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on 21 August 2015
I originally came across the stories of Havilland Tuf in Analog in the later 70's/early 80's, well before Game of Thrones, and was delighted to have the convenience of them all in one place. Tuf is a character I found very easy to relate to, rather happier to be accompanied by cats than irrational humans, similar in someways to Royd Eris in 'Nightflyers'.
As with the best SF there is some serious thinking going on within the tales, for example, playing the ecology game is seldom as simple as it appears (Guardians), as China discovered to it's cost when an ill thought out campaign to eliminate sparrows (to stop them eating grain) backfired in a major way, when the insects, not longer held in check by bird predation ate far more grain than the sparrows ever would.

In one of the later stories, Tuf makes the point that the ownership, and ability to operate the seedship 'Ark' gives him literally the power of life or death over entire planets would have made him god-like for most of human history, and those he deals with should be grateful that he uses such powers carefully, and ultimately benevolently, because he is no longer really answerable to the rest of humanity.

As we gain the sort of knowledge, (ability to control and manipulate the genetic code and it's expressions), that could evolve into things like the 'Ark', it is to be hoped that we also gain the ethical sense that Martin has characterised in Havilland Tuf.
In short, read the book, you'll meet an interesting character who thinks most problems are better solved with thought than firepower, some one you'd quite like to meet. Of course, if you get into trading. . . well, be very careful of what you are asking for.
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on 25 July 2017
Martin's style shows almost immediately you start reading. Whilst this is not a part of the Game of Thrones series, it is obviously from the same pen. That's no bad thing and anyone who has enjoyed the books will settle in to this one. However, it is episodic and this becomes a little repetitious, especially up to the finale. It is a space adventure with strange and horrific animals, and strange and horrific weapons. It is fine as a holiday read but no more. It is priced reasonably.
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on 30 October 2016
Brilliant science fiction. A left wing, animal loving, vegan ecological engineer who is fat and bald. What's not to like? Series of semi linked stories about his adventures which also includes a social commentary about the relentless overpopulation of a planet and it's subsequent it ramifications. George RR Martin displays a sharp satirical bent in this book. Fantastic, highly recommended.
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on 28 November 2017
If you think you know George R R Martin because you've watched GOT ,think again. Long before the first book in that epic Martin was a superb hard core SF author. This early work showcases some of his gloriously invented worlds which are well worth following up.
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on 27 May 2017
Displays the same descriptive skills as in Game of Thrones; you can see and feel his characters and live their lives, think their thoughts with them. And its a fantasy set in space. What's not to love?
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on 2 December 2015
While being it's intricate stories are typical of Martin, this is a refreshing break from ASOIAC. The comical way in which Haviland Tuf presents himself provides light relief while the stories actually carry some weight and you find yourself becoming quite attached to the character. The episodic nature of the storytelling also lends itself to easy reading. I really wish he wrote some more of this.
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on 13 December 2017
Tuf Voyaging reminded me how much I enjoyed good science fiction, (many years ago) before I moved to sword and sorcery and science fantasy. Tuf is a great character and I enjoyed all the stories. A good book by a great author.
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on 20 September 2015
Not many will take the time to explore George Martins other novels but if you do Tuf Voyaging is one of the best ones he ever wrote, such a well contained story, well written and very interesting. A wonderful science fiction book.
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on 2 August 2013
Whilst not a fan of a lot of Science Fiction/Fantasy books, I took a punt on this one based on how good Game of Thrones was..after an unsure beginning, the character of Tuf emerged and the whole makes for a delightful and different aspect to Mr Martin.

Worth a look for anyone who enjoys a little humour mixed with something different.
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on 20 March 2017
I found the plot original, and exciting. After watching game of thrones.. I did expect a similar level of violence and debauchery. To my surprise there wasnt but it didnt detract from my enjoyment of the story.
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