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on 26 November 2017
I was very excited to read this book as i love Hamilton's Anita Blake series. However, i was slightly disappointed because i found it really hard to follow. If you don't have any knowledge of folklore, the fey or the seelie and unseelie court then this book is really hard to understand. I also really wasn't happy that within the first half of the book, the main character was sexual assaulted and it was kind of skimmed over. There was no emotional aftermath, no support for the police or her friends.
I don't think i'll carrying this series on, but i still think Hamilton is a genius writer... Anita Blake is the best book series i've ever read and that will never change for me!
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on 13 January 2018
This is my third time reading the brilliant Meredith Gentry Series if fantasy books from Laurell K Hamilton.

The research is excellent, court intrigue completely intoxicating, the men, incredible, and the kingdom beautifully crafted.

Simply 10/10 writing from an incredible author
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VINE VOICEon 21 May 2013
I came across this series by accident. I just typed 'The Gentry' into my Kindle and up popped these 4 books. It was a delight to find more books about the Seelie and Unseelie Courts.

Merry or Meredith is in hiding from the Unseelie Queen Andais after running away from the Court where she had been subjected to countless assassinations. She is also a Sidhe Princess in her own right.

She is now working as a sort of P.I. When two women come into the office to say they had both been abused by the same man...and violently too, something starts to worry Merry. The women by the way are the mans Wife and his Mistress who have banded together to get him caught out.

Merry gets herself wired up and then goes to meet the man. She soons finds herself in his bedroom where he produces a bottle of oil...........this is no ordinary oil, it is magical oil and has been pinched from The Queen herself. Soon Merry is at the mans mercy and it is only when she looks into a mirror above the bed that she sees a phantom figure. She yells for help and suddenly a spider drops onto the man then more and more of them appear. Eventually all that is left of him is a pulped mess. Merry is still covered with the magical oil so anyone that touches her will want to bed her. She must get the oil off before the consequences become dire. Someone evidently wants Merry very dead.

She also comes into her powers when the hags attack her and she turns one of them inside out......she can't die so if Merry didn't hack her to death she would be forever trapped inside out......Merry finally hacks what is left of the hag to death.

When she gets an invitation to the Unseelie Court, she is first frightened then eager to find out what Andais wants from her.
She is incredibly surprised when the Queen tells her what it is she will do if Merry gets pregnant by one of the Court Ravens or Body Guards. Up until this point, all the Ravens have been under a Geas to not have sex with anyone. Now the Geas is lifted but only Merry can sleep with the Ravens or Body Guards. The race is now on to see who can produce an heir first, Andais's son Cel or Merry herself. She also is having to dodge Court assassins all the time with the help of 'The Queen's Darkness' and others of his kind.

This certainly isn't a children's book as there is sex in abundance.........if Merry was human I'd say she was a tart but as she is part of the Unseelie then sleeping with loads of men doesn't qualify her for that title. She has also made a treaty with the Goblins and now has little Keelin to look after as well.

Well written and thoroughly enjoyable. I have just bought book 2.
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on 12 February 2010
I started the series as read previous L.Hamilton's books about Anita Blake. WAs hoping this will be something different. It is OK to read,entertaining in places, but again, the author puts too much attention to sex, bed etc instead of on some action. Some chapters drag endlessly and are only there so the author could describe the sex scenes again and again. Boring. The heroine has to have sex with everyone, almost every man, fay, goblin.... I thought it was supposed to be a detective story, more like Anita Blake,the beginning suggests athrilling story only to turn into little sex manual for faeries. Im not convinced I want to read teh rest of the series, I might give a try to another book about Meredith, but don't really expect a great deal......
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on 18 December 2017
good book slightly damaged cover though but nothing major
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on 11 March 2014
I definitely knew I was reading LKH. What a fantastic world. This echoes Anita Blake's world and yet is completely new. I often avoid books on the fae because I doe get confused with them so I admit I put off reading this series. I certainly didn't have that issue with book two, in fact I couldn't get it quick enough.
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on 30 September 2017
reading it now again a very seductive book cant put the book down
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on 23 September 2015
I have a new favourite urban fantasy series!

This was fun and full of sexy escapades. I love Merry, she's a great main character.
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on 18 January 2013
Having read all of the Anita Blake series, I thought it was time to sample some of Ms. Hamilton's other work. Written in a very familiar style, there is definite echoes of Anita & co throughout, it was an entertaining and enjoyable read. An interesting mix of faerie legend, court intrigue & sex, I will be looking out for the rest of this series.
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on 15 December 2015
If you like serial sex scenes connected by a weak plot, this is the book for you. Good sex scenes, though.
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