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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 6 February 2009
The fourth book in the Mercy Thompson series, which starts with MOON CALLED, BLOOD BOUND and IRON KISSED, BONE CROSSED starts about a week after the events in Iron Kissed left off.

Mercy Thompson, a shape-shifting mechanic in the Tri-Cities, is still recovering from the abuse she experienced at the hands of Tim in the previous book. Although she has finally chosed between Samuel and Adam, the two Alpha wolves who were both after her heart, her frequent panic attacks and understandable reluctance to get intimate with anyone is the next obstacle that Adam and Mercy have to overcome.

The book opens with Mercy's vampire friend, Stephan, being dumped at her trailer as a dried out husk that is near death. The queen of the vampires has found out about Mercy's part in the death of one of her fabvourite generals, and now she's after her. Mercy now needs to try and outwit the entire vampire hoard of the tri-cities, without drawing Adam and the pack into trouble as well.

I liked how honest Mercy is about her issues; her panic attacks make for some very sympathetic reading, as she tries to recover from the rape in the previous book, and some of the more emotionally detailed sections of the book brought me to tears. I also have a huge amount of respect for Adam and how he deals with it; makes him all the more attractive, if that's even possible!

All in all a very welcome addition to the series, and I will be interested to see where Briggs takes Mercy in the next book. Anyone who enjoyed the previous three in the series will definately enjoy BONE CROSSED; however, even though I've given it 5 stars (which it deserves), I think perhaps I enjoyed IRON KISSED more.
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"My soul was a lot more battered than my body, but I couldn't see it in the mirror. Hopefully nobody else could either."

Patricia Briggs put her werecoyote heroine Mercy Thompson through the grinder in the past, complete with a brutal rape. "Bone Crossed" has Mercy dealing with a slew of new personal problems -- plus some very nasty vampire politics. It's a pretty busy story, but Briggs juggles the subplots -- and Mercy's internal troubles -- with unusual deftness.

A week after Tim's death, Mercy and Adam are trying to hash out the whole Alpha-mate situation, when a couple of unexpected guests arrive -- her mother, and a tortured, starved Stefan. Mercy destroyed Marsilia's right-hand man Andre, and the vampire has retaliated by almost killing Stefan and by roundabout attacks at the wolf pack (including a crazed snow elf).

To make matters worse, Mercy investigates a haunting at her old college buddy Amber's house... and discovers that the freakishly powerful vampire called the Monster is manipulating Amber. Stefan decides to take some drastic action to protect Mercy from other vampires... but it may not be enough to keep her safe from her new enemy.

Patricia Briggs has always had a knack for giving a unique spin to the staples of a genre, and fortunately "Bone Crossed" shows no diminishing of that. Instead, Briggs ties a bunch of subplots into a complicated knot, and slowly unravels it as Mercy discovers the answers to all the various mysteries. All through it, she continues to juggle the subplots without dropping them.

And Briggs' smooth, detailed style is well-suited to Mercy's world, which is described with mellow humor. Lots of chilling moments (including a claustrophobic climax with Blackwood), but also some warmer moments with Adam and Stefan. And she never lets a tense plot get in the way of some tongue-in-cheek humour ("what kind of stupid person puts white carpet in a house frequented by werewolves?").

Having dropped a big trauma on Mercy, Briggs also devotes some time to exploring how this has affected her heroine -- panic attacks, unease with touch, and the new way people regard her. But fortunately Merry never becomes an emo victim, nor does she just "get over it" out of sheer determination. She works on this gradually, and Briggs does it with utmost sensitivity.

Adam serves as the rock to cling to, since he is trying to support and heal Mercy in her time of need, although he goes overboard on the protectiveness early on. And poor abused Stefan goes through the wringer both physically and mentally -- although he has some lighter moments, such as debating the merits of Scooby-Doo vs. Dragonball Z with a deaf boy.

"Bone Crossed" is a pretty brilliant urban-fantasy/mystery, with plenty of chills, humour and a likably down-to-earth heroine. Patricia Briggs does it right.
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on 11 August 2009
Mercedes Thompson, mechanic and shapeshifter, lives in a world where the fae were forced to come out to the human population due to the advances in technology: making the secret nature of their species no longer possible. Thus the Gray Lords (the enigmatic leaders of the fae) decided it was time to come out to the humans -- along with the werewolves who revealed their existence recently. Vampires however, remain hidden in shadow fearing what would happen if their existence was discovered.

'Bone Crossed' continues the plotlines expounded in 'Blood Bound' with Stefan, Marsilia, and the vampire seethe. Having murdered Andre and received Stefan's protection in covering it up to keep her safe -- Mercy has nevertheless been waiting for the fallout that would occur when Marsilia (the Mistress of the vampires) finds out about the killing. After all, Stefan can't protect her forever. She's safe until Stefan lands (quite literally) in the middle of her living room a tortured shell of the vampire he once was, and informs her that the Mistress knows. Now she is after a little creative retribution. Some that will not start a war with the werewolves. The other arcs in 'Bone Crossed' is Mercy's continuing relationship with Adam, alpha of the local werewolf pack, and the consequences of the sexual assault from the prior book. There's also the arc tied up in the vampire one of the ghosts in Spokane.

This book was a little patchy. There were a lot of things going on and perhaps, not quite enough space to develop them all sufficiently. The start of the story was incredibly slow and the actual meat of the plot did not get moving until many pages into the book -- what was worse, was that I just wasn't very interested in the Spokane-ghost plotline. There was very little tension and it just wasn't exciting.

