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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 23 July 2010
This is the 11th book in The Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong. Overall I love this series and it's one of my favourites, but I don't love every narrator. This is the first book told by Savannah and I was looking forward to it. She first appeared in book #2, Stolen, as a 12 or 13 year old witch who's mom had just been murdered. Since then she's appeared on and off as a side character, but now at 21 she's getting her first book. She's always been sassy, smart, determined and just a little dangerous, and I've always liked her, even when she was being a brat. So I figured there was a good chance I'd enjoy her story and I was looking forward to getting to know her better. Turns out, I really love her. This is one of the best Otherworld books of the series to date. For me, it's second only to book #1 Bitten, and possible book #10 Frostbitten, both told by my favourite narrator, Elena.

Savannah's story sucked me in right from the start. She's still the sassy, smart girl she's always been, and hungry to prove herself. Now she wants to take on a case solo and with Paige and Lucas (the people who raised her after her mother's death and also her bosses) on vacation and her associate (and long time crush) Adam away at a conference, now seems like the prefect time. In steps Jesse, a young PI who's worked with Lucas before, and is now looking for some help on a triple homicide case with apparent ritualistic aspects of the supernatural variety. Savannah jumps at the chance and heads to small town Columbus to see if she can solve the case. But it doesn't take long before she's making enemies and with a distinct supernatural possibility Savannah soon realises she may be next on the killers hit list.

All those traits that made her a loud mouth some times bratty kid, she uses to great advantage to work the people she needs information from. She can be brutally honest, but she's also happy to spin some pretty big tales when required. Savannah is a girl who hates to be seen as weak or vulnerable, she won't let it happen, but that doesn't mean she doesn't get scared. And it doesn't mean she doesn't have a softer side, something we've rarely seen until now. I loved getting deeper in to her head and figuring out how she works, how she thinks. She has to make some hard decisions and learns some tough lessons through this book which took their toll on her, maybe more so than we get to see here.

It was also fun getting to know Adam a little better through the eyes of someone who wants a lot more than friendship from him. But he's no the only guy who has Savannah's attention here. There is also Dallas Detective Michael Kennedy. He's the older brother of one of the victims and he arrives in Columbus at the same time as Savannah, hoping to solve the case as well. I loved the way they played off each other, particularly as Savannah's quite often shown great disregard for humans.

The story flows really well, mixing a little police procedural with witchcraft, and throws a few big shocks in along the way. I had a really hard time putting it down. Savannah is a great character to get to know, but like previous books, Kelley does a great job of creating secondary characters to love, or loathe, as well. Another plus point to this book is seeing Savannah's thoughts on some incidents that happened several books ago. She's played some big roles in the series before, despite this being the first book from her perspective, and learning how she's felt and dealt with some of those things adds something to it. There were some surprisingly intense and emotional moments in this book as well, and my heart went out to Savannah on more than one occasion. She's someone who uses a lot of her spunk to cover some pretty big issues at times, more so than I'd first have guessed.

This book has a few firsts for the series in it, but one of the most surprising ones is the ending. It was a great build up and left things completely hanging. None of the previous books have had a cliff hanger ending, but this one sure does! It's very well done and I love it as much as I hate it. The shock and surprise was felt and I'm gutted to have to wait til July next year for book #12, Spell Bound, which is also narrated (thankfully!) by Savannah.

I said it already, but I will repeat myself. This is one of the best Otherworld books to date. Kelley continues to weave great stories with great characters to keep this series fresh. With a series this long it's like settling down with an old friend for a catch up, but there is plenty of new things to keep it really interesting. If you're a fan of the Otherworld books, this is one not to be skipped! If you've yet to try them, I strongly recommend starting with book 1, Bitten, although it's not strictly needed. There is enough explanation given that you don't miss anything big with each new book, only small things, and it doesn't overload readers who've read all the previous books with repeated info. Just enough of a refresher of the most important aspects. A really great read, and I'm very excited for more books from Savannah's point of view.
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on 3 August 2010
Well well well, if you are a fan of this series this will not dissappoint. I realise that some reviewers have not been as pleased with this book, it lacks one of the usual elements that accompany this series. The relationship progression that normally occurs for the narrator, which in this case is Savannah - a character we met in the second book of the series "Stolen" she was 12 in that book and is now aged 21. Although, she seems older than her years due to a highly volatile, supernatural life! Savannah may have fine tuned her supernatural skills early in life but this novel sees her develop maturity on other levels. It's an awakening for her that she only realises her self as she progresses through the challenges set for her by insisting on going solo, for her first case.

This book is setting the scene for Savannah's relationships to build, and bearing in mind that she is only 21, I feel it was appropriate that this element was not expoloited. Savannah grows up in the pages of book 11, this was the more important focus.

