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on 7 March 2017
This book is probably the best of its kind. Unlike many other self styled health gurus that make up a lot on nonsense as they go along, Gweny actually does her research and brings other people with a sound education in nutrition behind them. She gets a lot of stick from people because she is normally about ten years ahead of everyone else. For e.g, when this book first came out, no one had even heard of quinoa and made such a song and dance about it, but guess what, it's a stable now!There will always be people who are resistant to change (personally, I m not resistant, I 'm just lazy, but I am trying...!) especially when it comes in the format of a hot, kind blonde woman well known in Hollywood and seems to have it all, but I 'm defiantly on board!
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on 24 April 2017
Really easy to follow recipes you'll love cooking!
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on 19 August 2017
Good healthy recipes and tips.
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on 14 December 2014
I am really disappointed with this cookery book as I already have her first one and love it to bits. Please check it out in the library before wasting your money like me :(
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VINE VOICEon 28 November 2014
Gwynnie has always made me snarl a little bit. She's always struck me as a little bit smug and is just one of those people I've always wanted to give a big slice of chocolate cake to. Having flicked through a friend's copy, I was surprised to see some of her stuff looked quite tasty so thought I would give it a try.

Gwynnie has been gracing my kitchen for the last month. Hesitant at first, I initially tried quinoa and almond milk with some fruit for breakfast. Finding it actually quite delicious and filling, I set about cooking more of the recipes and for the last 4 weeks, we have only eaten recipes from this book.

This is what I have cooked so far:
Chicken and Kale soup - didn't think I'd like it as it looked too "brothy" but it was so good I;ve made it another 3 times.
Sweet Potato and Chipotle soup
Teriyaki chicken - had it every week!
Hoisin sauce - far better than shop bought and surprisingly easy
Chinese Dumpings - totally smug! So easy, quick and very impressive to give to guests!
Millet felafel
Turkey and Sweet Potato chilli - fantastic for batch cooking
Chicken and white bean chilli
Turkey balls
Banana and almond muffins
New York Street Vendor Salad
Spanish BBQ Chicken
Braised Chicken with Olives
Korean Chicken wraps
Korean Slaw
Korean BBQ Sauce
Lamb tagine
Cauliflower and Chickpea salad thing

As you can see, there is a wide variety and the thing that has been the biggest surprise for me is that it is really family friendly and fantastic for batch cooking. Once our shopping has been delivered, I usually cook/prepare everything for the week. For example, last week I made both the turkey and chicken chillis and that was our dinners for the whole week. Everything I have made has been good to keep in the fridge for up to a week. Some of the recipes require meat to marinate for a few hours or overnight. I have left some things marinate in the fridge for a couple of days and found them to be just as delicious.

There are 3 recipes I have a bit of an issue with:
Millet felafel - it just didn't stick together when I cooked it and most ended up getting thrown away - perhaps the use of an egg may have helped.
The chinese dumplings - nowhere near enough filling for 30 dumplings and think I could have made closer to 50 wrappers with my dough
The gluten free muffins - tasted a bit powdery the day after but delicious whilst still warm from the oven.

Some reviewers have raised the issue of ingredients. I can honestly say I have found everything with relative ease from a well known online supermarket. I have been spending approx £60 per week to feed a family of 3 on the above recipes. I don't go for organic everything, I get the meat usually in the 3 for £10 deal and I don't think the end product suffers greatly. The Korean chicken wraps require a special paste and pepper flakes but having been so impressed with all the other recipes, we splashed out and ordered them from a korean online supermarket and trusty Amazon - both came to under £10 and will do several recipes. I could eat the Korean Slaw all day long. The initial outlay may add up if you don't usually cook with things like Miso, or rice wine vinegars etc but I have just bought things week by week and so absorbed the cost gradually. Many of the "unusual" ingredients are used in more than one recipe so you do get value for money.

The other thing I note other reviewers have raised is the Cup measurement. I have actually found this to be a freeing way to cook - no more spooning things into and out of scales to get the right weight, less mess and just far more straightforward. I hate "faffy" cooking - some recipes do require a bit of prep ie grating and/or blending etc but all in all it is pretty much stress free cooking.

