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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 12 October 2013
A fresh take on vampires - something you may think is impossible - is what Larissa Ione is trying to achieve here, and I, personally, am putting her down for a win. It didn't blow my mind or change my world - I honestly don't think one could any more, I've just read so many - but of the ones I've read recently, this is shinning a little brighter than the rest.

Why? Okay, here's what particularly stood out

The origin story of the vamps. Each original vamp (of which there are only few) stems from a tribal clan that either followed the Raven or the Crow, who are enemies still.
The different spin on the human/vampire power dynamic.Vampires enslaved by humans? I didn't always see how this was logical given their greater strength. It seems to be just a case of greater numbers, better weapons, and once they're caught, a collar to keep them under control.
The camaraderie between the boys. Yes, this is another one of those paranormals where they all live together (aw). I actually like this. I like meeting the other players in the background and guessing who's up next.
There was hardly any brooding. I liked the fact that they were modern, cool vamps that play computer games and whatnot. And although they were clearly up to speed on all-things modern and their speech reflected that, there was no cheesy dialogue or over-the-top "bro"ness. (There's a small chance that last sentence doesn't make sense outside of my brain).
The way the heroine had her horizons broadened and her eyes opened. Vamps really are seen as second class citizens, sometimes not even that - more like animals. It was good to watch Nicole comes to realize how "human" they are, how family-oriented. Points for Team V.
The medical angle. Vamps are experiencing an all-time low birthrate and face extinction. Good thing out heroine here is a doctor, huh...
The side story of the laboratory boy. I can't elaborate on this much, but a subplot was introduced that I can't wait to see continue in the next book.
The sexah. Ione writes good sex. We know this. It's still true here.

Things I wasn't as keen on:

A little slow to get going. Because our hero and heroine are natural enemies of the highest order, it took a while to get the romance going.
The downside of the vamps being persecuted. Of course this naturally makes humans the Bad Guys. And they really were. I would be ashamed of us if this was real. I imagine this "humans are so evil" thing might get old after a bit, however. If Nicole had to realize there was more to vamps than she'd been brought up to believe, the reverse should have been true as well, and it so wasn't.

So there you have it. And on a frivolous sidenote, the romance, once established, was kinda cute and squishy:) I liked it a lot, and will definitely read book two since that's been set up brilliantly at the end of this book as well.

Looking forward to it:)

4 Stars ★★★★
ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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on 30 September 2013
This author has given us a unique take on Vampire lore. In her world Vampires are servants/slaves to humans. They are caught like game animals, defanged, castrated/sterilized and forced into slavery - and Nicole Martin -our female protagonist - is CEO of the company that enslaves and experiments on them.

As the synopsis describes Nicole was only eight years old when her whole family was killed. Well, almost her whole family. She had also seen our male protagonist, Riker, killing her beloved, pregnant nanny...or did she?

20 years later, they meet and Riker takes her hostage. You see,
Rikers clan had `borrowed' a female vamp to aid in childbirth and she has been kidnapped. If Riker's clan does not get her back pronto there will be a war between rival vamp clans..

I realize that this is fiction and as such an author can tell the story anyway he/she darn well pleases. However, in this instance it is difficult to put aside decades of storytelling to believe that the vampires are the weak, easily caught creatures that they have been portrayed in this book.

The other issue I have is that the author has made her heroine so namby-pamby, so easily willing to give up decades of habit, knowledge and belief to flip sides so easily. Nicole puts up with a lot of emotional abuse from Riker, yet is never wavering with her `love' no matter how he treats her.


I felt that it was a little clichéd that her step-brother was such a horrible guy, and one of the reasons is because he didn't think that Nicole deserved the company. It was trite to have him `experiment' on Nicole and to have killed Neriya (the mid-wife that the rival clan is wanting back) was over the top...although I can see how it pushes the rest of this story along.

Although the characters are well drawn and the books pacing is great, I had a very difficult time trying to suspend my disbelief for this novel and open myself up to a new possibility. I think the reason for that is because the author really didn't make me `feel' that this new world order was real and I do not think I will be reading any more in this series.
I'm sorry, but I'm just not a fan girl or fan boy who can just say that this is a good book, when it really isn't.

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on 29 October 2013
I've been really enjoying Larissa Ione's Lords of Deliverance series, and I really love her writing style, so when I heard that she was releasing a new series, I couldn't wait to get my hands on a copy of the first book, Bound by Night. But did it live up to my very hight expectations? Yes it did. In fact, I think I enjoyed this more than the Lords of Deliverance.

