2016
Format of the printed book is a bit small. Otherwise a great book.
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on 29 March 2017
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on 24 April 2015
This book isn't for the beginner in Satanism, first read the Satanic bible or have a good understanding of Satanism. This book is a guide to the rituals and practices of our religion, it is well written and easy to follow. A lot of the book is however written in Enochian (the language of the angels), but there are English translations. A must for anybody interested in Satanism
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on 5 March 2012
Anton LaVey wrote this invaluable companion/follow-up to his "Satanic Bible" in 1972 - both books having been mercilessly ripped-off, copied and plagiarized ever since (under the guise of "inspired" or "innovative" works on Satanism). "The Satanic Rituals" is LaVey's collection of genuine, traditional, Magically potent Rituals & Ceremonies from France, Germany, the Middle East and Russia. Also included are outlines for Satanic Baptisms and a Ceremony based on the Cthulhu Mythos of writer HP Lovecraft. Arguably the most formidably powerful - and potentially dangerous - procedure here is referred to in the book as "The Law Of The Trapezoid", or "Die Elektrischen Vorspiele" - the infamous "Trapezoid Ritual". Open to individual adaptation and modification and with a sincere, specific goal in mind, this Ritual is absolutely guaranteed to produce the desired result - most especially with the addition of the particular Enochian Call deemed appropriate for the working.

Perhaps the most infamous Ritual in this collection is "Le Messe Noir" or "Black Mass": long associated with Satanism in the collective (brainwashed) consciousness of the masses and alleged to be the most important and oft performed Satanic Ceremony. Christian-sourced and disseminated visions of child & animal sacrifices and blood-drinking, along with various other depraved, orgiastic, bestial and vile acts, have long been automatically associated with the performance of Black Masses - the proceedings as a whole being envisioned as a sacrilegious, anti-Christian frenzy of unrestrained, ugly blasphemy.

For Anton LaVey, however, there was little indeed to be gained morally, metaphysically or (most importantly) Magically in conducting Black Masses that adhered to a warped, Christian-conceived template. Like other Rituals performed by him and his fellow members of the Church of Satan, the LaVey Black Mass was positively employed as a powerful Psychodrama: a catharsis intended to purge an individual of hang-ups, phobias, fears, inhibitions and repressions. For LaVey had correctly identifed all of these identity-crushing, personality eroding, joy-depleting, negative elements as evidence that - for 2000 years - human beings had been brutally and relentlessly inculcated and brainwashed with the Christian doctrine of docility, denial, defeatism, depression and Death Worship. Along with the very religion of Christianity itself, the anti-human, anti-Nature programme of soul and mind-destroying false values had been passed down through centuries - remaining completely intact and unchallenged and producing generation after generation of human beings who were more weak, more insecure, more frightened and generally more of a psychological mess than the last. The primary destructive factor in all this was inarguably the forced association of human drives, desires and instincts with the Christian notion of "Sin". In LaVey's analysis, the average 20th/21st Century human being was, therefore, inescapably riddled with guilt, worry, stress, and irrational fear - much of which was never ever admitted to or addressed, thus remaining hidden inside the individual psyche and giving rise to all manner of physical, physiological and psychological problems, illnesses traumas and aberrations. The Black Mass is not alone amongst LaVey's Satanic Rituals in possessing the formidable power to exorcise and annihilate all of these negative, destructive elements out of the individual human being completely and utterly - in order that they can live, succeed and evolve to the fullest of their powers.

"The Satanic Rituals" remains just as much a pioneering work as "The Satanic Bible", and the two books continue to inspire and empower many many people to LIVE, rather than to simply exist.
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on 1 March 2017
Grate book and in grate condition
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on 5 January 2017
The product was as it said, paperback and also the correct book, however I found a random picture of a little boy inside with writing on the back "Me in 1997". It was thankfully not pornographic, but it seriously weirded me out.
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on 7 January 2008
If anyone is an atheist like me and have read all the usual books like the God Delusion and fancy something else
strong but pallatable: this is the book for you. It is written as an amusingly jocular and light-hearted piss-take of Christianity. He says what we're all thinking - that no one in history has abided by all the 10 commandments. He has his own equilavent of the commandments and beleives most animals are better and less corrupt than humans. As a vegetarian, this seems quite true. Sers, its defo worth reading if just to see the look on the faces of commuters sitting across from you on the train! It's only cheap - buy it!
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on 11 February 1999
A very good book for those Satanists who want to delve deeper into the world of ritualistic Satanic Magik. Written in everyday English, the newcomer to Magik can, with some practice, become quite familiar with basic spells and rituals.
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on 13 August 2000
This book is just what it says, under the title, a companion to the Satanic Bible. Thats not to say that this is merely an extension of the philosophical debate and instructional ramblings found in the 'Bible'. But for anyone interested in knowing more about Satanism and Satanic Ritual throughout history then this is a good read.
Before each ritual there is a few pages that summerise what the ritual means and details its origin. This, in my opinion, is the most interesting part of the book as it gives you more information about past Satanic culture such as the Yzeidis and the Knight Templars satanic rites.
If you liked the Satanic Bible, then buy and read this book to get a better picture of what Satanism is, and what it has become.
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