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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars

on 19 May 2017
Absolutely loved this story. Eveline was a wonderful heroine, managing to overcome a dreadful disability but still remain a loving and caring person. It was lovely to see the love build between Eveline and Graeme even tho their two clans hated each other and she has to endure a lot of hatred before his clan realised what a treasure she was. Definitely a book to read more than once.
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on 6 June 2017
Forced to marry. Clans at war. Vivienne falls for Graeme and decides not to lie to him about anything. Graeme is daft about Vivienne and cannot believe that all that's wrong with her is she's DEAF. She reads lips when she can and learns to talk again. Love the story.
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on 5 August 2017
Saw this was highly rated on good reads. Not sure why. Story was obvious, no real back story, one dimensional characters. Boring. Would not recommend. Not a patch on Outlander ( which I was trying to find something similar too)
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on 21 January 2014
What an amazing story!! If I could give it 6 stars I would. I'm a hopeless romantic and this book is one of the most romantic books I've read in a while. The love between the hero and heroine is so sweet I shed a few tears while reading this. And both their siblings and heroine's parents also have such good hearts...I thoroughly enjoyed this and would highly recommend.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 3 October 2012
You know from the blurb that the king is uniting these two feuding Scottish clans by forcing a marriage between Graeme Montgomery and his enemy's daughter, Eveline Armstrong. These two powerful families have a long history of bloodshed and hatred, and everyone involved is resentful of this marriage by royal decree. Everyone but Eveline. She sees this as a chance to start new, to have a husband and children. Eveline is deaf and silent, misunderstood and thought to be simple and addled, even defective, but Graeme sees instead a gentle, brave and incredibly beautiful lass with a secret. And now, he's not really minding this idea of marriage.

But don't forget the hatred and bitterness that has to be overcome between the clans. I don't know if this is considered a tear-jerker sort of book, but several times I was reaching for tissues and crying over what Eveline was going through. Her treatment by his clan... And when Graeme found out? That furious, protective alpha male wouldn't stand for it. The love story between these two is so sweet and lovely. I don't know if I've ever read such a sweet hero like this big, tough Scot. I loved him, everything about him. His tenderness, his patience, his role as protector, his care of his wife, his need to cherish her. Just swoon-worthy material here. His love for the heroine is the truly, madly, deeply kind of love, and some of the things he said to her were heart-fluttering.

There's a lot that happens here, some good action, all interesting and made me want to read more, more of this story and more of this series, but the best part of this story is the romance and how the h/H interact together. The emotion between them is just deep and warm, truly romantic in every image and word. And for me, this book felt very much like a comfort read. One of those books I'll reach for when I want to read that consuming kind of love, the kind of love nothing else in the world will ever conquer. Never Seduce a Scot: The Montgomerys and Armstrongs is going on my keeper shelf, right there in the sweet hero section, sub-section: Scottish hunk to die for.
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on 30 September 2012
~Then silent tears fast flowing
When someone stood beside
A hand upon my shoulder
I knew the touch was kind
He drew me near and nearer
We neither spoke one word
But the beating of our own two hearts
Was the only sound I heard~

(This is a verse from 'I Wandered by a Brookside' by Eva Cassidy and I thought the words fit this particular story rather nicely.)

This was a very enlightening read. The first time I've read a book with a deaf main character. It was quite an eye-opener and I grew to have tremendous respect for both the heroine for her bravery and tenacity, and the hero for his ability to see beyond his hatred of the Armstrongs to see what a true prize he'd really been given.

The book is based around a long-standing feud between two powerful clans; the Montgomerys and the Armstrongs. Their constant battling has become a source of annoyance for King Alexander II, and so after enjoying a blissful winter's peace, when the clans put down their weapons only because of the poor weather conditions, he comes up with a plan to stop the warfare once and for all.

Anyone for a spring wedding?

The story begins with the leaders of both clans in outrage over the missives they have just received from the King, ordering Graeme Montgomery, chief of the Montgomery clan, to wed Eveline Armstrong, the daughter of the Armstrong chief. For Graeme, not only would that mean tying himself to his fiercest enemy's clan by marriage, but it's also known throughout Scotland that the chief's daughter is 'daft', 'addled', 'touched'. So it would also mean he couldn't expect a 'proper wife', and therefore his dream of heirs to pass the Montgomery name to is also shattered. It's a crushing blow.

Over at the Armstrong clan, the news isn't received with any more enthusiasm. For Chief Armstrong, the thought of giving over his only precious daughter--who is all things good and kind and has suffered enough after her accident changed her forever--is positively unbearable.


Eveline and Graeme were a very endearing couple. Eveline's silence and strange behaviour has little to do with being 'daft', she simply cannot hear, but she has allowed the rumours of her mental state to continue for good reason. It was fascinating to watch Eveline's ways of communicating and how other people reacted to her. Graeme was an absolute sweetheart. Initially his feelings were more of pity than anything else, although he could certainly see Eveline was a beauty, he felt guilty for thinking that way about her and considered it such a waste. He planned never to consummate the marriage and he envisioned many long, sleepless nights ahead!

