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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 25 May 2015
Action packed adventure with lots of twists and turns! I would dfinitely reccomend this book.
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on 3 January 2017
Having read Hitman Desolation a month previously i waited anxiously to get this as a Christmas present mainly because i asked for it but after reading the book even though it had some good parts that you could imagine yourself in the place of Agent 47 scoping how to pull off the perfect mission and making it look like an accident or trying to escape a hail of bullets flying at your head there was a meh moment when i when the last chapter and finished the book. Not bad but not my favourite out the two Hitman Agent 47 Novels.
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on 29 June 2010
Like other Hitman fans I was sceptical about this book, but it was cheap and so I thought I would take a chance and buy it. Having just finished it I can say this is an excellent book for Hitman fans. Mr Dietz has clearly done his homework and all that he writes seems very real, from Agent 47's day to day activities, to the preparations he makes for accomplishing a task and his thoughts during the missions themselves, all of it is entirely plausible and seems at home in the established Hitman universe. Although this book wouldn't lend itself to a game, it could certainly be adapted into an equally brilliant film. Overall, whether a non-Hitman fan will enjoy this, I can not say. But if you love the Hitman games then you will find this to be an extremely entertaining and engaging novel.
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on 9 November 2008
After watching the film I was a little wary as to how the book my turn out to be, but after reading the other reviews I decided to give it ago, and I'm glad i did! Unlike the film the book stays very true to the character that is Agent 47. It gives a good brief background as to how he came to be and how he lives, and it offers a great story.

All in all I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is well written, entertaining, and it stays true to the games and the character. I sincerely hope the author writes another.
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on 20 February 2011
This was an extremely detailed and enjoyable read. This did the game and true fans of the hitman franchise justice (unlike the film...just terrible). If you buy this book you will absolutely not regret it.
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on 12 January 2009
I'll admit, when I saw there was a Hitman novel, i was skeptical. And like other reviewers on this site, was getting impatient waiting for hitman 5, and felt let down by the Hollywood movie. I decided to give this a try, thinking maybe it could give me a few hours entertainment.

I was surprised and blown away by how great this is. The narrative is well told and intelligently written, making for a great story that is dark, exciting and stays true to the hitman universe. Not only are we given a great plot and mission to follow, but we are given insights in to things the videogames never could. 47's past and his daily routine and habits are convincingly told, it definately feels like Dietz is passionate about the story, and I for one accept this story in 47's life as canon, not just a spin-off. Unlike the videogames 47 wears fake beards, make up and conceal his barcode when going undercover, he engages in thrilling pursuits of targets when a mission goes awry; he waits for counter assassins as you'd imagine, silencing them with his signature garrot-wire and syringe. Dietz succeeds in establishing 47 and the agency in reality, making it brutal and sometimes chillingly explicit in detail. In all, this is a great book

If you're a fan of the hitman games, this is a must. If you're unfamiliar with the Hitman series, you should enjoy it as a standalone, as long as you like dark, complex, well written literature.
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on 18 June 2011
As an unconditional fan of the Hitman game series, I bought this book the minute I knew it existed. And I could not be more happy with it.

It tells the story of a lonely assassin that, despite following the orders of a ruthless group of executives and investors, is not blind the the most human acts. It describes brutal images of our poor reality, being the description of a Moroccan prostitution orphanage and the fight for survival of African refugees the most violent of them, in my point of view.

This book is very addictive and you won't be disappointed. While following the life of Agent 47 I felt rush and excitement, similar to the gaming experience: feelings you will also most certainly feel.
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on 18 January 2011
The regular references to the game like using fibre wire, sneaking up behind people and using a silenced pistol is really great if you've played the game, because you can really picture the scenes well.
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on 31 October 2012
Hitman: Enemy Within is a fantastic book, I can not overstate this enough!

The character of 47 is portrayed fantastically well and it delves into 47's past as a boy in the asylum of the brutal Dr Ort-Meyer. Fast forward 30 or so years later and we have the world's most deadly assassin that has ever lived.

This book is a must read for any fan of the Hitman Series, and I would actually recommend it to anyone who even just likes to read crime novels in general! Hitman: Enemy Within is a fantastically written, intelligent book that breathes new life into agent 47. You will get to know what makes 47 tick, and the nuances of his character.

Most importantly the book stays completely accurate to the series of games and does a fantastic job of maintaining the dark and gritty world that 47 often finds himself murdering his way through. 47 sounds like the most dangerous man that has ever lived, but it is easy to warm to this cold hearted contract killer as the novel unfolds.

Stop reading this, buy it... Enjoy it.

If you don't chances are you might just disappear and a bald man wearing your clothes will wander off down the street...
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on 14 December 2012
Five stars - and for a reason. As a Hitman franchise fan (ever since Codename 47) I was afraid, that author simply won't "catch the drift" of what Hitman was about, as it happened before, with Hitman Movie (which was simply disappointing, in my opinion). Fears were further elevated by describing 47's childhood - was author really competent enough to do so, without spoiling the series?

In short: yes, he was. Author made sure to keep the spirit of the IO masterpiece and didn't succumb to temptation to simply include lots of meaningless shoot-outs with tough-as-nails bad guy as a protagonist.

Writing style was one I really liked and allowed to actually imagine, what was going on with vivid clarity - accessible language paints the picture in the head of a reader almost automatically. Plot is interesting and doesn't conflict with game, though in my opinion, too much action took place in Fez - but that's just my opinion.

Overall, I'd recommend it. Even if You don't like Hitman much, You will like Dietz - guaranteed :).
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