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on 8 December 2014
Loved this story
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on 1 August 2012
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I was given a free copy of this book by the publisher for review.

I thought That Thing Called Love was one of those books that I love to read but never seem to like. I read them because I hope that one day I will come across an adult romance with characters I don't want to throttle and romance that is completely unbelievable. Well, today might just be that day.

The truth is that I rather unexpectedly loved this book. It came out of left field and took me completely by surprise. To my utter shock there was an actual plot here and it wasn't the same one I'm used to seeing in these types of book. The main female character was not weak; she didn't have a bad romantic history or come from an abusive background. The main male character was not massive and brooding and possessive. In this book things are refreshingly different.

It is light hearted even though it is about something quite serious, also it doesn't drag out the drama. Anderson has used humour instead of going down the normal angst path and it works. I found myself laughing out loud several times whilst reading this. It seemed more realistic and most importantly it wasn't all about the romance.

What separates this book from others is that it doesn't just concentrate on Jake and Jenny, the two romantic leads of this story. There are also chapters told from the point of view of Austin, Jake's son. These chapters are simply magic. Austin is thirteen, he is developing his first crush and baseball is his life. He is not a sulky teen; instead he is full of enthusiasm and life. He tries to be cool (like all thirteen year old boys do) to varying degrees of success and bumbles along in typical teenage fashion the result is utterly charming and makes this book stand out from the rest.

Austin is not the only character worth mentioning in this book. Most of the focus is on Jenny, Austin's guardian. What I loved about Jenny most is her backbone she is not afraid to stick up for herself but is never standoffish. Her internal monologue is hilarious and it was impossible to dislike her. She is a real female character and I just wish there were more characters like her out there. Jenny is sweet, funny and someone I think we can all relate to. Then there is Jake the estranged father of Austin. I am not going to lie, Jake does have moments of complete and utter douchery but what I love about him is that he realises it. He knows when he is wrong and then sets about to make it right. He is charming but also apologetically male. He stares at boobs and bums because love or hate it that is what guys do. He has the biggest growth in this book, which again is refreshing because the journey is most often taken by the female in this genre. Like Jenny he is impossible to dislike even if you want to occasionally throttle him.

The romance between Jenny and Jake is sizzling. It is a slow build full of bickering, denial and a bucket load of sexual tension. Reading them dance around one another is part enthralling and part hilarious. It is a romance that is easy to get behind because the chemistry between them literally pours out of the pages. When they finally get together it literally sizzles, and proves to be well worth the wait.

That Thing Called Love is a quick and enjoyable read that will leave a genuine smile on your face. It is a different take on adult romance and is funny, charming but also at time touching. It is the perfect read for a sunny summer's afternoon and I highly recommend it.
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on 19 September 2012
I like a good old fashioned romance and thats what this is Jenny Salazar's life was all running along fine untill her dad is sent to prison and her mum takes to her bed with shame so she spends the rest of her teenage years looking after them in Razor Bay working for a loving elderly couple, she also meets her best friend there and life begins to get better, a good few years later and Jenny now manages the inn and is a big sister to the now dead couple's 13 year old grandson Austin. Their daughter died after giving birth and Austin's dad (their son-in law) Jake leaves Austin with them after they convince him they can give him a better life.
But Jake Bradshaw is back and wants custody of his son and to take him back to New York , Jake didn't intend to abandon his son he was young and scared and wanted to get out of Razor Bay. He believed that Austin was better off with his grandparents than with him. but he wants to make up for his mistake and intends to stay in Razor Bay just until he can convince Austin to return to New York with him.

I loved Austin his little side romance and his 13 year old ways made me smile (I have one of my own) and I loved his relationship with Jenny, Jake, at first I didn't like he after all abandoned Austin and never contacted him once. Despite this after a few chapters,he grew on me, I also liked his new relationship with his half brother Max.

Jake and Jenny try to get along at first as legally Jake can take Austin whether Jenny likes it or not. So she decides to make the transition easier on Austin and help the two have a father and son relationship, but the truce between the two turns into more, it then becomes what will Jake do stay in Razor Bay with Jenny and Austin or go back to New York and never know if they were meant to be.

nice easy going read perfect for a weekend read, not much new or different which is why I gace it three stars I think without Austin's bits it would of been very same old same old.
Max Jakes half brother is book 2's lead and I hope theres a few more fresh ideas for him
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VINE VOICEon 6 October 2012
This is first in a new series from Susan Andersen and although it wasn't as good as some of her previous books I still found it enjoyable.

The male lead in this I admit didn't do much for me. To be honest the idea of redeeming a man who basically abandons his son doesn't appeal. No matter his reasons or issues it's still not a very nice thing to do and as someone with a not so good father at times it kinda annoyed me.
I really liked Jenny though and for me she more than made up for the weak male lead in this and her character along with Austin and his teenage friends made the story for me.

A complaint I have though is how grown up Austin was for a 13 year old, I know he had, had some bad stuff happen but upon reading the parts of this story from his perspective, he seemed far older. Maybe it was meant to be this way but most 13 year olds I have known aren't that mature or grown up.

The male I was more intrigued with was Max, Jake's older brother....i have to say am intrigued with the sherriff and I hope the next book is his story and the mysterious Harper :)

What I love about this author is that although her books are not works of art etc (which really aren't my thing anyway) they are good, light-hearted, easy reads and as a new mum its the kind of book I need as my brain cannot take too much as baby brain has well and truly set in lol

I will most definately keep on reading SA's books now and in the future.

Read and reviewed courtesy of Netgalley
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on 17 April 2013
That Thing Called Love is a heartwarming romance that I kept thinking about for long time after I finished the book. The characters are absolutely lovable, especially Austin. A nice book to cuddle with.
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on 21 October 2012
I would love to read this book as I like this author but the kindle version is just too dear. I'll wait until I can get it second hand or the kindle price comes down. Publishers are getting too greedy.
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