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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars

on 30 October 2011
Firstly my new book that arrived on Friday I have to say, it is a good job i don't judge a book by the cover because the cover art for this book was nothing short of abysmal. Heavily and poorly computerised, the main character fair enough looks like the main character, but the way she's stood makes her look like her back and both arms have been broken. The dog fails to look mongrel enough for me, looking like a kid has cut it out of a magazine and just stuck it there. I'm sorry person who did it, but really? Couldn't you at least have looked at some of the fantastic book covers that have been done for Tamora Pierce and gotten inspiration from them? From owning other books I know there are some good one. (Yes at one point i wanted hair like the one from the cover of Trickster's choice).

Moving onto the book itself. I loved it. No spoilers here but it was brilliant, the flip back into Beka's life at the beginning, new and old friends, more information about Pounce which explained a lot of things. The ending was wonderful and actually answered some questions I had from all the Alana/wild mage/protector of the small series. I think some things you will suspect, but will still be a shock when they happen. The book is just about the right length to be a days read for me at 608 pages. If you've read Terrier and Bloodhound I think you'll enjoy it. You could possibly read it without reading those two first - but you'd miss a lot of the back story and some of the parts of the book just wouldn't be as powerful without that back story.
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on 28 November 2011
With another colourful adventure "Mastiff" brings us to the end of Beka's story and right back to George and Eleni.

Once again we are introduced to the world of the Dogs as we watch Beka track the missing Crown Prince. We get more history on the kingdom and the Conté family, and we get a rich insight into the use of slavery in Tortall.

I've always enjoyed Pierce's characters, and this is no exception. She brings both major and minor characters alive. And I appreciate that she doesn't take "the easy way out". The relationships between the major characters are not always straighforward, and I have to say that Mastiff provides one of the more surprising betrayals in the Tortallan universe.

I had to break it up over two days because my eyes just wouldn't stay open anymore, or I would have gladly read it in one go.
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on 23 November 2011
Having waited a while for this book to be released I finally got it and yes it was worth the wait. Beka is one of my favourite characters and this wraps up her story nicely. The writing is similar to the other two in that its like a diary entry. I found it very hard to put down and finished it in 3 days. The ending also answers alot of questions I had about Faithful and George!
All in all I loved it.
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on 17 March 2012
This is an excellent read and well in keeping with the previous two books in the series. Beka Cooper is a wonderful character and this book brings in some of the old favourites and introduces a few new ones too. There is less interaction with dust spinners and less reliance on pigeons but they still feature. Mostly the story is about an extended Hunt outside of Corus but it reads well and is a real page turner. My only disappointment is that this is the last in the Beka Cooper series as I thoroughly enjoyed the characters as well as seeing Corus in the past.
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on 1 July 2012
The Beka Cooper series of books are brought to life by Susan Denaker's narration. Unfortunately none are available as audio downloads in the UK so, buying the CD set is particularly expensive. Having been fortunate enough to buy Terrier and Bloodhound before Random House decided not to permit UK downloads, I was hooked on the character, and was willing to pay the exorbitant cost to acquire the third book in the trilogy. I was delighted with the book, the narration and the production, but I cannot recommend this to listeners outside the US simply because of the prohibitive cost of building the collection on audio discs. its a shame as I have several nieces around the world that I would like to send download copies to.
To listeners in the USA I can wholeheartedly recommend the audio version of the book.
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on 4 November 2013
The book opens with the funeral of someone close to Beka Cooper, and the story of the relationship that has just been cut short emerges naturally in the course of the book as Beka is caught up in a new and very high-profile case which takes her out of the city she knows so well. The resolution of the case brings this part of her story to a natural end.
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on 18 January 2012
If you love Tamora Pierce books and the books about Beka Cooper I would really really would recommend you NOT to read this book.

Not that is utterly horrible. It is just that compared to her other work in the realm of Torall this one is just absolutely not up to Pierce otherwise fantastic work. After reading "Mastiff" I wished I hadn't because it completely ruined the other Beka Cooper books for me.

What normally makes Pierce Torall books really great and engaging: the characters and their development, the engaging romances without it becoming forced or too much, and Pierce "magic" touch with writing just was not there - at all...

The beginning was interesting, because it was unexpected but afterwards just followed a lot of travelling this place and that (a really tiresome business when not done great) almost only with Beka and Tunstall as known characters from the other books. This following a boring plot made worse by a sappy romance with a new character and an absolutely horrible ending. The saying: "Kill your darlings" should not be done if you are only looking to make a sorry excuse of a plot work for you. Just saying.
All in all I could not really recognize the personality depth from the former books in any of the characters.

I hope you don't read it and if you do I sincerely hope you won't be as disappointed as I was.
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on 1 January 2016
third book, i may re-read the first two before settling in with this one
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on 29 November 2011
the last book in the trilogy, and wow was it worth waiting for. follow beka on her most exciting, dangerous and heart stopping hunt yet. the hunt for a small boy with a big future takes you on a adventure you wont be able to put down. you feel bekas sorrow at the devistation caused by greedy manges, the crulty of slave traders and the heart ache she feels when shes by a betrade by a friend, but as always its a happy ending with huge changes made to tortal and bekas life. One of Tamoras best yet. well worth the wait
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on 10 August 2016
I loved this book once I got into the strange phrases
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