Of course, this is a Maya Banks novel, and a Maya Banks novel without a sex scene would be like a... a Fred without a Ginger. Although, having said that, compared to some of the steamy scenes in the last trilogy, the McCabes, the sex scenes weren't quite as erotic as her usual style. I think she toned it down a wee bit.

Overall, I'd say the story was more interesting and endearing than thrilling or exciting, because plot-wise there wasn't much happening other than the romance until the last quarter, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. It was certainly a different read and I found I enjoyed the romance and feeling righteous indignation on Eveline's behalf over her treatment by the Montgomerys, and then elation as the final scenes came to a close.

A very satisfying read. Recommended to all fans of Scottish Romance.
4 Stars ★★★★
ARC provided for an honest review.
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on 8 November 2012
WOW! What a book!

Long, long, long ago two clans , Montgomerys and Armstrong, started to hate each other, that hate continued throughout MANY years ( 100 to 200). Until they finally reached the limit where they would stop at nothing to kill one another, and their hate for each other slowly became their addiction. The king of Scotland got sick of their fighting, because both clans were very loyal and they both had huge armies. He didn't want to risk them, so he decided to arrange marriage between the two families ( the leaders children) hoping it would sort the conflict between them. The clans had to follow the demand because if they wouldn't it would show disloyalty towards the king. Never Seduce a Scot is about a girl named Eveline Armstrong, who everyone thinks of as ' touched', stupid or crazy. She doesn't speak. No one knows the truth about what truly is wrong with her. She isn't prepared to get married and she never thought she would because of her condition, and as much as her family supports her in that matter, they all have no choice but to marry her of to Graeme ( Montgomerys leader). They know that Montgomerys and Armstrongs don't mix, and that it might end in disaster. Graeme is so not happy about it, but soon finds himself irresistibly drawn to Eviline. As intimacy deepens, he learns her secret. But as a foreign source threaten the wife he has only began to cherish, the Scottich warrior will move heaven to save the woman who awakened his heart to a rare and magical love.


The characters were so awesome and realistic! They were very well developed.
Eveline was such a beautiful character to read about. And can i just say - i totally love her name. She was very strong and never gave up without a fight.
Graeme was kind, nice and understanding. The way he treated Eveline and the things he said to her made my heart melt. He was so sweet! And his love for her was pure.
I loved Graemes sister, she was such an epic and interesting character to read about.
I just ADORED Evelines and Graemes brothers, they rocked!

Evelines and Graemes relationship wasn't rushed, but wasn't slow either. It was just right. I love how at first they didn't like each other but then that feeling turned into love. There was MANY romantic and sweet scenes between them that just made me go " AWWWWWW!"

This wasn't the first book i read by Maya Banks, but it was the first in historical romance genre. Maya Banks is such a great author!

The beginning, when Eveline was moving into Montgomerys clan, was so freaking hilarious.
In the middle i felt a bit upset and my heart was aching for Eveline because of the things she had to go through.
The ending had me on edge. I can not wait to read book 2!

Overall, Never Seduce a Scot is a wonderfully written book that will make your heart melt. I think it's one of the most sweetest books i have read so far. Definitely worth the money and time.
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on 19 March 2013
I enjoyed this book I liked the way the characters were drawn and the story was interesting. It was a light read that I won't mind reading again.
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on 5 January 2013
25th September 2012. I'll never forget this day. I had prebooked this book months before and the day It was delivered to my kindle (25/09/2012) mu husband was working away from home for a couple of days in Edinburgh. When he left at about 8am I started reading this book and apart from toilet breaks, I never put it down, I think I finished it about 3pm. I just loved it, I have read it twice again since then and still love it. Some people might think I am sad but I don't care, I prefer to read than watch the crap on telly.
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on 10 December 2015
This is not my usual type of read (it's always historical regency romance) but recently have been a little jaded in that genre of book so I thought lets try something different and so glad that I did. This is such a heart warming story a women who can't hear because of a fall from a horse trying to run from a forced marriage which ultimately becomes her saviour as all believe her to be a little addled in the head after the fall including her family! She can however lip read and does not let on she has suffered deafness so as to keep her away from any dreaded marriage. This farce takes on a life of it's own for three years until she has to be married to a enemy chieftain by decree of King to keep the peace between to clans. Neither side is happy as the Hero thinks he is marrying a mad women until he actually meets her! Don't want to spoil the story for anyone but I was expecting a ruff and rugged book and what I got was a passionate, rugged, sensitive and beautifully written epic love story that I will treasure! So thank you Maya Banks for my first intro into this kind of novel, loved it with all my heart!
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