Savannah is one of my favourite characters in this series, the cliff hanger definitely suggests there is more to come with her story as the focus. I am eagerly awaiting book 12!
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VINE VOICEon 10 June 2005
Haunted the 5th book by Kelley Armstrong holds up the excellence of all her previous books that she has written. Eve Levine is very funny and witty character and the book also reintroduces Kristof Nash and we get to see both characters in a more humane light. Apart from showing the relationship between these characters and getting to know them better the main story line of the Nix is going on and the book swaps at times to a short description of the Nix's history which give an invaluable insight into the thing that Eve will go up against. With a great and exciting climax at the end of the book this is a definite book for the collection and one you can read again and again.
All in all the book is very funny and easy to read, it has the right balance of characters and keeps the reader highly entertained as well as giving an insight into what the after life might be like. With memorable characters such as Jamie Vegas coming back it makes the book lively, entertaining and most definitely interesting.
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on 26 August 2010
I have read all Of Kelley Armstrong's books and have loved them all. Bar this one. The characters are not given any definition and I truely hate it when authors leave the books on a weak cliff hanger. It just seems a really cheap way to get you to buy the next book. The story was interesting but I spent the majority of the book waiting for "something" to happen, it never really got off the ground.
Savannah is supposed to be a kick ass witch with phenomenal power but again, this is never really explored or exploited.
Overall I just got the impression that this was written in a hurry with a deadline looming, it is much, much shorter than the other books and should, in my opinion, have been marketed as youth fiction. Given the success of her YF trilogy, which I also loved despite being many years away from youth!, this could have been so much better.
Exceptionally disappointing given the 10 previous outstanding successes. I will not be rushing to buy the next installment of this story.
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on 12 April 2007
I first started reading Kelley Armstrong when i got soooooo bored watching the same old stuff on MTV that I asked my Mam to lend me a book, she lent me 'Dime Store Magic' by Kelley Armstrong, and I thought let me read a chapter or two then I will get bored and put it down and continue to watch TV. HOW WRONG WAS I!! I couldnt put it down even when my favourite TV shows came on I continued to read so much i finished it in the same night, when I finished I was agonising to my Mam that I wanted more. Luckly enough She had 'Industrial Magic' which I started to read and again, finished quite quickly. I then found myself craving more like a addict, I would only think about reading more an I'd break out in cold sweat. I had to wait to read 'Haunted' which my sister had. I took my time reading this book bacause I didn't want to finish it at all. My point being that i have never read a book from a author like Kelley armstrong she is an absolute GOD SEND! (as is J.K Rowling! but thats the child in me!)

The way you feel when your reading is like you are right there next to the characters inside the book!! You are thrushed into this amazing world of witchcraft, werewolves, vampires, necromancers and god knows what! I had dreams about the book, so detailed it was like little movies in my head!

I felt that Paige, Savannah, Eve, Lucas and Jamie were my family, and felt for them when things didnt't go too well!! I was on the edge of my seat, I cried, swore!, Laughed In fact I went through every emotion in the books.

I am going to read the rest of the series started with 'Broken' tomorrow! I do hope that some major production company realise how amazing these books are that they make the series of the 'otherworld' books into films! I am hoping that by the time her new novel comes out 'No Humans Involved' that I would have finished the rest of the series and can be up-to-date with things!

After I finish the series of books I am going to read her novels that are online at [...] which are extras from these books!

So hopefully this review will make you want to read and hopefully you will become a fan just like I have! Believe my once you get bitten by the bug there ain't no cure!!
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on 11 October 2005
OMG! this is the best yet, of an already amazing series.
I love the character of Eve, a grey witch if ever there was one, and i totally loved the vision of how Heaven works. I can really picture it like that.
great characters, some old loved faces and some new, and one of the best 'baddies' the writer has come up with.
The general plot is that Eve has been dead for a few years but yearns to contact her daughter. But the dead arent meant to mix with the living, if the do all hell can break loose. Eve is sent on what seems like a wild goose chase after a particulary nasty female demon, we follow her and her's along teh rocky way.
Love, strife and the afterlife!!
Even if you have never read any of the others i'd still recomend it as each book can stand alone very well. Brilliant plot, fast pace with truly individual characters - total package!
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VINE VOICEon 26 June 2006
The story of Eve, Savannah's mother. To anyone not having read any of Kelley's books this is not a good place to start, I would recommend starting at the beginning with Bitten or at the very least with Dime Store Magic, anyways ...

The story weaves much the same way as the other books in the women of the otherworld characters. Eve is a witch, we also see the re-introduction of Kristoph Nash we also see the re-appearance of other characters like Jamie Vegas, and Jeremy head of the packk (although heappears very briefly). So Eve is dead, and we see her looking in on her daughter Savannah, Eve's job is to help th0ose higher in trapping the Nix, oif Eve does succeed she can leave this plane of existence but, at a price meaning she will be leaving Kristoph behind.