The story begins with a prologue where we meet our heroine, Nicole Martin, when she was a child. The vampire's are rising up against their slavery and her entire family are butchered except for her half-brother Chuck and herself, although she was fed upon and left for dead. The scars on Nicole's neck remind her of that every day. She was also left with a disease that she has to take medication for otherwise she would die a painful death. The strain she has is passed through saliva, which is the weaker strain compared to that of blood.

Back in the present, Nicole is now twenty-eight and the CEO of Daedalus, the company that revolutionised vampire slavery and uses vampires a lab rats to advance human medicine. A role she doesn't want and had left to her brother while she lived and worked in Paris. Until, that is, clauses from her parent's wills kicked in and she had to return to take the role as head of the company. She may hate vampires, but she doesn't like the way her company works. She remembers her vampire nanny, Terese, who was more a mother to her than her own. She misses her deeply and remembers her kindness and love, so she knows not all vampires are the same. However, she also has memories of seeing Terese's vampire lover, Riker, kill her while Nicole had no choice but to watch as she remained hidden. The thought of Riker still frightens her today.

The Vampire world is really original. Vampires aren't the `undead' but beings shrouded in mythology about their origins, with one that suggests they were created by demons. Vampires can also get pregnant, although it is very rare, it is possible. But the majority of vampires are slaves; defanged and abused by their owners. The ones that have escaped this life live in communities, or clans.

I loved this different take on vampires and their world. It's actually very complex, but fresh and exciting and I'm so looking forward to reading more about their history. The ending suggests there's a huge amount of historical background to be revealed.

Our hero is the vampire, Riker.... Oh what can I say about him... gorgeous, strong, sexy, hot... He's also quite different from other vampires I've read about. I think it's down to Ione's world-building that gives a different perspective on the vampires in Bound by Night.

The dynamics between Riker and Nicole is great and I loved their chemistry. They have to grow so much throughout the story as they start out by hating each other. Thinking things about each other and their worlds that is actually very distorted and in some cases untrue. The sex scenes between Riker and Nicole are seriously hot. That Riker is one hot vampire.

As with the other Ione books I've read, as well as the delicious romance there is also lots of action. Ione writes great fight scenes that are really exciting and pull you in so you are part of the action right alongside the characters.

There are many other characters that I loved too, but the main ones are Myne, Hunter and Katina. They are written with depth and detail that even though they are secondary characters you really get to know them. I'm excited to find out which of these characters will get their own book, but the way Bound by Night ended I suspect it will be Hunter next, which is fine by me as he is delish.


Bound by Night is an amazing start to a new series. The characters are wonderful and the world is an interesting and original one. I can't wait to read the next book in the series, Chained by Night, I'm just sad I have to wait until 2014. If you love paranormal romance, then don't hesitate, pick up Bound by Night, you will love it.
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on 14 January 2014
This is a different take on vampire stories with humans using vampires as slaves and using them for tests to cure human illnesses, it made me feel more than a bit uncomfortable reading this part but halfway through the book you find out more about moonbound clan and its cheif and the other vampire clans.

From the beginning you could feel the sexual tension between ryker and nicole but nothing could come from a romance between them while he hated humans especially nicole for what her family did to his now deaceased mate. Nicole relises how horrible vampires are treated and helps ryker and his clan.

