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on 14 June 2017
I am quickly becoming a huge fan of this series; what a gripping story!

I don't think that this book can I be read without having read the first one and it does leave you needing to read the next book to continue the main background story arc as well as leaving some romantic sub-plots hanging (hence not 5stars) but what a cram-packed tale!

I loved the relationship development between our romantic couple, the twists & turns, the action, the passion and the heart melting romance. I can't wait to read the next book in this amazing series!
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VINE VOICEon 3 January 2015
I found later books in this series to be an original take on the genre, so I went back for the earlier ones. This was a disappointment. I found it extremely formulaic and predictable. The descriptions of sex took up about a third of the book, leaving time for very little plot.

But what disappointed me most was this:
I've met Lucien in other books in the series and found him an intriguing, enigmatic character. Long, white hair + disfiguring scars and an extremely chilly personality. (No, he looks NOTHING like the picture on the cover!)

So, whereas the first book was a very obvious "girl is attracted to violent guy because he is hot", the promised to be a lot more interesting. If a guy presents such an unattractive personality (cold-blooded killer, casual torturer etc.) to the world, and doesn't bowl a girl over with his looks, HOW does she get to discover the more appealing attributes that he is hiding?

Sounds interesting, eh?

Well, it could be. But it isn't. Anya simply has a kink for scars, and finds them sexy (as she tells us in the first chapter).

What an opportunity missed.
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on 11 June 2008
Long ago a band of immortal warriors stole and unleashed the evil within Pandora's box. In the melee, the box was lost. As their punishment for the deed, the gods forced each warrior to 'contain' one of the demons within themselves. So the Lords of the Underworld were born. The warrior who opened the box (Lucien, former Captain of the Guard) was 'gifted' with the demon of Death forever escorting souls to heaven or hell whenever the call came.

At present, some of these possessed immortals live a sheltered life high on a hill in Budapest. They struggle daily with their demons eventually succumbing to the demons desires. As well as warding off attacks by the radical humans called Hunters who want to see them and their demons dead.

The most serious and somber of the warriors is about to be the victim of a little mischief. For the minor goddess of Anarchy has her sights set on the sexy scarred warrior called Death. Lucien can't believe that any woman would be interested in him due to his harrowing looks, let alone a beautiful goddess. But Anya is. She's a stunning immortal who brings light into his dark soul and entrances his demon. Too bad he's been ordered to kill her.............

Woo Hoo! Another scarred hero book! I just love those! Lucien (Death) really didn't see the train called Anarchy coming until it plowed right into him. I thought Anya was hilarious. She flipped him upside down and inside out, teasing poor serious Lucien and keeping him totally off balance. I didn't know which way their fighting was going to go -would he actually try to kill her or kiss her (don't think you know what the answer is cause you don't!). They just made a great couple. I loved their bantering. I think Anya called Lucien *Flower's* (well he does smell like roses cause he's death ya know!) just to mess with his head and get him to lighten up -cause Death really needs to take a chill pill every once in a while. Anya is Anarchy after all, so she might make you crazy but thats the point. So that didn't bother me all. Lucien needs this kind of chaos or his soul will succumb completely to the dark demon inside. And for my favorite part -there's tons of sexual tension. Showalter didn't skimp on their love scenes either (more woo hoo!).

Along with the romance there were some major plot developments in DK as well. The Lords are still searching for Pandora's box, racing against the Hunter's to find it first. They gather new information which leads them on treasure hunts in separate parts of the world. Showalter also explains some more Greek myths/legends.

I thought that The Darkest Kiss was even better than its prequel The Darkest Night (Lords of the Underworld, Book 1). And it can be read as a stand alone since Showalter gives plenty of background information on the Lords.

Next up is The Darkest Pleasure (Lords of the Underworld, Book 3)which is Reyes (possessed by the demon of Pain) book. And then perhaps? Paris's book in Nov 09' -Ack! Over a year!
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on 21 August 2016
This book was just as good as the first. I really enjoyed the story line and could not put it down.
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on 7 August 2008
The other reviews for this book are wonderfully detailed enough so I won't offer anything other than my opinion here. I read a lot of Paranormal Romance novels but it is quite rare that I feel compelled to write a review on one. Lately I've been somewhat disillusioned with the whole genre, finding most of the stories lacking or very 'samey'. Even novels from some of the most respected PR writers (Ward, Feehan, Kenyon et al) have fallen a little flat. So I was not expecting too much when I picked up Gena Showalter's latest. After having read it, I'm so glad I did. It's a very enjoyable read - cleverly written, fast paced and evocative. I like a heroine with balls and a hero who can live up to her. I like a story that doesn't have a neat happy ever after or at least has some bumps on the road to happiness. Yes there are the same old tried and tested ingredients here - impossibly gorgeous women, alpha males, hot s*x, immortality and eternal love - but I think there's enough originality to warrant the purchase price. If like me you're tired of the same old same old, you should give this a try. I don't think you'll be disappointed.
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on 2 May 2013
This is Lucien & Anya's story which has been re-issued. I believe it's book 3 of the series. Please pay attention before buying.
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on 1 May 2011
Okay, so I'm a sucker for books with hunky men on the front, and this one's maybe my favourite of the LORDS OF THE UNDERWORLD covers I've seen so far! The second in Showalter's series, this instalment focuses on Lucien, bonded with the demon of Death. He didn't feature all that highly in the first book but as the leader of the Budapest warriors, and the Lord with the gravest responsibilities - to retrieve souls from their dying bodies and escort them to the fires of Hell or the gates of Heaven - his story promised to be quite intriguing. Happily, Showalter didn't disappoint!