I did not enjoy this as much as the others, read it if you are reading the whole series, I did not warm to Eve as much as I did the other leading characters of her other books, that said this is still a good book, just don't expect the excitement and pace of the others.
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VINE VOICEon 27 November 2005
Kelley Armstrong is one of the freshest and most exciting writers to tackle the paranormal genre in a very long time. Haunted continues in the familiar pattern of the Women of the Otherworld series that fans have come to love. For first timers I would recommend that they start, if not with Bitten (technically the first in the series) or with Dime Store Magic, which introduces the majority of the secondary characters. Haunted can stand alone, but is infinitely less satisfying without this background knowledge of the characters.
Eve Devine, our narrator in this instalment is already dead, but don't let that put you off. Eve in life was a tremendously powerful witch who didn't mind dabbling in the black arts and bending the rules if it ensured her power and her young daughter Savannah's safety. In the afterlife Eve's priorities haven't changed she still looks in on Savannah and her legal guardians Lucas and Paige.
Eve is a complex character but a difficult narrator to warm to. Armstrong uses this novel to explore the ethereal worlds of the afterlife only hinted at in her other books. Eve needs to help the Higher Powers find and trap a demon called a Nix who preys on the weak minded alternately encouraging and justifying their darker impulses until they kill their victims. The Nix is dangerous because it can inhabit any corporeal form and Eve has been given the role of supernatural bounty hunter. If Eve survives the Nix she has the option of ascending to the higher plane of angels, but with this comes the price of leaving her fellow ghost and one time lover, Kristoph behind.
Confused yet? Haunted has some strong points namely the fun for long term readers of catching up with secondary cast like Jamie the necromancer, Lucas, Paige and Savannah. Unfortunately, Armstrong has painted herself into a corner in her urgency to focus on Eve- Eve cannot truly communicate with anyone but Jamie who makes her living contacting the dead. Secondly as Eve is already dead there is very little tension in the book after all what can hurt a ghost?
Weak points are the choice of narrator- Eve doesn't have Paige's warmth and moral fortitude; neither does she have Elena's dry wit and supernatural strength. I quickly became bored by the reliance on describing the supernatural realms and at times felt very confused by the spiritual rules for who could see Eve and how she could move between planes by thought alone. One of Armstrong's biggest skills is grounding the supernatural in a realistic urban setting, whereas this instalment felt bitty and I felt skipped around settings and time periods at the detriment of the plot.
Good things about the novel where concentrated in the last third of the book, where Eve has to protect Savannah from the Nix. I liked the chapters from the Nix's perspective and felt they were tense and interesting- I especially liked the sly inclusion of Lizzie Borden as one of the Nix's victims. Another high point was Eve having to interrogate one of the Nix's human partners- the only problem is that this very creepy serial killer is in a hell dimension- essentially a village of serial killers- that Eve must enter alone.
It pains me to say it but Haunted is overall a disappointment. I think this is one to buy if you are a hardcore fan, otherwise a copy borrowed from the library will serve just as well. I give this four stars because even with a clunky narrative, confusing supernatural premises and a lukewarm narrator- Armstrong's talent is still above the multitude of 'Mills and Boon-With- Fangs and Claws' genre wannabes out there.
Here's hoping for a return to form in the next book- Broken.
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on 9 August 2010

I had pre ordered this item and was awaiting the next instalment with great anticipation. I will state that I normally prefer the werewolf stories to the witch stories. I have found Savannah to be a bit whiney in the past. But I though that this situation would have improved with her reaching the great old age of 21.

The most alarming thing lacking in this book is a well thought out plot with loads of twists, tension and turns. (The norm in one of her novels). There just to be too many characters very few of whom are fleshed out and explored. This makes the twist seems a little unconvincing. The normal level of romance /romantic tension in her book is absence. The love interest for Savannah is introduced and then dismissed. You do not really care about that character.

The supernatural part of this book feel like it was tacked on as an afterthought.

In addition it was quiet a short book and only kept me amused for two days.

As a big fan of this series for many years I felt let down by it. I would read it if you are a fan of the series so you are not missing any pieces of the puzzle for subsequent book but I would not buy it in hardback. I would wait for it in your library, borrow from a friends or get it in paperback.
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on 24 August 2010
I am slightly in agreement with previous reviewers as I too felt this was far more a normal (rather than paranormal) crime story. Perhaps a Nadia Stafford influence - and I hated the first Nadia S story (didn't bother with the second). The magic used, other than at the denouement, was all rather childish and unnecessary - perhaps that is part of the rationale behind the great cliffhanger? Having said that, I realised at the end that what I wanted to read was THAT story (roll on July 2011) and this one didn't really matter very much to me at all. Which is a shame as I like the Savannah/Paige/Lucas novels and recently Paige and Lucas have been put on the backburner a bit.
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