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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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This is a well-written, easily read and IMPORTANT book, magnesium being the most essential supplement needed.

In this comprehensive treatment of the various ailments/diseases caused by lack of this mineral, the author includes chapters on depression, migraines. strokes, hypertension, PMS, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc. etc. In fact the author lists 68 common complaints caused by lack of magnesium and cites various medications also causing such lack. Magnesium regulates more than 325 enzymes in the body and since nowadays our farmlands are mineral-depleted, we cannot obtain enough magnesium even from an optimal diet rich in organic vegetables without supplementation.

We are provided with a wealth of facts about the mineral, for example, that fluoridated water banishes magnesium, that stomach acid is essential for magnesium absorption and that magnesium is blocked by certain foods, such as raw spinach. Also magnesium is required for adequate blood sugar control (can't remember reading that in any of the many diabetes books I've read and reviewed!), and treatment of stress.

In fact, this book is an absolute mine of essential little-known information about magnesium that can contribute to optimizing our health, should we choose to implement this knowledge. Not only can this simple mineral cure us of many serious complaints, but we can thereby avoid having to take the harmful drugs our doctors might otherwise persuade us were necessary to poison our systems with.

The best forms of magnesium in the author's opinion are magnesium taurate, magnesium glycinate, magnesium citrate, magnesium malate, magnesium orotate and magnesium oil. Your magnesium supplements should preferably be taken between meals since absorption requires stomach acid, and if magnesium is taken together with meals, the stomach acid will be busy digesting the meal, and this may impair magnesium absorption. Kelp is the foodstuff containing the highest amount of magnesium (760 mg per 100 g).

Moreover, Carolyn Dean endears herself to me since unlike many health authors I complain about in my reviews, she is well aware of the dangers of aspartame and statins and warns us against their use.

I have personally long been aware of the importance of magnesium, since if I don't take magnesium supplements, I suffer from psychomotor seizures characterized by 1) hearing of loud bangs or clicks that no-one else hears 2) experiencing my head being lit up inside perhaps together with a bang 3) seeing "fire" coming out of a wall. These symptoms can be accompanied by jerking of the legs and generally occur in the stage preceding sleep. Also I have had a period with acute and constant pains in the head. All these symptoms disappeared immediately on magnesium supplementation with two strong pills a day, and do not recur as long as I continue to take these pills. However, when I attempted also to supplement with calcium, the pains recurred, so I had to stop taking calcium supplements. These two minerals work together, and I assume I was getting too much calcium in relation to magnesium in my diet. Without magnesium I also suffer from leg cramps or tics.

The only thing I lacked in this book was a more comprehensive treatment of the importance of magnesium supplementation for sufferers of epilepsy (as mentioned above), there being only a small paragraph on this topic.

To sum up, I would strongly advise everyone to read this essential book.
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on 16 December 2009
This book had me hooked from the start. I thought I knew a fair bit about minerals but the information given by Dr. Carolyn Dean really opened my eyes. I have obtained the Magnesium Oil suggested in the book. Magnesium is needed for so many functions in the body so we must all be very deficient, even if eating a good diet. I would certainly recommend this book as it is easy reading with lots of actual case histories. I still dip into it every so often to back up my facts.
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on 10 February 2007
Magnesium, is an essential nutrient, which is fully covered in book with references, and is easy to understand and well written. Every aspect of how magnesium can treat/prevent ill-health and most western disease is covered. e.g. Depression, anxiety,heart disease, spasms, hypertension and hypoglycemia, food cravings, e.g. uncontrollable urges for sugar, are claimmed to be prevented with magnesium foods/supplements. Although Dr. Carolyn Dean reccomends magnesium supplements, she always mentions them along side whole foods that contain magnesium so you will not turn into the ultimate pill popper(e.g. can not beat real food, especially organic food which is a bit better!). Our cells cannot function without magnesium and mentions depressives are not prozac deficient but magnesium deficient, hyperactive children are not retalin deficient but magnesium deficient. We as a society including doctors should take diet seriously, the problem reallt starts by the fact that we eat so much refined foods and sugar, and so many of our foods have had magnesium striped from them, as part of their refining/processing, freezing or tinning/ packaging processes, e.g. refining wheat and sugar. Foods such as refined sugar, white flour, alcohol, coffee use, take our bodies magnesium and leach it out big time, never mind provide it!!! So it is not just a matter of putting magnesium in but preventing it from being poured out by coffee and alcohol and junk foods. Dr. Carolyn Dean is a medical doctor, homeopath, herbalist, and nutritionalist, and has researched as much as possible about magnesium to give us the facts/references to back up what she claim. Her book has the potential to save many lifes and encourage people to lead healthier lifes which they can enjoy. I am sure this is why this book has been writen for us, I highly reccomend you read it and become healthier. Another example, she states the brain and heart contain the most magnesium if we become deficient in it these become severely effected. Most spasms, palpitations are caused also by magnesium deficiency, and explaines why and how etc. The book tells you which foods contain magnesium, and so so much more. A great, uplifting book to read that brings a promise of better health to those who follow out the Dr's/ and naruropathic profesional advice. Dr.Carolyn Dean is like a 4 in 1 professional, she knows her stuff!!!
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on 10 January 2011
a very informative book concise and to the point so refreshing to have a medical doctor think and write outside the medical boundaries. The book is very readable you can go to chapters that are relevant to you which I did but I then went back and read the book from cover to cover I found it excellent and I am a nurse myself.
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on 9 March 2013
I have health issues that relate to fatigue, lack of energy, pain in muscles and joints, reduced cognition - among a host of other symptoms - and was interested to find out more about a mineral which is important for me to be taking for my condition.

