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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Blood Bound: Mercy Thompson, book 2
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 31 March 2017
I really like this series of novels about Mercy Thompson a car mechanic who is also a shapeshifting coyote. She was brought up by werewolves and lives near to them and has become involved with the local vampire community. She is fiercely, but not stupidly, independent and incredibly loyal. She is an excellent urban fantasy heroine and all the novels are well plotted, full of action and often thought provoking.

In this story Mercy is asked to help Stefan the vampire and becomes embroiled in what is happening in the local vampire community. The author is clear about how evil the vampires are and what they have to do to maintain their existence. She is good too at outlining their mind games and manipulations. As Mercy becomes more and more involved the werewolves are dragged into the mess as well and Mercy has to face up to the attraction she feels for both the leader of the local werewolf pack and a visitor from out of town.

The author is good at conveying Mercy's character and gives her some great lines whilst staying well on the right side of rude (some other heroines in the genre are not so fortunate). The politics is well done and the author really shows us evil and also the compromises that people make with evil. The book is an easy and quick read with plenty of action but it has a lot to say about evil and tolerance in a truly entertaining way.

I suggest that you read this as a second in the series as it is easier to grasp all teh characters after reading the first book. You will then be delighted to know that there are more to enjoy !
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 8 May 2014
I bought these early books in the series in pre-kindle days but wanted to have them on my kindle so re bought them. they're a reasonable price. I've lots of books i'd love to have on kindle, i hope the US scheme to let readers but kindle versions at discount comes to UK!! Please Amazon :-) These are all really well writtne novels, full of action and advnture, characters that feel real, danger that feels genuine and capped off with the romnce between Adam and Marcy running through all the books. Definatley one for keepers and re reading - and i've just gone through the whole sereis again, along with the Aspen Creek spinoffs.
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on 7 February 2007
I loved "Moon Called" by Patricia Briggs, her first werewolf/vampire book (she has also written several fantasies). The VW mechanic Mercy Thompson, a coyote walker, who lives next door to a werewolf and mends a vampire's bus, is a great central character - full of energy. "Moon Called" focused mostly on the werewolves including their Alpha, Adam Hauptman, and a lone wolf who was formerly Mercy's boyfriend, Dr Samuel Cornick.

The events in "Blood Bound" take place about six months after the end of "Moon Called". This book focuses more on the vampires, particularly Stefan but also including the Mistress, Marsilia, and several other vampires. The book starts with Mercy and Stefan going to investigate a strange scene and discovering that there is a vampire sorcerer on the loose who has powers enough to cause problems for Stefan, a very strong vampire.

Most of the rest of the book involves the vampires, werewolves and Mercy trying to find the Sorcerer and stop him. But of course things are always more complex than they seem and it's possible that some of those apparently trying to stop the sorcerer may instead be in league with him. In this story Mercy takes a more central role in the heroic endeavours, her abilities as a walker giving her a few extra tools to help her in her search. I liked the way that she faces up to the reality of the vampire and werewolf situations - she knows that the vampires are evil, even Stefan who she likes, and that the werewolves are dangerous. She also finds herself involved in killing and suffers with the knowledge of that, and that others kill people to keep her safe.

There are moments of humour in this book, particularly in the relationships between Mercy, Adam, Samuel and to some extent Stefan. The writing is excellent as always, fast-paced and descriptive with minor characters, such as the other werewolves, well drawn. Some reviewers on Amazon have said they are disappointed that Mercy's love life isn't more clear-cut in this book - she has Adam and Samuel to choose from and another suitor appears by the end of this book. Her romantic situation is left open - hopefully for another instalment in this series! - but I know which of the three I want her to end up with.

In summary, this is an excellent book that has a different take than many on the vampire and werewolf myths, is an interesting story as well as a slight "whodunit" plot and has some great characters. It helps to have read "Moon Called" but isn't necessarily vital but the pair of books together make for some really great reading.
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on 17 February 2007
Blood bound is the second novel in the Mercy Thompson series. It sizzles right from the first page and keeps the pace all the way to the end.