I liked the main characters they were great and 3 dimensional, the other characters were great as well and will probably have books written for them in them in the future.
The romance and plot to the story are good and keep you entertained i read the book within 24 hours, i loved the story and cannotvwait for the next in the series which im hoping will be hunters story.
I dont think the book is as good as the authors demonica and lords of deliverence series but it is a good read and fans of larissa ione will not want to miss this series.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 28 September 2013
This new series by Ione is just breaking the surface and in comparison to some of her other books it is warm fuzzyness combined with some intriguing ideas.
It is very reminiscent of certain other popular series in the genre. I know Ward's BDB popped into my head at one point and the crazy scientist in the lab scenario reminded me of a well-known YA series. So there are inklings of ideas that have already been done, however in this genre everything has probably been written about before.
It does have the Ione touch though and has very distinctive elements.
I have to say I enjoyed the whole vampires as a slave race vs the superior human race twist. The genocide, the experiments, the mutilations and overall classifiction of the vampire as subferior to all other races.
Not pretty but very interesting.
Usually the vampire tends to be described as the strong loner and is often battling the boundaries of animalistic urges. The vampires in this series bond together in clans and tread the path of emotional humanity.
I wasn't feeling the whole Nicole and Riker romance. There were too many dramatic flounces, which is far too uncool and completely inappropriate for a vampire. Their personal relationship was a bit Fantasy Island.
The author has structured the characters in a way that allows for the discovery of various perfect soulmates along the way, as the series evolves. I hope Myne ends up with the mysterious forest warrior. The feisty assassin and the silent unfriendly loner are obviously a perfect match waiting to happen.
Should be interesting to see this series develop.
I received a copy of this book via Edelweiss courtesy of the publisher.
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on 24 February 2014
I admit to being a fan of Larissa Ione. I like her Demonica series and the Horsemen spin off so this was a shoe-in for a definite buy from me. It was a little slower to start than expected as I struggled a bit with the concept of Riker being both the horror he is initially portayed to be and the hero. It is also slightly difficult to buy into the idea that Vampires are not dominant over humans...a problem that is touched upon and will probably be developed over the series but, given the traditional view of vampires and Ms Ione's own portrayal of their abilities here, it is not an easy idea to accept. However, after a few chapters I was away and finished the book quickly ... because I didn't stop to do anything else!! Really enjoyed it and am now in the unenviable position of having to wait for the next installment. Ms Ione's fans will enjoy this.
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on 14 November 2013
I love Larissa Ione, she is one of my favourite paranormal romance writers and I have read the Demonica series many times over so when I saw this release I was really excited. This is the start of another fantastic series. Riker is a vampire with a past, and Nicole's family an integral part of it. The story is well paced, the characters engaging, and whilst some others have said it isn't as sexy as some of her other books, i loved the anticipation between the two and when they get it in, they get it on!
There's a nice twist on the origins of vampires, having read lots of vampire novels, I hadn't come across this one before. Now, I can't wait for the next one. Great read.
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on 20 April 2014
Once again Larissa Ione has found the way to part me from my hard-earned cash!

This story revisits vampire-human relationships but with a twist. The vamps are slaves and the humans rule the roost - can two people from opposing sides meet in the middle?

A great story, beautifully told.
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The other reviewers have detailed this book well, so I won't, but here's what I thought of it.

After a while, admittedly, most vampire series tend to show similarities, and this had shades of the authors mentioned in the title, as well as shades of Alexandra Ivy and Rachel Caine. This was a great start to a series that has some great male leads. Hunter, the leader of the MoonBound clan, a (Gen 2) Born vampire (like Lara Adrian's Gen Ones and Wrath from the BDB, but whose physical description made him sound like Styx from Alexandra Ivy's Guardians of Eternity series), is passionate, ruthless, totally kick-butt, and is willing to do all he needs to free and protect both his race and his clan. At the end of this tale, we get a glimpse of what is in store for him, and yes, that looks to be a better tale than this.

Riker, his No2, is just as bad-butt, and is the the clan's strategist and 'do-er'. Another, Myne - a name given to him by his human master - had that tortured hero vibe that made me want his tale next of all, and Grant, who comes across as a non-nerdy version of Myrnin from Rachel Caine's Morganville Vampires was intriguing enough to make me want to find out what had made him the way he was. So, I make that (or at least I'm hoping for) at least 4 more tales in the series. And that's without taking into consideration any of the females who briefly appeared in this tale, one of whom was a vampire warrior, and another a shadowy rogue vampire hunter/vigilante. And then there was sweet Lucy, a fully-grown made-vampire (i.e., a human conversion), who due to something in her past, only had occasional lucid moments, and who for the most seemed very innocent and childlike...a bit 'simple'. I am not sure how she would work out as a lead in a tale, but hopefully there's a guy out there for her who'll make her whole, and she might get a novella of her own.

The entire tale is pretty much told in the blurb, and it is understandable that there's not too much more, as it's the first tale and so is creating the world in which the series is set. Yes, there's the predictable Stockholm Syndrome thing going on, but, Nicole was as strong a character as Riker, and stood her ground even when she was expecting death at the hands of the vampire. The traitor in the tale was a bit obvious from his fleeting mention at the start of the tale, and his actions and betrayal were pretty predictable...but we've not seen the last of him.

