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on 25 March 2006
After Jedi Trial I was worried about the next in the range but I was not disappointed by this very enjoyable tale. i was concerned about yoda being a central character but the inclusion of the two young jedi as primary characters and the cameo appearences of Anakin and Obi-Wan made it a very palatable read. It has all the adventure and action of the films coupled with the psychological depth the book range has always managed effectively. The comic aspects never overrule the story in a 'Jar Jar Binks' way and are a much needed injection into the Clone Wars range which was sinking into an understandable but rather tedious morbidity beforehand. The development of Dooku's character is also interesting and leaves you wanting to know more about him. I was a bit dipleased that Asajj Ventress escaped her comeuppance, especially when things looked set for a final confrontation between her, Obi-wan and Anakin. But nevermind, that battle is obviously for another time.
In short, this book is good fun and a pleasure to read. I look forward to more from Sean Stewart, someone who can write Yoda even better than Lucas.
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on 25 January 2005
I think Sean Stewart is either lucky, being able to write about Yoda as the centre of attention in a Star Wars novel, or chosen very carefully to write this one in particular.
It has everything a Star Wars novel should have. The wicked sense of humour he has given Yoda is comical too. It is a great change to read a Star Wars novel with such a mix of characters -never a shortcoming in any SW novel, from the droids and children, to another sidekick for Count Dooku, as well as other known and not so well known Jedi.
The insight into more of what lies within the Jedi temple is almost as refreshing as the book. I enjoyed reading it from cover to cover, as I do with most SW novels. Unlike some, this was not hard going. It was easy to read, and I, like most who read the continually growing stable of SW novels enjoy learning more and more about that Star Wars Galaxy.
Also I am eagerly awaiting the final SW episode in May this year.
If the force is strong in anyone on this backwater planet, its strong in George Lucas.
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on 10 June 2010
Yoda - Dark Rendezvous isn't particularly an interesting concept with story it's more a book designed to allow Star Wars fans to spend some time with everybody's favourite green alien of unknown species.
The story is basic; Count Dooku sends word to Yoda that he wishes to meet the green skinned one in person as he's sick of the escalating war and hints that he wishes to return to the Jedi. Even though Yoda and Windu both agree that although this invitation is bound to be a trap they conclude that the chance that there could even be a hint of honesty behind the white flag is too good a chance to pass up on. So Yoda packs his bags and travels with some Jedi (that really aren't memorable to note) to Dooku's current lair. That's the story in a nutshell. Yes there's some battles between and some explosions and even fair amount of deaths but it's all moot in the grand schemes of things.

Now our author Sean Stewart knows that we've all seen Episode III so we all are going to know how the meeting ends (I'll give you a clue: not well) so he spends the majority of the novel as a kind of character study of Yoda as we watch how Yoda passively trains the Jedi around him and by spending time in flashbacks with Yoda and his young apprentice Dooku. There's a wonderful scene where Yoda scrambles up onto a rock to sit along side a teenage Dooku; as Yoda gets seated he reaches for his light that he left on the ground just out of reach. Seeing Yoda struggle to reach the light with his cane Dooku uses the force to bring the light into Yoda's hands;
' "Why not do it the easy way, Master?" he asks - and knows what's coming as soon as he shuts his mouth.
"Because it is easy," Yoda grunts. '
A scene like this and many after it brings a lot of Yoda's sensibilities to a book that has little going for it in terms of plot and shows what an understanding Stewart has in terms of characterisation.
He even spends a page or two covering up a plot hole in the prequel movies (although I'm sure this is mandatory for any Expanded Universe author!) where Yoda explains the crowded city of Coruscant might not be the best place for the Jedi Temple as it brings much clouding to force; this nicely explains why so many high ranking Jedi masters could not sense Palpatine as the hidden Sith even when all where in such close contact though-out the years.

Sadly Stewart manages to lose a star from my review score by referencing on more than one occasion 'midi chlorians' (please can we pretend they don't exist? - thanks) and also by shoe horning Obi-Wan and Anakin into the last half of the novel for some reason. I guess his editor told him that he couldn't just write a book about Dooku, Yoda and some unknown Jedi and add some established characters in for good measure.

Overall the book is strong in terms of believable characters and has an excellent of humour; honestly I laughed out loud more than few times through the duration of Dark Rendezvous.
Anyone that is a fan of Yoda should pick it up whether your a fan of the Prequel series or not (I am NOT... for the record)
"Pfeh. All too wise, you have become. Better before it was, when only Yoda was wise!" - Yoda
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on 24 October 2013
I bought this item expecting it to be new and in a new condition. It was new but had been posted from america in a carrier bag??!!?? It is battered and damaged to looking like its been read by an angry child. Also I looked as many times as I could in as many places I could to make sure it was being posted from england I could find nothing to indicate otherwise. So I bought my item expecting a new book within a week. It took 22 days to arrive because it came from america?? Why was this fact hidden from me. This has really put me off from using amazon in the future. I am going to be requesting a full refund, as I have been conned
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on 22 February 2011
This story is one of the better Star Wars extended universe novels out there, with some great characters that make you care about them and hope that they escape order 66. I read this before Episode III came out, but at that point, the conclusion to that film was already known. Whether it's Whie (a character that I normally wouldn't like, but certainly did here.) or Scout or the Countess, you get sucked in by them and they don't let go. Well worth your money and time.
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on 28 May 2013
This book is too long for the story it tells. The entire book covers the journey to the planet and once there the whole event is such an anti climax. I liked the inclusion of a Gran Jedi as a main character, for such a wide universe these novels always seem to focus on humans. Ventress as always steals the show. The rest should have been a subplot rather than the main plot of a novel. All in all, far from a good book, it's an ok-ish book
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on 12 August 2013
Sean Stewart's eloquent, witty, discriptive writing puts you at the heart of this story, with the tragic tale of Vjun and the final fate of it populous. I love Yoda's undercover masquerade, there are some delicious scenes in this novel which had me laughing and wishing that this was adapted for television. I heartily reccomend this book.
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on 25 March 2013
After episode 2 and the clone wars until his death in episode 3. Count Dooku was a mystery. Sure there are many books out there explaining bits of him. But this book shows him as a person in no way I ever expected it.

It also shows the best part of beeing jedi and how deep enlightened master yoda is. Love this book.
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on 17 June 2013
I didn't like it it was properly not my type of films, as I always like original star wars films.
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