Stefan is calling in his favour that Mercy owes. It sounds simple; accompany him as a witness when he is meeting with a new vampire in town who is set on causing chaos. But of course nothing is that strait forward in Mercy's life, as she becomes embroiled in the vampire world where she is both weak and strong.

She has many allies at her side including Alpha Werewolf Adam, Samuel, her teenage love, newly arrived back on the scene, and the vampires - who all seem to have their own agendas. Who can she trust and who will make things worse for all of them?

Mercy learns more about herself in this book, while fighting vampires and trying to stop Adam and Samuel fighting each other for her. They both want to claim her for their mate, but seem to forget she has a say in the matter - not that she knows which she would choose - even if they did ask her!

There are a few minor plot lines that appear to go nowhere, but we may see their importance in the next book!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 13 February 2007
At the end of Moon Called (first book in the series), Mercy Thompson the shapeshifting mechanic, owed the local vampires a favour, and in Blood Bound they want paying back. A visiting vampire is causing problems and Stefan, (Mercy's vampire friend) wants her help whilst he tries to sort it out.

In my opinion Blood Bound is a much more tightly written story than Moon Called. We already know about the relationships, pack-conflicts and back story, so here we are able to get stuck in to the meat of the story straight away. Although I do think it's possible to read Blood Bound as a standalone, it would be much better to read Moon Called first so you've got all this rich background information in your head.

The relationships within the werewolf pack continue to evolve and I think this is far and away my favourite part of the story. Each werewolf is such an individual character and to see how they are located within the hierarchy and how they struggle or accept that, gives the story a depth it might not otherwise have had. In Blood Bound this pack structure is held in direct comparison with the more clinical vampire society, which makes for fascinating reading.

If I had a concern at all, it would be as mentioned in the other review. Mercy picks up another admirer and I think this has the potential to take away from the tension in her relationship with the two werewolves already vying for her attention.

Blood Bound is resolved very nicely, but there are enough plot threads left dangling to leave me desperately looking forward to the next book in the series - especially the new werewolf who only appears off-page here.

There will be a short story set in Mercy's world in the On the Prowl anthology released in August 2007.
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on 9 July 2009
Blood Bound is the fantastic follow up to Moon Called. I liked this a lot more than Moon Called. The plot felt tighter and there were fewer secondary characters to keep straight, and those there were, felt much more solid to me. Several of the characters had been met in Moon Called, but we're given a lot more on them here. Wolves and Vampires alike.

And we're not the only ones learning more. Mercy is learning a lot too. She knows a lot about werewolves having been raised by them, but she's discovering that she has never been told the whole deal. And other than knowing vampires = evil, she doesn't really know anything about them when she's called in to help her friend Stefan, that quickly changes and she learns more about what she is as a walker in the process.

Mercy is very good at finding herself in bad situations, and her curiosity and determination to do the right thing brings her close to being killed on many occasions. But she does have back up in the form of dominant wolf room mate Samuel, and local Alpha (and neighbour) Adam. Both of whom are equally interested in having a different relationship with Mercy to what they have. And Mercy is determined she's not going to lose her independence to a dominant wolf by becoming the mate of either of them. Doesn't stop the romance from growing though.

The bad guy in this book is seriously scary. And had me squirming as I read certain sections, something that almost never happens. Ms. Briggs doesn't shy away from the rough stuff. There were several twists that caught me completely by surprise. There are a few lighter moments that stop the book from being to dark and nasty. And the romance is nicely handled. There isn't a whole lot of it, and what there is, fits in very nicely to the story. It's a good ongoing subplot that doesn't take any time away from the main story.

