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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars

TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 22 March 2003
Centauri Prime is a hot bed of activity. Prime Minister Durla has gone power mad, and with that has come paranoia. Londo still does what he can to fight the Drakh, but with the Keeper in place, there is little he can do. Vir, meanwhile, slowly builds an army of revolutionaries. But can they gain strength in time to avoid an all out war with the Alliance? All bets are off when David Sheridan is implanted with his own keeper and heads to Centauri Prime.
This is the book that Babylon 5 fans have been waiting for. It finally fills in the gaps left between season 5 and "War Without End" from the third season. As with the series itself, even though we know the final outcome, getting there is half the journey. The pace never lags, and there are several surprises along the way. Once again, Mr. David has captured the characters and series perfectly. The scenes between Londo and G'Kar are some of the best anywhere, and Londo's struggle to redeem himself has never been more touching.
This book is an absolute must for Babylon 5 fans. You will love every minute of the story and leave satisfied. Non-fans will also enjoy the story and characters, but won't have the same connection. Either way, this is a wonderful book to end a highly recommended trilogy.
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on 6 April 2017
Well packed, good description of book. I am highly pleased.
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on 16 November 2000
"Out Of The Darkness" is the final book in the Legions Of Fire trilogy dealing with the Centauri and most specifically Londo Mollari. One time joke Ambassador to Babylon 5, now the Emperor of Centauri Prime but powerless because of the grip the sinister Drakh have over him.
The problem with the previous two entries in this trilogy is that when you came to the end of the book there was no real sense of resolution. But with this being the final installment there is no such problem here. In fact instead of writing a trilogy perhaps Peter David should have written one giant novel instead.
The quality of the writing is good, and allows the story to flow and continue at pace. The characters for the most part are absolutely spot on. Londo Mollari must be about the greatest and most interesting character ever. Both on television and in these books. His route from the drunken fool of the early days of Babylon 5 to the tragic figure he becomes here is very poignant. Sheridan, Delenn, Vir, Garibaldi, Dr. Franklin all appear. As does the superb G'Kar, although unfortunately his appearance is not as big as it should be. The only real disappointment is that Sheridan and Delenn's son David comes across as poorly characterised although there is not really any attempt to develop his character in any meaningful way.
When Babylon 5 finished on television there was a lot of loose ends. This will settle some of them, when read with the other books in the trilogy. If you've seen the episodes War Without End, and certain others, then you know how some of this book will end, but Peter David suprises with how some of the other characters fates resolve themselves.
I did get a strange feeling of deja vu during some of this novel though, which is not surprising really when Peter David takes some chunks out of his novelisation of "In the beginning" and reproduces them here. In what was one of the best parts of the novel to me, the opening narrative of the pilot episode is explained.
On it's own it is a good book, but to those who've seen the television series and read the others in the Legions Of Fire trilogy, it marks possibly the end of Babylon 5 as it resolves most of the main characters stories. But it does fail to resolve many questions. What happened to Lyta, Lochley, Lennier, Ivanova? Not forgetting the crew of the Excalibur in "Crusade."
Ultimately Out of The Darkness is a fantastic book. It has restored my interest in Babylon 5 and finally encouraged me to dig out those old television episodes that have been gathering dust on the video shelf. I can't wait for the next trilogy "The Passing Of The Technomages" to begin with Jeanne Cavelos' "Casting Shadows"
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on 30 May 2006
If you are a B5 fan then this book is a must read for you, other than being officially endorsed as Cannon by JMS(The Greta Maker himself)it is also one of the most anticipated storys of the B5 verse

Suffice to say that if you want to know how things got so bad in the future of War Without End on the future Centauri prime then you need to read this book.

Peter David once again does a superb job, the charicterisation is wonderfull and bang on what we would expect from the characters, also the use of humor in this book is wonderfull-look out for Page 260 and in my opinion the funniest line in B5 delivered by Garibaldi.

Also check out Pages 213-215, as lines spoken by Molari put the Pilot episode The Gathering-and the lats epsode Sleeping in Light in a whole new context for those who will catch on.

Anyone who's seen B5 will know generaly how the book ends but the real fun of the novel is that Pater David shows us how our characters got there in the first place!
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on 24 July 2007
Peter David is an exceptional writer. I'm sure J. Michael Straczynski was heavily involved in the creation of the main story, but David brings to life the extraordinary events with so much style, warmth and genuine fondness and respect for the characters that for me he must receive the most credit for this series that fills in so many of the gaps that the TV series wasn't able to explore.

