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4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 24 May 1999
Although I love Dave Barry, and his writing always cracks me up, this is by far the least funny of his books. A far better book to start with is Dave Barry's Greatest Hits, or Dave Barry's only travel guide you'll ever need.
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on 23 July 1997
Mr. Barry's book is, undoubtedly, the funniest book I have ever read. It made me laugh at the ludicrousy of computers, the Internet, and life. I laughed through the entire book and nearly passed out at times from lack of oxygen.
The ONLY reason why I would not give this book the 10 it really deserves is because I thought the "adult stuff" was really too much. I would not let anyone read this who was under twelve or thirteen years of age. I think that at least SOME of it could have been taken out and the book would have been just as enjoyable.
This is one of those rare books that while reading it, the person sitting next to me had to turn to me and say, in this really concerned voice, "Are you okay?"
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on 15 February 1999
Dave Barry Is From Mars And Venus is probably his best work yet (even displacing the hilarious Dave Barry Does Japan). All the essays touch some hidden button that makes the audience gasp while holding its sides with laughter, "Yes! I know exactly what he's talking about!" Also notable are the small handful of essays where he sheds the slapstick facade for a few seconds for a rare look at the bitterness and anger he feels towards certain institutions of America. Definitely a must-buy for any Dave Barry fan.
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on 13 January 1998
This book is really funny for techie types, and Shadoe Stevens does an unbelievably great job of reading it on the tapes, but the key thing is the long story in the middle about a non-techie housewife meeting someone online ... she created a chat room called "knows how to spell", which kept the riff raff out. It's a must for anyone, not just computer types. It's so funny that I can't believe they haven't made it into a movie and won all the academy awards.
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on 19 November 1997
For starters, this could easily be the best Dave Barry's collection of columns ever.
His account on the Very First Thanksgiving, his solution to the Drug Problem (thru the use of modern packaging) and his depiction of the fears that bees inflict upon him, are just some of the bits that really make this one of his best books.
Dave Barry is the master of humor synthesis. And in "...from Venus and Mars" he demonstrates it again and again. He also goes back to the typical use of hyperboles (the closing of an article re-taking a priorly referred subject) and also is great again on his "mind" and "I.Q." level comparisons.
His keen (real keen) sense of observation it's poured easily and with grace on these pages. You cannot avoid laughter. But it's a laughter with a sense of "familiarity": I'm laughing at this, yes. But, oh, my gosh, this is also SO TRUE!.
If you don't know the works of Dave Barry you are just missing the works of (as the New York Times once put it) "the funniest man alive". Read this book. It's a great start for a great addiction. And, in the end, you'll be experiencing the same consequence than me: mainly, the need to have, read. and re-read ALL of his books.
By the way, a piece of advice on the picture that appears on page 143. The person shown on the left IS Stephen King, and it's not a fake picture. The caption in this picture is funny, as the rest of the captions in the other black and white Dave's pictures that appear randomly thru the book. It's great to see a younger Dave Barry (and to see even a photograph of his Catholic Confirmation certificate) to feel closer to the life and circumstances of one of the finest humor brains ever: the brain of the author of "...from venus AND Mars", Mr. Dave Barry.
Believe me. It's impossible (absolutely IMPOSSIBLE) not to laugh reading him! Get this book and ...enjoy!
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on 27 November 2009
This is a collection of funny stories, a few pages each, of the kind you would find in a weekly column of your newspaper. In fact, I understand the stories have been previously published in a weekly column or something.

I have mixed feelings about this book. I read the excerpt on Amazon's website and found it hilarious and absolutely wanted to have the book. When I held the book in my hands, I was perplexed. How could I ever have found this crap funny? I was almost beginning to fear that I had a split personality or something. Half a year later, I picked the book up again. My alter ego must have taken over by then, as I soon found myself rolling with laughter.

The stories are about various events in Mr. Barry's life (an attempt at dogsleighing, acting in the role of a corpse in opera, frustrated attempts at opening consumer product packages, and so on), described in deliberately exaggerated language. The quality of the stories varies. Some are extremely funny, some less.

The following is my favourite quote from this book which might give you an idea of the author's style:

"Awhile back I wrote a column in which I was mildly critical of classical music on the grounds that it sucks and I hate it. Rather than respond to these arguments on their intellectual merits, many classical-music fans responded with snotty personal attacks in which [---]."
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on 30 March 1999
For English I read a non-fiction book, which was Dave Barry is from Mars and Venus. I read a bit of it, to give my self an excuse for not studing, and that bit turned into the whole book, I couldn't put it down, except from the times when I laughed so hard I could feel my stomach muscles harden from laughing so hard. In fact right now I'm trying to get a P.E. contact, for the reading of hilarious books by the funniest man I have EVER heard of. I especially enjoy his views on the tabacco industry, DAMMIT! AND THOSE STUPID GUYS WHO REV THEIR ENGINES IN HANDINCAPPED PARKING LOTS WHO HAVE JOBS IN THE TABACCO INDUSTRY AND SMOKE CIGARS IN PUBLIC PLACES, I'm done, sorry about that. Say Dave, I know you're a little old, and married, but if your son is anything like you, I would like to meet him.
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on 4 July 1997
This unabridged reading is carried off very well by Shadoe Stevens. He has a voice that is pleasant to listen to for 6 hours, and an understanding of Dave Barry's sense of humor.

And Dave Barry has an understanding of the deep and underlying sense of how ridiculous computers and the internet really are.

If you are wondering how a web site address or fonts could be read aloud this recording will answer these burning questions. The only downside is that there is no insert or cheat sheet listing the web site. I guess that's what the book is for.

More gentle readers should be warned that there is an occasional reference to sex and sexual organs, but this is done as tastefully as one would expect from Mr. Barry.
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on 17 December 1997
Well, everybody and his dog has already reviewed Dave Barry in Cyberspace, but I had to throw my two cents in: Thanks, Dave, for coining the term "WGU" (Whirring Grinding Unit). Now everybody I know who uses a computer uses that term. Congratulations on making the already over-wordy English language one word wordier - it's a word we desperately needed.
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on 26 November 1997
You don't *need* a pocket protector to enjoy this book, but it couldn't hurt. Let down your guard and, just for a few minutes, revel in your geek-hood with Dave Barry. I can't imagine a funnier read.
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