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4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 3 July 2012
This is book one of a trilogy, and the plot centres around a serial rapist/killer/bad bad man living in the small town of Ash, Kentucky, and the rest of its inhabitants. You should be made aware, I think, that you will not get a resolution to the mystery in this book; that is set to span the entire trilogy. I wasn't aware of it, I thought we'd get a separate mystery for each new couple, so I threw a little paddy when it finished with everything still up in the air. If I'd have known going in I think it would have helped, but, luckily, I at least already had all three books to hand. If I'd have had to wait for the next ones to be released? Well, let's not even go there...

But even with things unsolved you still get lots of glimpses and clues to whet your appetite. It's written third-person omniscient and we enter the mind of the killer and his victims at times which is more than a little disturbing. He's a real nasty one that's for sure. I'm pretty sure the killer is going to turn out to be a character we met in this book, but I don't have the first clue who it is at the moment. To be honest I had a bit of trouble keeping all the names straight in my head of all the secondary characters and the police and the victims. And then sometimes people would address a character by their surname (which naturally I'd forgotten) and I had no idea who they meant.

So it wasn't without a few hiccups but I did find the romance quite sweet. It took until way into the second half to get going but I enjoyed it once it did. Lena is a blind chef, fiercely independent. Ezra is a cop on leave after an 'incident', taking a time-out to see if he wants to remain in the job. I liked their interactions and how sweet Ezra was about Lena's blindness. He didn't coddle her which I, and she, appreciated. She manages to maintain a job as a chef after all, she doesn't need someone talking to her like she's not a full Shilling just because she can't see.

"He had the sexiest damn voice, Lena thought. Sexiest voice . . . and he was still staring at her, too.
She could tell, all but feel the warmth of his gaze. Feel it, almost like a ray of light traveling over her body, leaving seductive warmth in its wake."

So, all in all not a bad start, but not amazing either. I will move onto the next one to hopefully get at least a few more clues. I will work it out, I will! And I'm looking forward to Remy and Hope's story. I have a feeling it's going to be very 'Sleeping with the Enemy' in theme.

3 Stars! '''
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on 6 April 2012
IF YOU HEAR HER was a riveting tale, keeping me on the edge of my seat as I followed all the twists and turns this story took. There was never a mundane moment in the entire book, as I tried to piece together the great mystery of who the killer was.
I loved how Lena strove to keep her independence and admired Ezra for not taking anything away from her, sure there were a few times he was tempted to, but he was smart enough to know when and where the line was drawn. The chemistry between Lena and Ezra positively sizzled from the moment they first met. They both had their vulnerabilities that made me root all the more for their HEA (happily ever after).
Be warned though this book has a CLIFFHANGER ending, and you will have to immediately get IF YOU SEE HER and IF YOU KNOW HER! There are certain clues throughout the book that you will want to have to refresh in your mind to see if you can correctly guess the identity of the killer. As I finished IF YOU HEAR HER, I had NO clue if it's someone I'd already been introduced to, someone who was discussed or if the killers name wasn't mentioned at all.

**NOTE: I am on Shiloh Walker's street team, but I read and reviewed this book before joining. It's books like this that drew me to her**
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on 7 April 2012
4 3/4 stars!
"If You Hear Her" is the first of a suspenseful romantic trilogy by Shiloh Walker. Lena Riddle depends on her canine companion, Puck, to help her maintain her hard-won independence and considers herself pretty self-reliant despite her lack of sight. She is unwillingly drawn to Ezra King who has returned to town and is working on the house he inherited from his grandmother. Ezra is in the middle of a personal crisis related to his work as a police officer and is reluctant to complicate his life even further by acting on the attraction that he feels for the sexy chef until events conspire to throw them together and arouse his protective instincts as well as his libido. The sound of a woman's terrified cries galvanize Lena to reach out for help and her refusal to accept the cavalier dismissal of her claims place her squarely in the sights of a deranged killer. Lena inadvertently draws her friend Law Reilly into the middle of the chaos even as he is trying to deal with another wounded soul, Hope Carson, who is fleeing her own nightmare. The small town of Ash, Kentucky will never be the same but the question is, who will still be around to notice the changes?

Wow! What a thrill ride! I am impressed and my mind has been expanded since it would never ever occur to me that a blind person could be a chef although I know what wonderful things service dogs can help achieve. The chemistry between the characters is true to Ms Walker's normal high standards, showcasing her facility for creating a vivid picture of the events which form the prickly and complex personalities that give such depth to the relationships that blossom in her books. The eerie evil that causes prickling on the back of the reader's neck could cause a sleepless night, especially if one is driven to finish the tale in one sitting the way I was...so don't start at night unless you don't have anywhere to be in the morning! A great start to the series, but for your sanity's sake make sure that you have the next two in the series ("If You See Her" and "If You Know Her")
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on 30 October 2011
Really liked this 1st book in the three book series by Shiloh Walker loved that Lena is blind and you dont really know untill chapter 2 its a way of saying her blindness is not her just a part of her, loved that!
Lena hears a scream in the woods outside her window and tells the cops but as they cant see or find anything they pat her on the head and walk away, Ezra King is on leave from the state police recovering from the death of his lover/partner and a knee injury, he is drawn to Lena but without giving away too much gun shy from his last relationship, so after a great dinner with her doesnt call for three weeks he is there the day Lena is at the police station reporting the scream and steps in when the cop clearly is patronizing Lena, when he hears the story his instincts tell him Lena is in danger so he sets out to protect and posses her I loved this I loved the way the killer/rapist is in the town and you have no idea who it is this is going to go on to at least the next book so be warned! But the story is great the characters are great gutted about the way one is murdered as i loved that one!! wont say who!) no idea who the killer is yet, book 2 if you see her is about Hope and Remy who are a big part of this book and i assume Hopes nasty ex as well as the killer who is still on the loose, already pre ordered this but I recommend If you hear her, it kept me reading kept me wondering and kept me hoping for all the characters really good 1st book in a series hope book 2 and three are as good!
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