Left me wanting a whole lot more of Mercy's story.
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on 15 July 2017
mercy thompson once again ties all who would order her around in knots , but she cannot fight against herself and her growing attraction to the alpha next door. Neither can she fight her affection for her former boyfriend. What is going to happen in the future?
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on 18 January 2014
I enjoyed this second instalment of the Mercy Thompson Series. Mercy is still wonderfully independent and I like her tendency to purposefully rile the big bads up. She does seem to be establishing a bit of a harem though. Not sure how I feel about that, but I look forward to seeing where this series goes.
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on 7 August 2009
Mercedes Thompson, mechanic and shapeshifter, lives in a world where the fae were forced to come out to the human population due to the advances in technology: making the secret nature of their species no longer possible. Thus the Gray Lords (the enigmatic leaders of the fae) decided it was time to come out to the humans -- along with the werewolves who revealed their existence recently. Vampires however, remain hidden in shadow fearing what would happen if their existence was discovered.

In Blood Bound Mercy finds herself woken at 3am by a vampire calling in a favour; the vampire in question being her Scooby-doo obsessed friend Stefan. He has to deliver a message to a fellow undead and needs a witness that won't be noticed -- Mercy's shapeshifting abilities make her the perfect candidate. Since Mercy owes Stefan a favour (a la the last book) she has to drag herself out of bed to fulfil his request. Unfortunately, the assignment turns into a bloodbath and Mercy attracts the attention of not just a powerful vampire, but the even more powerful demon possessing him. Whoops!

This book was fantastic. I read it fast (well under two days) because I found it hard to put down -- which is rare for me, unless I happen to particularly love a series. I struggled with the first book a little but found any growing pains to have dissipated in Blood Bound which was a tightly written, funny, well paced mystery. This is exactly what modern urban fantasy should be like; it's so nice to read something with complex characters with an intelligent and compelling plot.

As well as the usual supernatural issues Mercy is stressing out about her love life. She handles it very maturely in my opinion, and it looks as if things have gotten even more complicated (if that were possible) with the revelation that her friendly neighbourhood vampire Stefan has feelings for her too. At this point Adam or Stefan would be a good match for Mercy since they both seem to understand her, although they both have issues -- Alpha stuff and the whole vampire thing! I have to say I do lean more towards Stefan, if only because it was surprising (I like to be surprised when it comes to love interests!) and who can resist a vampire who loves Buffy and Scooby-doo? No one, that's who. I like Samuel but not as a love interest. He's very interesting to me and reminds me somewhat of Bill from the Sookie Stackhouse books: in that he's very serious and intense and old fashioned.

We learn a little bit more about how the vampires operate in this book, and see more of the fae. The world building is one of my favourite things about this series; I can't wait to see more of it as the world expands in future novels. The vampire-socerer-demon was a refreshing idea and I enjoyed the plot immensely. Mercy impressed me with her narrative voice and her interactions with the other characters were subtle and multi-layered. Overall, a fantastic book.
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on 29 March 2007
Mercedes Thompson, car mechanic in the Tri-Cities and a Walker, is woken up at an ungodly hour of the morning by a phone call; her vampire friend, Stefan, is in need of a favour. Since Mercy just happens to owe him one, she has to agree. Stefan needs her to be his partner while he oversees to some vampire matters. Simple right? Wrong. It seems there is an unknown vampire running amok in the Tri-Cities... one that has a terrific power and loves to leave his trail full of corpses. While the werewolves and the vampires are on the case, Mercy soon realizes that she is the most qualified person to find and neutralize this threat.

The sequel to 'Moon Called', this novel focuses more on vampires. While Ms Briggs fails yet again to bring something new into the characterization of the vampires, this second book has a more well developed plot and a few complex characters. Mercedes grows a lot as a character in 'Blood Bound' by discovering some new abilities just as the reader does. The story is interesting and the mystery is more complex. Overall, it's an entertaining read and you can see that it is also the start of something for Mercy, who seems to be a lot more than meets the eye.

This book is a step up from the first one. I can't wait for the third novel! :D
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