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on 14 May 2006
This book has also been published under the name Temeraire.

it covers the period of the war with Napoleon, but with the addition of dragons that can fly.

Both sides domesticate and breed dragons to use as weapons. This book covers what happens once an egg is captured.

I bought the e-book version to read as it sounded like a different take on classic scifi / fantasy. It isnt - this is more of a historical novel with a big "what if" thrown in.

But this is a really good book - so who cares how it should be classified. More please.

Anyway, i immediately got the sequel as soon as i had finished this book (Throne of Jade).

Summary - original plot take using some classical themes, really good writing, lots of atmosphere. Recommended.
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on 8 December 2010
I was a bit skeptical about this one going in... C'mon, dragons?! But the free price tag and the rave reviews sucked me in. What did I have to lose, right?

I am so glad I took the plunge. The opening pages were a bit of work, but once I got used to the old English, it was smooth sailing. And I loved every second of it from then on! When my family asked what I was reading, I hesitated -- then told them about the story line and how exciting it was to read. I think I sold them on it as well. My teenage son now wants to read it.

If you're not sure about this one -- or if the thought of reading about dragons make you ask yourself, "why?" jump on in. I'm certain you'll find that the water is fine.
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This is a great book. However if like me you discover an author you like and a story you like, you then go and buy the rest of the series then you're in for a shock in one books case.

"Temeraire" and "His Majesty's Dragon" are one and the same book with different cover and title. EXACTLY the same book !!! How did this happen ? What was the author or publisher thinking when they gave permission for this to happen. I'm not impressed at all and have never seen this before .
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on 30 January 2007
Although this book may appear to be a partially-altered history of the Napoleonic wars (the Brits and French have different species of dragons fighting for them!) it's actually far more of a story about a man and his dragon learning about each other. This is not just battles and fighting, it's a book about character and growth.

Naval captain Will Laurence, when boarding a French ship that his men have taken, finds a dragon egg being transported. Dragons, when hatched, become bound to their new owners when the harness is put on them and from that point dragon and owner become virtually inseparable. One of Will's seamen wins (loses??) the lot to become the new owner of the dragon when it hatches - but when the egg is finally opened the newborn dragon instead takes to Will. This is a devastating loss for will as the Aerial Corps (dragon owners and riders) are not treated well in the society of the day.

Still, Will seems to take his new role fairly philosophically and he and Temeraire, the dragon, start learning about each other. Dragons can speak as soon as they are hatched and Temeraire is a very interesting character. He has incredible loyalty to Will but not the same level of loyalty to honour and country that his handler has.

Most of this story covers the training that Will and Temeraire go through with different dragons, flying in formation and trying to protect British shores from the French dragons loyal to Bonaparte. The battle of Trafalgar takes place in this book, among other battles, and it is rooted in history despite the rather large tangent of battles.

I enjoyed the book very much, particularly in Will's change of circumstance from sea captain to dragon handler, and in his dealings with Temeraire and the other dragons and their handlers. There are other books written following this and I will enjoy looking out for them - it's a great fun read and something that will appeal to many people.

This book was also published under the title "Temeraire"
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on 2 July 2016
What a fantastic book. Do you love dragons? This book is very different from others I have read. The Navy is transporting an egg, highly prized, before it hatches as they bond when hatched. Well, the egg hatches and has his rider. When they make land the sailer has to stay on landmwiththe dragon and go thru years of training and decide whether he will go it alone or stay with the military and do their bidding. This is a fantastic book. I highly recommend it.
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on 5 February 2007
I started this book this afternoon and have only just put it down. "Temeraire" or "His Majesty's Dragon" is written on the highly origional premise of what history would have been like had Dragons existed.

So entertaining and fresh that I'm purchasing the second title immediately.

A must for any historical fiction and fantasy fan.

I hope to see many more works in this series.
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on 16 March 2007
I have no idea what age group this was written for, but being one of those teenagers who has an obsession with dragons and fantasy, I bought this book, thinking that the cool twist to an interesting historical era would be worth my time.

Big mistake.

I'm one of those poor, cursed souls who when they start to read a book, have to keep reading it. I can't just stop, so I spent hours slaving through the chapters of long words, flowery language and annoying characters. Perhaps it's because I'm only fifteen that I thought the novel was full of infuriatingly long words, but I kept becoming distracted by it all. Laurence, the main character, I found a bit flat and his dragon made me cringe. There were only a few characters I liked, but I didn't actually feel for them.

So why have I given it a star if I thought it was that bad? The reason for that star is that there was ONE scene that really grabbed me and moved me, and I thought, just for that, this book deserved at least A star.

Not for fifteen year olds who hate feeling like they're being tested in an english classroom.
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