Towards the end of the book as events from the B5 TV series and especially the TV movie `In the Beginning' are heavily referenced, the story becomes a little more predictable than the earlier constantly surprising events of previous books, but that's to be expected I guess for anyone who's seen Babylon 5 on television and it's not meant as a criticism of this superb story. If anything this only enhances the story by adding so many layers and bringing so many strands together that loyal fans are finally rewarded with a complete picture of the tumultuous years that followed the careful creation of the Interstellar Alliance with John J. Sheridan as its President.

I must agree with a previous reviewer's mention of the poor characterisation of John and Delenn's son David though who is simply portrayed as the archetypal teenager and little else. Despite being a unique hybrid in the B5 Universe of Human and Minbari his description extends only so far as that he's gifted with the charisma of his father and the brains of his mother, which I found to be very weak. But as he's the exception of poor characterisation in this tale any further character criticisms would be absolutely impossible to make. The characters who stood out for me particularly would be Mariel who is perhaps ultimately even more of a tragic figure than Londo and of course Vir, who is a man transformed and who flourishes in many ways as he finally makes a stand against the many atrocities committed in the name of his great friend Londo who himself flails under the continued torture of his Drakh keeper. This I found to be the perfect symbolism for this story- as one star rises, another must fall...

(To be honest the current scarcity of this book makes me quite angry. The fact that the concluding story of a trilogy can suddenly become so rare that anyone who hasn't read the final book must pay extortionate prices to discover all that happens next is simply wrong in my view and blame must fall on the publishers for producing too few copies of this title. I paid just under £30 and while I think this book is worth that high price, it's still an injustice, so I very much hope that more copies are made in the very near future for all those people who've yet to enjoy this soul-fulfilling story.)
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on 10 November 2000
I have been waiting for this book ever since watching Babylon 5' exciting episode 'War without End' which left so many unanswered questions.Even the final episode ,'Sleeping in the Light' still left too many important gaps .However worry no more.This book has it all. All fans will know the who,what and where but, this book drew it all neatly to-gether and exsplained HOW. Out of the Darkness is the third book in the 'Legions of Fire' Trilogy. The three books begin, from the moment,seen in the final Babylon 5 episodes ,where Londo recieves his Keeper.The books continue along the Babylon 5 time line,ending a few years before the episode,'Sleeping in the Light' when of course Vir is Emperor and John Sheridan is dying. The book is based on an original outline by J.Michael Straczynski,but was written bu Peter David.Although there are many new colourful characters, all the old favourites are there....Londo, Vir,Delenn,John Sheridan,Garibaldi,G'Kar ,and the Drakh,of course.
Bringing back Londo's wives, Mariel and Timov was very good.Through every page Peter David bring them all to life, just as we have always known them. As for the the ones we don't, they are a really joy to meet, especailly the villianously Minister Durla...a man you just love to hate. Excellent....just couldn't put it down.
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on 21 March 2001
If you are a fan of BAB 5 then this has all the answers that you have been waiting for with regards to anything Centauri. You'll finally find out if the visions of the future come true. Do G'Kar and Londo battle it out to the end???? Do Delenn and John lose their son to the Drakh???? I'm not telling but the book does. I wish there were more TV episodes to tell these stories, but there is so much detail in the book that I was 'watching' it in my head anyway.
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on 13 November 2000
Well having read the other two books I could not wait for this one to come along, and I was not disappointed. It's gripping from start to finish, I began to feel sorry with the characters, and I could not put it down. Peter David has done a great job with all of these books. I do not want to give the story away but this book gives you some of the answers the series never gave you. Well worth the cash.
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on 25 November 2000
This is the one ! All the answers are here. The plot threads from War Without End are at last clearly explained. The fate of Londo and G'Kar , how Sheridan and Delenn were imprisoned on Centauri Prime and Sheridan's time flash from Babylon 4 are all cleverly woven in to the story. David Sheridan and the Urn with the keeper inside and Vir's ascension to Emperor , not to mention Garibaldi's revenge on the evil Shiv'Kala is all here.
Never mind the telepath war , this should be the B5 movie. This book is a wonderful final piece in the jigsaw of the greatest sci fi story ever told !
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on 29 March 2014
This is ridiculous

my one star is not based on the content of the book, which I have yet to read, but if the two proceeding parts are anything to go by the final version should be excellent.

my gripe is the price tag. I bought the first two for pennies basically, now the lowest price for volume 3 is greater than £20. This is horrendous! and disgustingly so. The sellers here should be utterly ashamed of themselves!!!
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