There was far less romance and sex in this tale than in the Demonica series, but the latter is not a complaint, as what there was suited the leads and the tale perfectly, and was pretty hot and sexy (if you ignore the blood-y bits). There was some humour in the tale, but it was a lot darker than most vampire series, as these guys aren't quite what can be called the good guys: they think nothing of draining and killing humans, and quite a few nonentities get their throats ripped out throughout the tale. That bad-guy thing wasn't off-putting, and actually, it was nice not to have 'neutered' vamps.

This is well worth a read, but loses a * for me, as the romance could have been hotter. I personally had a slight ick thing about Riker having been Nicole's dead vampire nanny's mate, and that she'd inadvertently seen them together a time or two...yes, as a couple...when she was eight or younger, yet she had no qualms about getting together with him.

It's good, but not yet on a par with the Demonica tales, but I think the series has the potential to be.
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on 26 September 2013
5 out of 5 for this reader folks!

YAHOOOOOO! Larissa Ione is BACK with another series! I will state this right away before I start gushing and swooning all over your computer screen ... her Demonica and Lords of Deliverance series are a couple of my absolute faves that I have read over and over again! When I saw she was coming out with a new Vamp series, I admit I may have squealed like a little kid in a candy shop. Actually there was no "may" about it .. I did squeal. LOL So without further delay, let's get on with it already!

Bound by Night by Larissa Ione is the first book in the MoonBound Clan Vampire Series. We start the book about 20 years back when our leading lady Nicole Martin was a child and her family has been viciously attacked by vampires (a revolt of vampire slaves that have had enough). Somehow Nicole survives and we are brought into present day with Nicole inheriting the CEO position of a pristine company that specializes in vampire research.

Nicole is completely overwhelmed with all the responsibility she has inherited and leans on her brother Chuck (seriously a sadistic SOB although Nicole doesn't know this yet) for help. The company specializes in formulating a anti-vampirism vaccine and in order to do this, many vampires are treated with horrible cruelty (once again, Nicole is not privy to all this information). Before she knows it, her company has been infiltrated and Nicole has been kidnapped by a clan of "wild vampires". Nicole is now thrust into a world that she fears and finds intriguing,

Riker (our hunky, yummy, sexy vamp ... oh and leading man ...SIGH ..LOL) is the right hand man to the clan leader Hunter. Riker leads this infiltration of Nicole's company as this company is responsible for the kidnapping of a precious and highly skilled vampire that is treasured among vampire clans. When he finds Nicole, he is thrust into flashes of history as he realizes that she is the little girl that his mate had been forced to care of and who Riker believes was the cause of his mates death. Once he gets his hands on adult Nicole, all he can think about is vengeance. Except .. that isn't all he can think about!

Nicole is afraid and yet she is captivated by Riker. When the truth comes out (so much more than what meets the eye in true Larissa Ione fashion), she is humbled, petrified and somehow grows very strong in her belief that the wrongs must be made right. Riker finds himself confused by this human. He has held her family responsible for years with regards to his mates death and the general torture of his species. He is also finding himself completely drawn in by Nicole and it isn't just the symptoms of the moonphase (this is when vamps need to feed and mate) that is causing him to fall for her.

Both characters must overcome their own personal feelings (good and bad) to get to the truth. When a rival clan threatens, they both need to trust and lean on each other and sacrifice for one another. I have to say, Larissa once again wrote a compelling story setting up a series that I know is going to ROCK my PARANORMAL world. While she is building this world, she certainly doesn't forget to build her main characters and secondary characters (who I am hoping get their own books). I love that she once again incorporates medicine and science into her story line. There are some intense fighting scenes, hot smexy scenes and the quick witted humour that are one of my fave components of a Larissa Ione book.

Here is a small blurb that made me LMAO! Just to set the scene, Nicole and Riker just got a little hot and heavy and Riker is kinda freaking out while Nicole has come to terms with certain things ....

"I'll never regret it," she snapped. "Because somehow I feel like I've finally healed."

"What are you saying? That if I open myself up, climb into bed with you, I'll magically get better? I'll forget your family destroyed someone I cared about, someone I was charged with protecting?"

"Yes, she said, her voice dripping with sarcasm. "That's exactly what I'm saying. In fact, let's try sex again." She leaped to her feet and tore open her jeans. "Maybe my magic vagina will cure you of all the traumatic acts my family has inflicted on you."

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!! Go Nicole! ;)

So .... will Riker's personal guilt for the death of his mate hold him back from loving another?? Will Nicole leave the only life she has known and accept her fate?? Flip those pages to find out! LOL

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