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on 11 December 2001
The various triology's have all been of a very high standard. Usually, they hold real importance to the Babylon 5 universe. The technomage trilogy is no different. Based around Galen, the wonderfull technomage seen in Crusade, the trilogy began around 2258 and by this book it's around 2259-60. That gives you an idea on the status of the Shadow war. Reading theses books, secrets will revealed to you. The origins of the mages being the biggest expose, explained in book 2 and gone into more detail in 3. The books are accessiable to the casual fan. There real quality will be missed though. So surprise, surprise these books are awsome. JMS, Jeanne Cavelos, I salute you.
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VINE VOICEon 22 January 2002
This book is simply stunning... the amount of extra infomation given about the Shadows / Vorlons is amazing. Also the way it seemlessly ties in with the TV show I wouldn't be supprised if it had been written at the same time, rather than years later. It doesn't rewrite what happened, just explain and fill in some of the holes from the TV series.
This book continues Galens stroy in a rivetting way, I found this book hard to put down till I had finished it, and was then forced to rewatch my B5 collection and reread all 3 of the technomage books....
This is the 3rd part of a trilogy so do your self a favour and read all books, they are the best of the B5 novels... and that is saying a lot as both the Psicore and Centauri trilogys are excellent...
Now all I say is GIVE US MORE B5 NOVELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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on 9 December 2001
This is a brilliant book! Although it is tied in to the Babylon 5 and Crusade TV series, it is not just for fans, being a fine piece of science fiction writing in it's own right (having said that, you do need to read the two other books in the B5 Technomage trilogy...but that's ok because they're great too! Buy them! Buy them for your friends! Spread the word!). The book finishes off the tale of how the Technomages - a group of 'magicians'- were involved behind the scenes in the Shadow war (it's all explained in the books, so don't worry if I've lost you), focussing mainly on one of their order, Galen (seen in B5:Crusade) and how he deals with the knowledge and power he possesses. This is the conclusion to a truly epic trilogy.
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on 11 May 2005
ON the 1st of March this year (2005) J. Michael Strayzinski announced that plans for a new Babylon 5 movie (cautiously titled 'Memories of Shadows') in the near future were to be scrapped due to production problems. How fantastic would that have been and how disappointed am I? Very and extremely. But who needs a Babylon 5 Movie when you have such a magnificent story, as this trilogy has proven to be, also set in that world and probably just as engaging?
Okay...I DO! And so do you too probably, but still...at least we have something new to sink our teeth into while Sheridan, Delenn, Garabaldi and all the rest get some time off our screens.
"Invoking Darkness", book 3 in The Passing of the Techno-Mages trilogy concludes grippingly and beautifully the story of Galen, who began as an eager and powerful young mage and tells how now he must now deal with the true destructive power he wields. At one point in this novel I did feel like I was simply getting the same ending as the last book, but this impression was quickly blown to pieces as the action took unexpected turn after unexpected turn and continued to surprise until the every end. Not all the loose ends are tied up and this feels justified considering Babylon 5's habit of holding information back and preferable also because there is room for (at the very least) a sequel from the author some time in the future (*fingers crossed).
The next Babylon 5 book I plan to buy is "Long Night of Centauri Prime", which apparently reveals all concerning the events that occurred in the last 20 years of Sheridan's life, including his and Delenn's son David and also the legacy of the Shadows. I can only hope Peter David (an excellent author, by the way!) will equal Jeanne Cavelos in style, content and talent for illuminating the Babylon 5 universe and bringing characters to life on the page.
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on 29 July 2015
The Woman is her Message
Literally, interwoven between deep psychological conflicts, apocalyptic battles, political intrigues and interstellar journeys, Jeanne Cavelos encapsulates the emotional identity crisis facing 21st century youth and women intellectuals. Cavelos frames her thesis between Michel Straczynski’s powerful philosophical/psychological questions. Who are you? What do you want? An astrophysicist, who worked in NASA’s training division and a science fiction author place her in an optimal position to view practically everything from the combined perspectives of a woman and a polymath. Revealing and disturbing insights of her meaning emerge from decoding the moral message portrayed in The Passing of the Techno-mages.

Cavelos’ Techno-mages base their identity, knowledge and power on three mutually dependent codes: biological identity on genetics, technical on mathematics and a quasi-religious moral code. Burell, an older woman, and her young apprentice Isabelle establish the inherent value of information; however, it is the male protagonist Galen, and his mentor Elric, who must ultimately bear the emotional burden of the 23rd Century’s Catch-22 moral dilemma.

A moral imperative and responsibility are necessary consequences of three codes that encompass practically all knowledge. Trust is essential. If there is a betrayal of trust, personal empowerment conferred by the knowledge makes the responsibility of monopolizing information exceedingly dangerous. Highly emotional potentially suicidal reactions are to be expected. Consequently, no imagination is required to infer that negative effects on women and youth make domination of essential codes by older men in our 21st century increasingly untenable.

She skillfully erases the boundaries between academic specialties and literary genre, yet the author’s message is clear. We have to, nevertheless, be careful how we decode it. As an astrophysicist working in the Astronaut Training Division, she has, no doubt, experienced the emotional shock of considering the psychological and moral consequences of digital information’s technology’s NASA and DARPA roots. So, what-she-is is as important as who-she-is.

The Passing of the Techno-mages is a masterly portrayal of powerful emotions experienced at critical moments; a monumental task, brilliantly executed, yet there is little hope that its author will receive her just due.
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on 16 June 2002
a thoroughly enjoyable trilogy, although not as unputdownable as the Centuri trilogy.
I enjoyed Galen's struggle with his own violent suicidal nature and it is cleverly matched with events in the series. It confirms that Galen was the most interesting character in Crusade.
My only frustration is when oh when! will someone write the Crusade story so we can all find out what happened.
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on 12 December 2001
I pre ordered this book on the back of the first two in the trilogy. I was definitely not disappointed!
The way the writer makes you feel you're really there is amazing. If you've ever watched Babylon 5 or Crusade and had wondered what happened in other parts of the galaxy while the series was running, this book explains it all! (Well, in relation to the Techno Mages anyway!) The amount of research put into this book must have been tremendous. The way it connects with all the other things going on in and around Babylon 5 is just fantastic. All the way through the book I was saying to myself, " Ah, so that's why.."
Just buy it and see what I mean!
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on 11 April 2015
Some of the best spin off fiction anywhere IMV. This is the last in the excellent Techno Mage trilogy. A must for SciFi fans everywhere
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on 20 December 2013
Sadly I did not get all the way to the end of this one.... I was hoping that it would involve more of the B5 crew, alas, it did not. Also, the writing style was a bit too multi-layered: Too much going on at once kind of thing. It was rather tricky to follow the story through. Oh well... thankfully, there are other B5 books in print.
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