This book has really opened my eyes to ingredients I would not normally have cooked with; I had never heard of Millet but now I serve it instead of rice with the chillis and my 3 year old also likes it.I'd never cooked with Miso either or really known what to do with quinoa. I haven't lost weight but that wasn't my objective when I got the book. I do feel a lot better in myself and not so tired all the time, whether it is because I'm eating "clean" or not I don't know.

This book hasn't even made it to my book shelf it has been in use every day. Highly recommended to anyone who likes cooking, busy families and bulk cookers. Her other one is on my Christmas Wish List!
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on 6 January 2014
Being an all day breakfast man myself I didn't think too much about this book. However, my wife has suffered with acne all her life (and she is in her late thirties now). She has used hundreds of treatments and spent maybe thousands of pounds. Since she started using the recipes in this book her complexion has become fantastic. She says she feels better and she has lost around a stone too (or 6.35 kilos for all these reviewers who seem incensed by non-metric measures) without seeming to eat particularly less. I have also started eating some of the meals too and, even though they don't seem to make me look any better, they taste nice.
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on 5 November 2015
Although I can't believe I have a Gwyneth Paltrow cookbook on my shelf, it's the book I use the most - it has more food splatters & dog ears than any other cookbook in my groaning cookbook shelf & ive given it as gifts to all my friends & family. Definitely worth getting over any GP prejudices for - this ones a keeper!
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on 14 November 2014
No food pictures, lots of Gwyneth pictures? Weird. Nothing that I already knew. Very disappointing.
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on 22 December 2013
Now I have note that I'm not a Gwyneth Paltrow fan, but will all her hype about eating healthily and how food is so important in a good lifestyle I thought I'd give it a go.
It's absolute tosh! I mean all that's really in there is just flipping pictures of her and stupid little notes on how she and her chief came up with the recipes. The recipes themselves are also gross, I only found three that I liked. I mean eating healthy doesn't mean you need to forgo good taste!
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on 16 November 2013
Never been a GP fan. Beautiful, rich, skinny, successful, married to a popstar, I thought "really" what have you got to complain about, why do you need to write a cook book, I thought it was going to be dreadful, I couldn't have been more wrong. I felt that her story and interest in healthy food was not only very genuine but very human and interesting. I feel this book is full of integrity and great ideas. I love the photography and the layout of the book, I know that some reviews have critised the fact that there's not an image for ever dish, I don't find this a problem. Quite frankly, Gwyneth looks amazing, better than she did in her previous cook book, which is a great promotion for cleaning up our diets. I have changed my mind completely, Go Gwynie!!
I have always been interested in nutrition as well as cooking. I was very surprised how many average and bad reviews this book has, my experience with it completely differs. It must be hard as a celebrity to put yourself up for doing something like this, as people feel they know you and are very quick to criticise, personally, celebrity aside, this book is great. I absolutely love the salad dressings, I have made at least 5 of them, they work ever time! Lee's hoisin sauce is quick, simple, delicious and a huge hit with my teenage girls, if you compare the ingredients with the chemical loaded shop bought ones, it is really very clever and no hidden nasties. I cook her many mushroom soup on a regular basis and the roasted cauliflower and chickpeas has become a staple in our house. The Sriracha chilli sauce is fantastic and adds a real depth of flavour to so many dishes and last for 6 months in the fridge. The quinoa granola is amazing, I use pecans instead of walnuts, very very tasty.
When reading the reviews there were a few fair comments, oven temperatures are all American, I look them up in the chart provided and pencil it in my book, I don't have to look them up again, it takes a matter of seconds. Measuring in cups was another thing criticised in the reviews, you can get a set of cups online and in any kitchen supplier very easily and cheaply. I think it takes a bit of getting use to as a Brit, but it is super simple. A lot of people complained about the price of the ingredients, she does use an alwful lot of maple syrup and olive oil, but you don't have to make everything at the same time, now I know which recipes I like, I prioritise and make half batches of sauces etc that only last a short time. So there are ways around it. Most of the unusual ingredients that reviewers seemed to moan about, I have slowly acquired over the last few months, so that hasn't been a problem either. I must say I have given up on the everything free baking, it's the only section I can get on with. Not a problem as I have gained so much from the rest of the book.
As for the personal criticism, quite your moaning, I know she's a celeb, and as so opens herself up for it, but really she's just a woman, a mum,a wife give the girl a break. It's a great book, full of healthy options and alternatives to many over processed modern favourites. I love it!
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