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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 11 March 2014
The core of this book is the reappearance of Adam's ex-wife Christy as a damsel in distress triggering his protective instinct and creating havoc in the lives of Mercy, her family, and the pack. Everyone knows someone like Christy - her ability to play the victim and to belittle and blame other people is breathtaking but very realistic and hugely funny as Mercy does her best not to lose her temper or otherwise react. Christy really is in trouble and by fleeing to the pack for help (and also to try to get Adam back) she brings danger with her without the capacity to deal with it. The search for Christy's stalker and his revealed identity represents the real danger in the werewolf world and contrasts well with Christy's nonsense.

The joy of getting to this volume in the series is that the author doesn't just tell the same story over and over again but she has actually developed her characters through their experiences in previous volumes and we see that in the way that they react to each other and the events of this book. This means that it is probably best if you have read some or all of the previous books as you will understand many of the nuances better than if this is your first exposure to the series. I have read all the previous books and the Alpha/Omega series too and it really added to my enjoyment of this book as there are fleeting references to all sorts of previous events which add real depth to the story (there is also a delightful passing reference to Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden novels which nearly made me laugh out loud).

The core of the book is Christy's return, the effect that it has on Mercy's relationships with the pack, and the problems that she brings with her. The author creates a fascinating adversary for Mercy in a god from the Canary Islands. There are other sub-plots too which are neatly interwoven with the main story and which leave lots of new story lines to be explored (hopefully) in future volumes; these include a fellow walker for Mercy to get to know, an unexpected discovery about Stefan the vampire, trouble for Tad with the fae, a secret government agency which has nefarious designs on werewolves, a new submissive werewolf for the pack with his secrets, a new member of the pack who is not a werewolf, and a difficulty with the ownership of the magic walking stick. I am really looking forward to seeing what the author does in the future with some of this material.

The book is told all the way through in the first person from Mercy's point of view and is full of her wry observations about other people and her sarcastic wit. There are some very funny moments, some very scary ones, and some tender scenes. In all, this is a captivating read - I was gripped all the way through up to the very sudden, but effective, ending. It is going to be very difficult to wait for the next installment.
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on 11 March 2014
Briggs writing draws me in so easily. I ended up reading this book in one sitting.

Night Broken is #8 in the Mercy Thompson series of urban fantasy novels. If you have read the previous seven books then the main characters need no introduction. If you haven't read them I highly recommend you go read the first book in the series, Moon Called, as Night Broken is not really a stand alone novel.

Night Broken is about Mercy's 'ex-wife in-law' Christy calling and saying she fell for a guy who's now stalking her and killing people, basically, she needs help. Mercy offers the woman sanctuary at her and Adam's home.

Whilst dealing with the manipulative ex living in her home is going on in the background we have Mercy trying to deal with Christy's homicidal stalker, an investigation into the local brutal murders plus a personal request from a powerful fae.

I enjoyed the story and the action, which as usual was excellent, but I felt Night Broken was more focused on relationships. Not only the romantic ones but all relationships between several characters in this series. I normally tend to get frustrated with romantic writings within urban fantasy. However, I found the small tender moments between Adam and Mercy to be some of the highlights of the book.

The ending felt slightly abrupt to me I had to check a couple of times to see if I had missed a few pages or an epilogue. The main story was wrapped up but there were many sub-plots left open which I am sure will be investigated later.

Overall, an essential read for all fans of Mercy Thompson.
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on 14 March 2014
Patricia Briggs is on top form with this new instalment in the Mercy Thompson series. Crisp, flowing delivery. Intriguing story arc, bringing in just enough back story to help existing fans pick up the threads, existing characters developed and introducing a couple of new characters.

I love the way these tales centre around the shape changer world yet give quality page time to the wider supernatural world: vampires, witches, fae and even those pesky humans.

I also love the perfect balance, for me, Ms Briggs has when writing sex scenes. No graphics, no Mills & Boon, just enough to fuel the imagination.

The whole series is excellent stuff.
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on 20 March 2015
This series is really waxing and waning for me with the last few books. I disliked River Marked but I really liked Frost Burned and this one was very "meh" for me. I have no desire to pay hardback prices for this series so I even waited a year before I read this.

My main problem with this book was how overdone the "Christy-is-a-bad-person" thing was. I mean, I understand that Christy is a bit of a bitch and I was well prepared to hate her. I just felt the whole thing could have been a bit more subtly, it was too in your face with the reasons why she was a bad guy and it bothered me.

Tad gets some good book time in this and we see a show of his powers as he helps Mercy out of a somewhat sticky situation.