The first part of the book was more concerned with character issues and the immediate aftermath of 'Iron Kissed'. I didn't mind. I enjoyed it all, but it did lack the exceptionally graceful pacing of the other novels. I did think there was perhaps a little too much time spent on Adam and Mercy's romantic relationship; I did find that well written, but less is more when it comes to romance. Also, the question of Stefan's feelings for Mercy which are shown strongly throughout 'Bone Crossed' but are left without much development. We still don't know why he's in love with her, and why he holds her higher in his affections than his sheep even. Hopefully Briggs is just leaving this for another book... it does need better clarification. The fact that it was brought up again in the final scene tells me it will be an important point in future novels. At any rate I think that to a man like Stefan, he sees it as a noble thing to love Mercy from afar.

That said, I did enjoy much of this book. There was a lot to like. It was great having Adam and Mercy happy together, Samuel with more of a sense of humour, and it was great having Stefan back. I liked learning more about the vampires and Stefan as a character. His friendship with Mercy is interesting; it's oddly loving and intimate in an old-fashioned reserved way. We didn't see much of Warren, Kyle, Honey, Ben, or even Samuel for that matter (although I hear the next book will focus on Sam, yay!). Mercy's relationship with the little deaf boy Chad was one of best things about the book, and the funny discussions about Superheroes.

Overall, a nice outing, but lacking the quality and tension of the previous volumes.
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on 26 May 2015
I struggled to follow the vampire politics in this book, and yet it was still an incredible read. I have previously read this series and its companion one through my local library and am now purchasing them in Kindle form when I have the funds. The wait between this book and the last (1 week) was still excruciating though and I am finding it incredibly difficult to remain patient between books.
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on 8 May 2014
I bought these early books in the series in pre-kindle days but wanted to have them on my kindle so re bought them. they're a reasonable price. I've lots of books i'd love to have on kindle, i hope the US scheme to let readers but kindle versions at discount comes to UK!! Please Amazon :-) These are all really well writtne novels, full of action and advnture, characters that feel real, danger that feels genuine and capped off with the romnce between Adam and Marcy running through all the books. Definatley one for keepers and re reading - and i've just gone through the whole sereis again, along with the Aspen Creek spinoffs.
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on 8 July 2011
I think this may be my least favourite of the series. I'm not sure why, I think it's that the story is not as exciting as previous books. Although it's fun to see Mercy and Adam's relationship progressing, especially as I'm reading it with new eyes.

I like that Stefan was in this book a bit more, and the changes in his and Mercy's relationship are interesting to say the least. And we also meet Mercy's mother properly, I like her. She's feisty!
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on 15 July 2009
Bone Crossed pick up exactly where Iron Kissed left off, and it's not long before Mercy is neck deep in trouble again. Her vampire friend, Stefan is in trouble and it's up to Mercy, and the local werewolf pack by association, to help him. But Mercy's own life is in greater danger from those that would see Stefan harmed. Adam, local alpha wolf, is doing everything he can to protect her, but it's not easy.

When Mercy's old college roommate shows up on her doorstep asking her for help with a problem ghost, it seems like the perfect excuse to get Mercy out of town for a little while. Away from Adam's protection, and Marsilia's deadly reach, Mercy must deal with her problems alone. Her problems, and those of Amanda the college roommate, are much bigger than it first appears though and soon Mercy finds herself running again, relying on Stefan and Adam's power to keep her alive.

As well as all the new problems, the lasting affects of Iron Kissed are carefully wrapped in. Handled with empathy, but without shying away, shows Ms. Briggs' talent and Mercy's strength. And the depth of several secondary characters too.

I thoroughly enjoyed Bone Crossed. The darkness that Mercy faced and the lighter moments added in just the right moments adding depth to the overall picture. A fantastic series and I'm looking forward to reading the next in the series when it's out.
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VINE VOICEon 7 April 2009
This is the third book in the Mercy Thompson series and it's pretty damn good. The only down side is sometimes it was a little choppy, tiny things happened that i couldn't quite place or keep up with! There's much less of Samuel (Oh no!) but there is a lot more of Adam (whew) so hot werewolves are still very very present (thank god!) Earlier in the series, Mercy seriously miffed the leader of the local vampire Seethe, Marcilla, by killing one of her vamps. Not good. After the last book in which she saved her friend and sometimes-boss Zee and suffered a terrible attack by a psycotic fae-hater, Mercy finds that along with a new death-threat she also has to contend with overly sympathetic friends, a worried mother, an alpha boyfriend, aggresive snow elves in the local bar, a crispy-looking best friend and panic attacks left-right-and-center. Poor Mercy!

It just wasn't long enough! I want more!!! If you loved the first three you'll love the next installment. If you haven't read the first three what are you waiting for? I suggest you do!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 13 September 2015
Not only is Mercy still trying to come to terms to what happened to her in book 3 "Iron Kissed", she has now been targeted by vampire mistress Marsilia who has learned Mercy is responsible for the deaths of a couple of her powerful vampires. Mercy's vampiric ally Stefan has been severely punished, whilst alpha werewolf Adam is prepared to engage in a supernatural war to keep Mercy safe.

This remains a fabulous urban fantasy series with plenty of action surrounding an intriguing and feisty leading lady. Mercy decamps out of area to escape the clutches of the local vampires, and in doing so grabs the attention of an even more powerful enemy that unwittingly reveals more of the powers Mercy can wield as a Walker. Yep it turns out she can do plenty more than shape shift into a coyote and talk to ghosts. 4½ stars
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on 29 August 2015
What I am liking about this series is that is not quite as formulaic as I was expecting. Having a good formula is not a bad thing but I am enjoying the twists and growing back story. I read this because audible only has the first two stories. The narrator is great on the audio version Andie decided to reAd the next one via kindle. Get the whole series on audible Amazon but in the meantime I shall continue this series via kindle.
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