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Customer reviews

3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars

on 30 July 2009
From the back 'On the outside, Sophie Garou is living every woman's dream: She has beauty, brains and a big-time position in Austin's most respected accounting firm(not to mention a very sexy, very successful new boyfriend). But there's one thing Sophie would rather keep under wraps: She's a werewolf. Sophie's life gets a little more hairy when her long-estranged father, Luc, arrives in the Live Music Capital to attend the werewolves' annual Howl and reconnect with his daughter. But Luc's plans fall apart after he's accused of murder and arrested by his archrival, Wolfgang, leader of the Houston pack (and one notoriously dirty dog). Wolfgang drools at the thought of Luc's impending execution, but Sophie won't let her father die without a fight. Determined to prove her innocence, she and her friends set out to find the real killer. Along the way, Sophie must deal with taboo attractions, Machiavellian intrigues, sinister agendas, and hair-raising betrayals.'

Well this is the third in the series and you can't say it was boring! This one turns Sophie's world completely upside down, no part of her life is left untouched. Saying that, both Heath and Lindsey's lives are changed too. Secrets are aired and declarations made, plus there is new love, old love and plenty of lust (as well as blood).

After Luc's ambitions for Sophie are realised, I'm not sure how Sophie is going to cope with her new life after this but I really really hope that Tom stays in Austin to help her after everything that takes place in this book, it was one of the few questions left unanswered by the end.

As for Mark, well we knew he was something completely different through his actions in ON THE PROWL so I guess it wasn't too big of a surprise when we find out what he is. I can't say anything more on him without revealing too much.

The only thing I was a bit unsure of was how well Heath took Sophie's being a werewolf and what he was willing to do for her and her father. I'm not sure whether he or Lindsey took things seriously enough until the end even though they were given a way out. You'll understand what I mean if you read it.

Overall the story was excellent and the ending was happy. It sort of reminds me of the progression in Carrie Vaughn's Kitty Norville series.
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on 26 September 2017
I can't give this series the full five stars because Sophie's constant "How can I?" inner dialogue always managed to annoy me. Other than that I enjoyed reading all 3 books.
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VINE VOICEon 21 November 2009
This is the third book in the series and I do feel that you need to read them in order to appreciate the relationships between the different characters. The female lead, Sophie is clever and sassy with an excellent sense of humour. I actually laughed out loud at some points of the book.
The story revolves around Sophie's attempts to prove her long lost father Luc's innocence when he is accused of murdering a high ranking member of the Houston pack.
In this book we see Sophie finally sort out her love life by making decisions about the mysterious Mark, reliable Heath and sexy Tom.
I would have given the book 5 stars but I felt that the author rushed to put together a happy ending - what happens to Heath and Lyndsey seems to be rushed and quite implausible.
A fun, light read, not serious urban fantasy.
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This is the last book in the Tales of an Urban Werewolf trilogy so although there will be no spoilers for this book in my review there may be spoilers for the previous 2 books. If you are new to the series I'd recommend you read these books in order so check out the reviews for Howling at the Moon.

The end of the previous book saw Sophie split up with her human boyfriend Heath & she is now dating her sexy client Mark. At least with Mark she doesn't have to try & hide the fact that she's a werewolf - this time it is him that is keeping his identity secret. She knows he isn't human but what exactly is he and is it really a wise idea to get involved with him?

Sexy werewolf Tom is still on the scene and there is definitley a major attraction between them but he is still dating Sophie's best friend Lindsey which makes things more than a little complicated. Especially now when she is going to be needing his help more than ever.

Life seems to be going well until the father Sophie hasn't seen since she was a baby turns up wanting to re-connect with her. She is naturally wary when Luc arrives but before they have even have a chance to get to know each other Luc finds himself arrested for the murder of another werewolf. The penalty if he is found guilty is death and considering the jury are all his enemies things aren't looking good. Sophie is going to need all the help she can get to clear Luc's name without starting a werewolf war.

I really enjoyed the last installment of this trilogy. There is plenty of intrigue and just as much comedy as the previous 2 books. All of the ends tied together well but I did feel that the ending seemed a little rushed. A few of the things that Heath & Lindsey did surprised me but added an interesting twist to the story. I would love to read a further installment to see how Sophie deals with things after the end of this book - I'm sure you'll understand what I mean if you've read this. Overall I found this series entertaining & would recommend it to urban fantasy and werewolf fans.
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on 18 February 2010
One of the reasons why MacInerney's series is not "just another werewolf tale" is that it really has its own flavor. The main character, Sophie Garou hasn't grown up in a Pack. So the reader is not withered down immediately with all the hierarchical rule weaving that most authors strain to include at the very beginning of a series. And it's refreshing because the reader goes on the journey of discovery with the character.

So in addition to not growing up in a pack, Sophie's natural talent of shielding herself has enabled her live right under the noses of the Houston pack of werewolves for most of her natural life. This has come with its advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage being that when she is finally discovered by a rogue packette, and a werewolf enforcer, she is thrust into a series of events that she won't be able to wiggle out of.

Leader of the Pack is the third in this urban werewolf series and usually in the third book there is a big payoff. In On the Prowl, readers were left off with wondering exactly who and what Mark was. Was he some type of demon or spirit? Perhaps both. Wondering if Tom Fenris and Sophie were ever going to make a love connection. Wondering if the mission she completed would get her out of owing any allegiance to the Houston pack. But while there were some resolutions, I expected just a tad more.

We see more development in Mark, Tom, Lindsey's and Heath's character and overall that makes them more interesting in relation to Sophie. And the introduction of Sophie's absent father who is now on trial by the Houston pack plunges her and her friends into new territory of pack politics and a battle for succession, which has a surprisingly satisfying ending.

Readers might be reminded by the Kitty Norville series by Carrie Vaughn with regard to pace and plot development. I'm a fan of MacInerney's and I'd say, let's up the ante just a bit. But Leader of the Pack doesn't disappoint and it was an incredibly good bubble bath read that I enjoyed.
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VINE VOICEon 24 March 2011
I really enjoyed this series from start to finish! It's a great fun werewolf series that does not take itself too seriously. Sophie is a fab lead character, I love how she is a proper girly girl worrying about her hair and constant shaving, but has the edgy werewolf side. Tom is mysterious and sexy and the relationship between the pair kept you on edge right to the end wondering if they would get together.
Overall I would highly recommend this series as a fun, light hearted read. A great break from more pretentious books! I could not put them down and would definitely make a beeline for any future novels. It would be very interesting to see how Sophie handles the end results of this book!
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on 12 January 2010
Certainly not one of those series where the books are crammed with all sorts of supernatural races, the list of characters is not bewlidering and the lead heroine is quite plausible.
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on 12 February 2010
Good and cheesy Paranormal Romance. Nothing taxing but keeps you entertained to the end. All in all a good series of books.
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on 22 December 2009
gd for a last book, i quite enjoyed it. finanlly we know who and wha ash is.
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