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Customer Reviews

3.2 out of 5 stars
3.2 out of 5 stars
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on 30 April 2008
Well after an exhaustive pursuit, Heath, Marquess of Clayborne, did capture his bride in the end, but I think he should have thrown her back!

The third book in the courtship war series pairs up the youngest Loring sister Lily (an anti-marriage minded & free spirited independent) with the charming & lovable Heath.

Although well written, I had several problems with this book. First the unbelievable; I can ALMOST accept the fact that Lily is so dead set against marriage due to her parents disastrous union. Obviously she has some deep seeded scars. So what would it take to convince her (or any woman skeptical for that matter) to wed? Seeing her two sisters find true love and happiness? CHECK. Have a handsome & rich man pursue you with honorable intentions? CHECK. Being extremely attracted to said man? CHECK. Have said man declare he loves you and finds you extremely attractive? CHECK. Be in love with or as close as you have been to said man? CHECK. Have said man declare that he would be faithful? CHECK. And, AND have said man declare that you wants you just the way you are? CHECK. Oh, and he has a title to boot! CHECK. Well, thats just not good enough for Lily! Because the crazy woman still says no.

I really loved Heath and admired him for his unrelenting pursuit and putting up with Lily. And its only because of him that I gave the book three stars. Lily, on the other hand, rather quickly becomes annoying and childish. Frankly, if I were Heath, I would have thrown in the towel long ago. If for anything, then for pride's sake. The man had to practically grovel. And while its nice to see an hard/aggressive hero grovel after some heinous treatment of the heroine, its depressing to see a NICE hero do the same for no apparent reason.

And once *AGAIN* another author seems to take historical conventions and throw them out the window! I'm sorry but if your family is trying to REBUILD their reputation then you DO NOT go to stay at courtesan's house. You DO NOT give etiquette lessons to prostitutes. You DO NOT attend a masked ball designed for these women to find protectors. And if you were found out? You would be ruined and your family tainted. The end!

So, though I really loved Heath and the writing is pretty good, I can't recommend this book. The heroine is too irritating and the believability is beyond what I can accept for this time period. I would recommend the second book in the series instead. Both the H/H are lovable and plot is more plausible.
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on 7 June 2008
Heath Griffin, Marquess of Claybourne unaccountably takes a shine to Lilian, the third of the Loring sisters, and pursues her unflaggingly, despite her expressed aversion to marriage. It's a fairly standard storyline, and yet it drove me to distraction. There's just too much about this book which is unsatisfactory.

Firstly, I believe that writers who base their novels within particular historical eras should work within the restrictions of that time. Here we have the sister-in-law of an earl who dashes about the countryside without any form of chaperone, and ends up living in a home for ladies of the night. Also, what happened to all the servants? At the beginning of the novel, when Heath drives up in his curricle (without a tiger), no grooms rush out to meet him. Equally, there seem to be no servants at all in the boarding house. Men wander in and out of the heroine's bedroom at will. And the hero and heroine marry on a ship - yet the Marriage Act 1753 prohibited all but church weddings. ... And so it goes on ...

Additional irritations involved Ms. Jordan's writing style. Which involves the use of clauses and phrases as sentences. Leading to a rather breathless tempo. Which is irritating. And distracting. Also, the little excerpts from supposed letters to and from the heroine at the beginning of each chapter act as spoilers. Does Ms. Jordan think her readers incapable of following her plot without such signposts?

I also agree with Misuzmama that Lily's repugnance to marriage, which is the whole premise of the book, was vastly overplayed. Jordan is so keen to ensure we get it, that she has Lily rehearsing that aversion in virtually every chapter.

There's also an irritating fixation with the idea of "noblemen" - Lily and Heath spend much of the book telling one another what a "nobleman" thinks, feels and does or does not do. Since they're both members of the Ton, why?

Basically, without the hero, who's just the sort of gorgeous, long-suffering alpha male I adore, this book would only have received one star from me - he was the only reason I even finished it!
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on 17 August 2008
I have now finished all 3 of the books in this series. I feel compelled to write this review in relation to this third book (which I enjoyed immensely and thought it was just as superb as the other 2 books in the series and in fact my personal favorite) as I was almost put off buying the series because of the other reviews. Please dont make that mistake. The 3rd instalment is exquisite! I felt I could really relate to Lily who was 'afraid to love'. And Heath....mmmmmm......what woman woman wouldnt want a man like him to pursue her? I guess its all a matter of personal taste but Im very glad I decided to make up my own mind. I have just put in a pre-order for the 4th book!
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on 7 December 2010
I have just finished reading To Seduce a Bride and I have to laugh. A friend of mine has written a couple of not half bad Historical Romance novels and cannot get published but here is a book already in print which has a really quite unbelievable plot, but I suppose once you have sold a book or two and people like those your others sell on your name alone. I, after all, bought this one and the first having read the middle one which I thought was okay.

The concept of a gently bred lady, already blackened by scandal, living and assisting in what amounts to be a school for prostitutes is ludicrous but if you can get over that you may still manage to enjoy the trip. Those of you who read for the sexual content won't be disappointed. I don't mind some sex in my historicals but some authors have found a niche for themselves with what amounts to soft porn and if that does it for you then perhaps this is a book you will enjoy. For myself, I consider explicit sex for the sake of sex in a novel tedious and there simply to pad out the pages.

This book could have been reduced to not more than several chapters. I put it in the category of a Beginning, Middle and End book, ie: read chapter 1, take a chapter from the middle, read the last page, and there you have it, book read. I could not believe when after reading for four nights in a row (it was really easy to put down, even in the middle of a paragraph) I had not even got half way through and still nothing else had happened, just the same old `marry me, Lily', followed by `no I cannot trust a man after what happened to my mother'. For me the female character had never really grown up and from beginning to end behaved more as a child than a woman. I really rather hoped Heath had left her, perhaps she would have grown up then. I cannot believe a man such as Heath would have continued to put up with her but he did.

I already have the third but first book in the trilogy in my keeping and as the middle one wasn't bad will read it and hope it is better than the above but I will not be purchasing any more books by this author, I will read my friend's instead.
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on 14 October 2008
It took me a while to finish all 3 of the series, I needed to be in the right mood to enjoy, so I did pick them up and put them back a few times. When in the mood however I really enjoyed them. The characters are well portrayed.male and female and I particulary liked the female characters who, although sisters, were very differant. If you like a good romance with a bit of guts then these will be for you.
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