THE DARKEST KISS begins a few weeks after THE DARKEST NIGHT ended, with Maddox and Ashlyn happily curse-free and ensconced in the Budapest mansion, Aeron imprisoned in the dungeon battling his terrible bloodlust, and the tyranny of Cronus, the king of the Titans, looming large over the Greek-loyal immortal population. When Anya, minor goddess of Anarchy, erupts into their lives, Lucien's hard-won calm and inner strength begins to crumble as he finds himself falling in love - just as Cronus orders him to kill her. What does she have that Cronus wants so badly? Could she really reciprocate his feelings, despite his scarred face and the demands of his demon? And how on earth can he escape Cronus's threats without killing them both?

If I hadn't already bought four of the LORDS OF THE UNDERWORLD series, I might not have bothered reading on after THE DARKEST NIGHT. Happily for me, Showalter really ups her game in this second novel. Although the sexual tension was still all but decimated by the self-conscious and jarringly graphic language - a little subtlety would have gone a long way - I liked it much better than the first book. Where THE DARKEST NIGHT involved all of the Lords around the central Maddox-Ashlyn storyline, this novel focuses much more closely on Lucien and Anya, with only occasional forays into the activities of the other warriors. Where Maddox was all about testosterone and violence, and Ashlyn, as a human woman, seemed frail and insubstantial beside him, Lucien is a more complex and sympathetic character, and feisty Anya a compelling and worthy heroine. She gives as good as she gets, and provides an edge of grounded humour to what would otherwise have been a pretty dark storyline. All in all, definitely worth a read - if you liked THE DARKEST NIGHT, read on, and if you weren't so keen, give this one a try before you dismiss the series altogether!
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As the immortal warrior responsible for opening dimOuniak (Pandora's box) and releasing the most vile demons imaginable into the mortal world, Lucien was cursed by the Greek Gods to become the Keeper of Death; killing indiscriminately for a hundred years or so before learning to control the demon forever bound inside him. Now ordered by Cronus, the leader of the Titans who have recently usurped the Greek Gods, to kill a minor goddess; he and his demon instead find themselves falling in love with their ideal woman.

Anya (aka Anarchy who appears in book one "The Darkest Night") looks like an angel and can smile sweetly whilst slitting a man's throat (both aspects appeal deeply to Lucien and Death). Yet if he fails to kill her, the other Lords of the Underworld face the powerful wrath of Cronus. They also face further threats from the Hunters; an organisation determined to destroy them and their demons, whilst a race is on to find four ancient artefacts scattered in South Africa, the Artic, the US and Egypt; powerful items that will lead to the location of Pandora's box.

The second book in this series is as phenomenal as the first. Anya lies, swears, steals and thoroughly enjoys killing her enemies throughout "The Darkest Kiss" (thankfully she's over her pyromania phase); she's also somewhat in denial over her feelings for Lucien (deeply afraid of commitment due to a curse placed on her by the Goddess of Justice) yet she's willing to give up her only bargaining chip to save his life. What a gal! Apart, she and Lucien are great characters, together they positively set the pages of this book on fire; be it their sword fights, verbal sparring or their more intimate encounters. From the moment they physically meet sparks fly; however both harbour secrets and deep hurts. Whilst the horribly scarred Lucien cannot believe Anya actually finds him attractive; Anya is dismayed Lucien believes her to have followed in her mother's footsteps; the Goddess of Lawlessness having a certain loose reputation amongst the Gods.

The other Lords of the Underworld feature significantly in "The Darkest Kiss"; something monumental happens to Paris (Promiscuity), Aeron (Wrath) escapes his imprisonment to hunt down four innocent women, whilst Reyes (Pain) frantically gives chase in the hopes of saving the life of one of them. Although the third book in this series "The Darkest Pleasure" is due for release next month, four weeks is far too long a wait and I'm left horrified :) to learn book four will not be released until Nov 09.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 7 January 2010
I found this, the second book of the series, equalling as addivtive as the first (The Darkest Night).

Lucien and Anya seemed destined to kill one another as he has been ordered to kill her by the Gods and she, being a (minor)Goddess herself is more than a match for him.

I found their will they, wont they relationship, steamy encouters, constant bickering, physical exertions, exciting, endearing, humorous and utterly delightful.

Lucien is hot and hungry for her and mean and moody to everyone else and Anya is just one big tease with a weakness for a certain Lord of the Underworld who just happens to share his body and mind with Death.

The pages just kept turning as I had to know what was going top happen next and how they would ever get through this seemingly inescapable predicament.

Great sotry that also keeps us up to date with the rest of the Lords and their problems too.

Already started on The Darkest Pleasure....
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on 2 July 2011
Better than the first. Anya is a blast! I love all the nicknames she gives to Lucien. Calling him "Lucy" and "Flowers" being my two favourites!

These books are incredibly easy to read. They are definitely more about the love story of the star couple than a plot driven piece, but there is an interesting background story happening that's just enough to keep you going.

We saw scenes from the POV of two other warriors in this book, Reyes, keeper of Pain and Paris, keeper of Promiscuity, so their stories have me intrigued now too after the little sneak peek we got of happenings in this book. I believe Reyes' story is next and am looking forward to it.
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