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on 24 February 2012
Difficult to find a page that doesn't contain the words "Your last diet!".

In fact, on most pages "Your last diet!" appears at least 3 times!! Very off putting. I forced myself to read through the book. And got to the point where I skimmed though and I saw that it doesn't get any better. It seems that maybe "your last diet" has been added numerous times to bulk up the book as well as other useless chapters which are a bore and have nothing to do with a diet - just some opinions about fat people, self promotion and self help preaching.

I do not like the opening sentence - it rang self help book and was offensive: "You are fat and diets haven't worked for you. You have been motivated to lose weight your entire life. You have tried every diet on earth from the cottage cheese and grapefruit diet to the cabbage diet." Straight away, I thought - how do you know? I am not fat, I have not tried lots of diets. I am a few pounds overweight and I am a sugar addict and want to cut out sugar. Which is why I bought the book!! It seems the fat thing is thrown at you a few times throughout the book and then the author attempts to justify why she likes to call the reader FAT! The author by the way is currently a size 14 - but she wants to be a size 14 so thats ok. What I want to know is- is that an American size 14? Would this convert as a UK size 18? ......

Anyway, I blame the editors. The book could have easily been reduced to 2 chapters. I wish there was more factual information, and scientific advice rather than self promotion of previous books. One of which is "potatoes not prozac" - in case you didn't know that from the numerous times it is mentioned throughout. Also I wish there was an actual diet plan, recipes and um... diet plan? The diet plan is on pages 183 - 205!! Out of 233 pages!

One chapter is a waste of time above all others: "Finding your personal style of change" (p. 80) which tells you if you are word smart, number smart, space smart, music smart, body smart.... etc blah blah. What!! I could not believe I had read this far and still not reached the actual diet. It also goes on to tell you yet again what the author thinks about herself. How much she scored etc.

What I find most upsetting about this book is that I believe that cutting out sugar, white food, alcohol and maybe wheat works! As well as balancing meals with protein, carbs and veg/fruit. I have tried it myself in the past - way before this book was published and it has worked for me. In fact, cut them all out properly, and the most difficult thing is trying to keep weight on by eating as much of the good stuff as possible!! I bought this book as I have become a sugar addict once again and I thought this book would be a good motivational tool. Halfway thorough however, all I wanted to do was to reach for the wine and chocolate to give me the strength to read on!!

The ideas in this book are not original. It would be better to google "cutting out sugar" and do your own research. Loosely using the GI plan, healthy eating and common sense as a guide.

The one and only interesting part in the book is the mention of the mice experiment. C57 mice and DBA mice. Very interesting. Like I said the book can be reduced to 2 chapters. The mice chapter as evidence of sugar addiction and an actual diet plan added as another chapter.

I am really sorry to have to write this bad review but I thought I'd better warn some unsuspecting 'fat person' about the lack of actual dietary advice.

To sum up: Waste of money and misleading. Now for me to look up refund options.
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on 11 October 2012
This book like all of KDM's books are not written to help you.

KDM books are not just' long, confusing and unhelpful they are in fact no more than sales pitches for more products.

If you buy and read one you become sucked into a special 'radiant recovery world' Trust me this world does not come for free.

If you finnish the book you will have been persuaded to join the 'online community' This is not free.

Once a member you will be 'advised' to take 'online classes' to help you through each step (yes she has called them steps!)
Now each step will cost you about $25 except one which demands 2 classes and is this almost $50.

Do not think that is the end of it. true I don't know how wealthy this 'industry' has made her but she sure knows how to create an income stream.

Post completing the 'steps' at a cost of approx $200 she will guide you through a 'remember class' just so you can remember what she has just told you. The end?
No, then and this is brilliant, she says that 'if you are not feeling how you should be feeling' And how would we know how that was meant to feel?
She will give you an extra class for about $40+ to teach you why you are not feeling how you should feel.

Personally, if I had spent well over $200 only to be charged a further $40 because it had not work I might start feeling pretty depressed.

It does not end there, from what I can see there are about another 30 classes and courses all for about $25 to help you with' filling in a diary' to 'letting go of pain' and God knows what else.

Whilst she is charging you of $100 of dollars for all of this you will also be asked, persuaded or encouraged to eat certain foods and special proteins and take special supplements and guess who makes and sells these? yes radiant recovery.
Some foods are an incredible price. Some rice which must contain 'magic beans' costs about $14 for one pound. Or over $30 a kilo!

Trust me this is far from the end. Once you have bought every book, taken every class and tried all the foods you will still be urged to 'come to ranch'
Now these cost money. real money.
$399 for 2 days in the UK. Plus B & B, plus your other meals + travel etc. You are going to need over $750 for the weekend. The 'Ranch' in the USA costs more and travel will be more.

Now, maybe KDM meant well when she started he 'recovery program' but somewhere down the line she either, lost the plot or became money orientated. How could someone who is sugar sensitive or depressed and on a low or medium income enter this world? They could not.

Her target market are all 'needy' they all must have some issues otherwise they would not buy her book and once she entices them into her spider web they are going to pay and pay and pay some more in order to benefit from her 'radiant recovery' . She needs her readers to be both needy and wealthy and ready to part with cash.

She is now even 'curing' alcoholics and smokers! Are there no limits to her powers?

If you are depressed, get some real help. If you are a food addict or an alcoholic attend a 12 step meeting. They are free. You will also join a real life community of real people. Someone will take you through the steps FOR FREE.
Once you are well, you can also 'freely give away what was given to you'
This itself will make you feel well, give you a sense of purpose and lift most blues or depressions. If you need help stopping smoking buy A Carr's 'The easy way to stop smoking. Join both a 12 step group, by a Carr's book you will be in for about $10 and probably be well and have some friends.
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on 11 March 2013
I haven't had the book long enough to review it completely as I haven't completed all the steps yet.
It is a little repetitive at the start but I like the step by step nature of the programme and I'm taking it one step at a time...
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