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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 7 June 2005
I feel it always takes time getting into new books, the style of the author and the setting. As far as the Expanded Universe goes i think i skipped ahead 10 years so i missed out the Solo kids pretty much growing up, but that wasn't a big problem. The author pretty much got down their personalities down early and well and left no confusion about where they stood and who they where.
The whole ExGal thing was a little long winded, i understand that what happened had to happen that way to develop the plot, but it still dragged a little and that was probably the only bad part of the book.
It was always difficult for an author to set the scene for a long running series, as with The New Jedi Order series, and even more difficult to have to kill one of the main and best loved characters off in the first book of that series, but i was pretty satisfied with this book when i had finished it, and was looking forward to the second in the series.
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on 22 November 1999
What a disapointment!
Good storyline idea but lacking in character desription. I just could'nt relate to the villains, who had very good potential but just did'nt live up to it. I hope this idea is expanded on, but possible with a different writer (No offense to R.A. Salvatore but the characters need more depth)
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on 10 January 2011
Book is well written, a few lame situations that could have been solved in a more realistic or reasonable way but the writer does over all a good job. It's worth reading for anyone that love star wars. Especially interesting is the part of Luke Skywalkers mindset and motivation to create the new jedi order and what hopefully in the coming book will turn into an interesting SW reality. The Vong are also an interesting species, but the end of the first book in the NJO series could have been much better. The plot is well planned and you also get to see things from the New Republic enemies which I enjoyed and found very interesting. It gets 3 stars.
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on 11 March 2000
I agree with Andy on the 'good being brave, what no-one else was brave enough to do' point, however, its not really done in good way, more for shock value, than to enhance the story. However, with Leia's children a lot older they add to the story, had Mara gets a bigger role again, which is kinda nice. The idea is nice, it roles along nicely, and, once again, I had a hard time putting it down. Do heed the advice to get tissues, a LOT of tissues before you read it though(SW will never be the same)
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on 18 August 2009
Not the best Star Wars book that I've read, but it introduces the Yuuzhan Vong, who are an interesting "enemy", with their organic alternatives to technology. It is well written, although I was underwhelmed by the ending, but the next books in the series improve matters considerably, so worth reading for that.
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on 21 July 2013
I like this start to the series, hard to read in parts(but that's just probably my own illiteracy), very detailed when explaining the Yuuzhan Vong etc. Looking forward to continuing the series.
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on 7 June 2005
I might get a slating from other readers and soon get a '0 out of 31 people found this review useful' because I dared to only give this book three stars, but I'd like to think that any criticisms are made fairly and that they are far more useful than endless praise. On that note let's begin...
One thing I will say is that there is certainly an air of intrigue present that hasn't been felt since Timothy's Zahn's books - if only to find out the ugly truth unfolding. Solvatore has almost a disregard for established characters, highlighted by the killing off of Chewbacca. This could be viewed as unnecessarily tragic; and almost selfish as it leaves other authors without the classic foil to work with. However this does instil a sense of panic in the reader not dissimilar to that in a horror novel. The heroes can die and no-one is safe. I was also made to feel that this cheapens the original trilogy in that there is a consensus that there needs to be a threat more dangerous than before and this is an attempt to outdo everything that's gone; having said that that's just me being a traditionalist - the new films have made me feel exactly the same so that's more of an observation than an out and out criticism.
One cannot condemn Salvatore's penmanship although you could certainly accuse him of not researching the Star Wars universe as deeply as he might of (either that or his spin on things is quite extreme). The depth of this reality is extremely deep which plays a large part in the series appeal, to the extent that even the most hardcore of fans would struggle to read all of the books. It's possible that Salvatore skimmed over the ever-increasing line of stories and picked out facts and personalities that have already been accounted for by other authors (another hint at some selfishness). Kyp Durran's defiance of Luke is debatable after the events of the 'Jedi Academy' trilogy and leaves me thinking that there must have been a case of browsing over. There also seems to be a bit of bias regarding his own creations. The Yuuzhan Vong seem transplanted from some other unrelated science-fiction novel and possess powers akin to that of a superhero created by a competitive child. 'He can do this and this and this' etc. Even with the freedom at his disposal this seems like a bridge too far.
In all this is definitely worth a read but it is likely to receive a slightly mixed reaction. Although I am saddened by some of the changes made it does shake things up a bit and keeps you turning the pages, begrudgingly at times; something that Salvatore might be very pleased to hear. People can become too secure in the way things are and such a dramatic change is refreshing if not disturbing. Arguably the greatest literature in history is based on tragedy rather than the fabled: "and they lived happily ever after" and it seems as though this is where 'The new Jedi order' is taking us, although I would suggest it should try to do so not so heavy-handedly.
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