I will continue with this series so I can see what happens next but I'll probably never be in a hurry to buy the books again.
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on 2 August 2014
I simply love Mercy and Adam! This book had so many twists and turn and gave both Mercy and Adam and their relationship new depth. Adam's Ex comes to town pleading for help, and even knowing she is going to cause problems Mercy allows her to stay with them. She is such a cow! Mercy's little pay backs are just brilliant. I can't wait for the next book, they just keep getting better and better.
If I had anything negative to feed back it would be the price. I try hard not to pay more than about £5 for any book, but this was released at £7.99; I waited and waited and it eventually came down to £6.99. But how can the big publishing houses justify charging so much for a digital book? There are no printing costs, no paper costs, no distribution costs, no shipping costs but they are still charging the same amount for an electronic version. I do feel this is just a way of ripping their readers off. Love Patricia, but I wish I could afford to read her books new.
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on 16 November 2014
Ms PB you should put the scene of Adam and coyote meeting at the hospital in. Also a scene showing how serious M was hurt. It'd make more sense all around. This ending just made it seem as if she wasn't seriously hurt and people not caring much.

Having read the Adam Coyote scene before this book I know this ending wasn't true and felt the lack of emotional connection to the seriousness of the situation. Otherwise this book was awesome.

Btw seriously there should have been a scene of M putting C in her place as well as the pack in theirs. They got away with dissing M too much and really that shouldn't happen.

A point should have been made. And new understanding cemented - that M can be a lot of things except a door mat for verbal abuse ... cos as this book currently stand I'm walking away having read it thinking all the verbal abuse, dissing and crap M got is small change cos nothing was done to address them. And that should never be true. Any abuse should be stopped in its track no matter if understandable or not.
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on 10 February 2015
I have read all the Mercy Thompson novels - and more times than once! I am not a qualified literary critic but I have written my fair share of fiction since learning my alphabet and how to hold a pencil. While the plot itself was interesting, and I love the character of Coyote (and Gary!) I was so disappointed with the quality of this novel...

Mercy and Adam often act very out of character, and many of the story elements are touched on with no depth of explanation. Dialogue is dumped in without anchorage, and the number of times an old event is baldly mentioned AS THOUGH DOING A 'previously on Mercy Thompson...' SEGMENT is highly irritating - this is the 8th title in a series, most readers have read all the others, stop treating us like we can't remember a significant detail for more than a few chapters!!
Early on (like chapter 5 or so...) I was so disillusioned with the writing, that I would have stopped reading - if I wasn't hoping for it to get better, or at least be worth continuing for the plotline itself. And, like Frostbitten 'vs' Moon Called, I felt like the Mercy getting badly injured conclusion was just a poorly hidden reusing of a previous plot! I know there are only so many stories to tell but this seemed lazy...

I shall not be buying any more of this series - I shall continue to reread the previous novels and enjoy them. The universe Briggs has created is fascinating and VAST, but I feel like she has reached the end of Mercy's story. Maybe she should look at another character for future titles...
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on 1 April 2014
Poor Mercy is beset from all sides. Adam's ex is back and insinuating herself into the affections of the Pack, manipulating emotions and winning friends through great cooking and being feeble; Said ex has an evil stalker who is mysteriously hard to track down; The Fae want their walking stick back - tough as Coyote has it; horrible Wulf the vampire has information but his price is WAY too high; and Mercy can't even let off steam by baking as her kitchen has been invaded by the manipulative ex-wife.

This was a particularly well-rounded book from Patricia Briggs. Not only did the plot keep me engaged throughout, but Christie's machinations in the Pack are a great framework for developing a picture of how the Pack works in daily life and how Adam and Mercy work together and parent Jesse. There is another fully-developed monster in the picture, and we find out more about how Coyote works. Altogether an excellent read.
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on 10 April 2014
I made it clear that the last novel left me feeling a bit let down, but this one turned out to be a great deal better in my opinion. Mercy is living her life normally (or as normal as it gets for this girl) and everything seems fine. Then suddenly its back to square one and she's inundated with drama stemming not only from the fae and your usual run down of supernaturals, but from her fathers side of the family and from Adams ex wife. I think it was the introduction of Adam's ex and the fun and games that resulted from that lightened the story enough that the other elements didn't completely drown out the softer things. In short, i thoroughly enjoyed it and find myself waiting anxiously for the next.

If this is a new series to you, please be aware this is the latest in the series and reading it out of sequence will probably leave you scratching your head.
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on 9 April 2016
Love this series. I think this book is better than River Marked but not as good as Frost Burned. The ex-wife story thread was quite good and having the pack around this time was good. I am getting a bit fed up with the women's attitude to Mercy, especially as she saved their hides in the last book. The quality of the writing is as usual excellent. However, I think Mercy needs a break in the next episode, she is taking a lot of punishment for a mostly human.
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