I didn't know what to expect and was pleasantly surprised by how accessible the information is. I would say that it would appeal to a wide audience of professionals and lay persons alike as Dr Dean has presented information in a well balanced manner. I like the inclusion of some physiology and gained a greater understanding of the important role of magnesium.

The book is designed to be used as a 'tool box' which you can dip into. Sectioned into handy chapters for various conditions and illnesses it is very user friendly. I would have liked a little more detail on dosing and managing supplementation but this is a great starting point and Carolyn has a good website that holds much more information. This would not put me off purchasing this book.

I read the book from cover to cover as I found it so very interesting and eye opening. The list of symptoms that may indicate a deficiency in this mineral is astonishing.

Good to see lifestyle and diet advice included - this is kept short but I feel it is enough for including in this book. A good starting point and not overwhelming. I benefited from knowing that spinach when eaten raw stops absorption of magnesium - I had been eating lots of raw spinach. Also the role that magnesium plays with calcium is very good to know about and then I can ensure that I am having appropriate amounts of both minerals.

The book is well referenced - I like to know where facts have come and to access further reading if need be.

All in all I think this is a great book and one that I will be accessing often.
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Excellent reference book and very enlightening. I did not realise just how many minor (and some major) ailments are due to magnesium levels being too low in your body. Depression, constipation, bone health to name but a few. I was always very healthy (or so I thought) until I was diagnosed with Cancer a few years ago and the chemotherapy really messes with your body health. Since finishing chemo I have found the whites of my eyes looked yellow and unhealthy, my metabolism has slowed down and my digestion sluggish, my skin looked unhealthy and I had developed osteopenia in my lower spine which causes pains from time to time. I lack the energy I used to have and generally felt unwell and unable to recover to my pre-chemo state. I struggled on like this for 2 years until I discovered this book as Magnesium was recommended by a friend. All I can say is WOW! magnesium really does work miracles. I now take daily does of Magnesium, Vitamin C, D and Calcium and since doing so my eyes look clearer and healthier, my digestion system is performing better, my skin looks pink rather than grey, my hair seems shinier and my insomnia is better though not completely cured.

Read this book and you may think it's just another snake-oil seller situation because its claims may seem too good to be true but I for one think it is better to try natural methods before resorting to drugs. Modern day diets and environments have a terrible effect on the body - most of which we are simply unaware of but often times simple remedies like this really can work wonders. I got the book first, was not entirely sure if it would help but I tried these Calcium Magnesium & Vitamin D/ 120 Tablets as the book will tell you if you want to strengthen bones, you need to ensure your calcium levels are good too and the body needs Vit D to help absorb the Calcium. I was taking Calcium and Vit D provided on prescription after chemo but still had backaches.

For me the fact that I could actually see a difference in my eyes in particular after starting on Magnesium and secondly, I have only twice had lower back twinges in the last year since taking magnesium made it more noticable that it was magnesium doing that.

You need to read this book to see what applies to you but you will be amazed at how such a cheap and basic ingredient can help your body.
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on 15 June 2012
This is a great book, ordered another one for a friend afterwards. My son suffered from stress which was rather debilitating for him, it included muscle twitching, tingeling in the legs and arms and heart racing amongst other things. I had done so much research on the internet previously to find out how to help him as the doctor didn't seem to be able to offer much help. ( He did all the necessary blood tests, checks,etc) I also suffered from fatigue myself and for weeks had trouble sleeping through the night, (again all my blood tests were negative and our family eat a healthy diet). I found all the answers in this book! We are now using magnesium oil ( and some other supplements) and after 1 month my sons symptoms have almost all disappeared and I am sleeping through the night again! I found this book a very easy read.
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on 1 September 2010
i started to read this book and could not put it down so much information thing that i did not know about, i would advise any one who care about their health to get this book and read it.

P/s we need more books like this. C.S
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on 20 April 2012
I bought this book as I wanted to increase my knowledge about magnesium and how it affects our daily lives and health. I am glad I have done so as it is full of good advice. What is the best magnesium to take and how and in what doses in combination with other minerals and vitamins. One of the best books I have read in a long time.
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on 28 July 2013
I found this book an excellent read and it answered many of the questions I had about magnesium supplementation. Consequently, I started to use magnesium and improved my health significantly. I feel better than I have for years. I would highly recommend this book.
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