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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 4 November 2010
It is a good story spoiled IMHO by Ms Lauren's unfortunate tendency, in the "Black Cobra" series particularly, to excessive use of adjectives and adverbs in describing the emotions of her heroines, in their sexual reactions to the heroes.
Her earlier book series, were much more to the point without this ghastly, overblown, "gushing", language.
"Gushing" is the best word that I can think of to describe how it reads.
I don't believe anyone would experience these emotions quite so early in a relationship, and in the manner she now uses.
Her vocabulary seems to be limited with considerable use and overuse of the word "evocative" in a mostly inappropriate way.
Her earlier Cynster and Bastion Club series did not contain quite so much "gush" and read much more satisfactorily.
In fact, they were truly excellent reads in the main.
It is to be hoped that Ms Laurens will in future desist from these truly dreadful descriptions of the emotions and the sexual responses of her heroines as has sadly occurred in these later series.
You certainly know how to tell a good story - it's a pity that recently they are spoiled for this reader by your abuse of the English language.
Might I suggest you get better editors.
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on 31 December 2010
In case anyone new to Ms Laurens is reading these reviews I wanted to add a comment. This is not the best book to start with since it is the last in a four part series. However the book contains lots of typical features that you either like or you don't - I do. Great straightforward hero and heroine of the Laurens type - check. Use of previous characters in the story - check. Galloping pace (well it speeds up) - check. Unravelling or building mystery - check. I admire the ability to keep the pace and story going whilst floating down a river and needing to remind us of the threat of cultists very frequently. The first major sex scene holds off until half way through which is typical and there is a little more restraint than sometimes. I agree that the whole book could have been editted usefully. I get the impression that Ms Laurens is under a lot of pressure to produce stories at a rate that does not allow the best fact checking however I am a keen fan adding to that pressure so have no complaints.
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on 24 March 2013
Review taken from my Blog Post (#46) in December 2010 after borrowing the book from the local library.

The fourth, and final book in the Black Cobra Quartet. The story of Rafe (Reckless) Carstairs and Loretta Michelmarsh.

Very slow to get going at all this book, and only improved for the last third.

On that basis I am afraid that I could only merit a 2.5 rating if we had half stars on Amazon. I feel bad about it, as it is no secret that Stephanie Laurens is a favourite of mine....but you have to tell it the way it is!

For clarity, I borrowed a copy of this item from the local library, and whilst some books I have/or will get on Kindle, this will not be one of them.
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on 5 June 2013
A good finale to the quartet. I enjoyed reading it but the action is often interrupted by gratuitous sex scenes.
Quite frankly I could do without it and I think it would be better to leave some of them to our imagination.in spite of that, the story line is interesting and although predictable is still a good read.
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on 9 February 2017
This is a more complexed story, with lots going on. I like him and the other characters, but find the heroine a it selfish uk. She has her own agenda of husband hunting and needs to check out all the pleasures and downfalls of marriage. Though told by her aunt and the hero, than this is not the time as the mission is to important. She decided her need for knowledge, surpasses all other reasons, so continues to seduce him. That is the downside of this Author, for the period the books are, so called set in. The women are aggressive sexual predators, and never worry about pregnancy.
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Set in the year 1822. Jace Carstairs, late of His Majesty's Army in India, is one of four with the mission of delivering a letter to England. The letter is the only evidence that names the mysterious leader of the Black Cobra cult. They left Bombay on the same day, all heading to England by different routes. All four are carrying identical scroll-holders, but only one contains the original letter - and that original letter must reach the Duke of Wolverstone. The four men did not reveal to anyone, even among themselves, as to who carries the original.

Jace and Hassan, his companion, rescues Lady Esme Congreve when she is attacked in Buda. Esme is traveling the globe, accompanied by her great-niece, Miss Loretta Michelmarsh. Esme insists that there is no better way to elude the cult's assassins than by taking positions as their courier-guide and guard. The men cannot help but agree as Lady Congreve shoots down every argument they toss her way. For Jace, Loretta is even more dangerous than the assassins. She seems to know what is best for herself; therefore, she does not blindly follow his orders and he cannot force her to do so. Yet her determination to defy convention, as well as to think for herself, is but a couple of the things that attracts Jace. Their passion flares brightly, but before they can have a possible future together, they must unmask the Black Cobra.

***** FIVE STARS! Here is the long awaited conclusion to the Black Cobra Quartet. Toward the novel's end, all four men (Captain Derek Delborough, Major Gareth Hamilton, Major Logan Monteith, and Captain Jace Carstairs) will come together for the villain's capture and unmasking. Mystery, suspense, danger, and delicious romance smoothly blend and I was left breathless. Highly recommended! *****

Reviewed by Detra Fitch of Huntress Reviews.
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on 7 December 2014
Loved the story and that the ladies were as stalwart as their gentlemen .. Also liked the link with Cynster and Bastion Club characters.
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This is the fourth and final book in Laurens' Black Cobra Quartet - it was one where I was desperate to find out how it was all going to end and at the same time didn't want it to be over.

I'll agree with other reviewers that there have been some errors in the books that could have been picked up - most obviously in this the herione is refered to as Lucy in the blurb and so as I started reading I did wonder who this Loretta person was! Also in the last book I think Linsdale should have been Linslade - only because I live near there! Be that as it may, I'm not the sort to let a few little things like that spoil my enjoyment of a cracking good story!

The scope of this quartet has been much wider that your usual book of this genre as the four couriers have travelled back from India to England, and to some extent we have followed them in their travels. In trying to fend off cultists and other attackers, we've also had rather more of a swashbuckling adventure than is perhaps the norm - but I loved every minute of it!

There is a twist in the tale of this Black Cobra. It's so clever and so simple I could have kicked myself for not seeing it coming!

Another reviewer still seems puzzled about Alex's motivations; to me it seems reasonably clear it's about power and about Alex showing their father. I won't say any more - I'm trying to avoid spoiling!

I do have a sneaking preference for the Cynster books, but I loved this quartet too!
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on 4 February 2014
Enjoyed reading the whole range of the Black Cobra Quartet, Stephanie Laurens is an excellent read, she tells an entertaining story.
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on 28 August 2015
Another excellent book by Stephanie Laurens
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