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on 27 April 2017
OK. Know this book series is for teenager's, however I just love the series. Just couldn't put it down. It is a easy read, well written. Didn't want to put it down.

Elena Gilbert and her friends just want to get through the school year, but things seem to go a bit wrong for them when they meet Stefan Salvatore and his brother Damon. The brothers have a shadowy past which Elena gets tangled up in. For the brothers is the past going to repeat itself.
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on 2 January 2013
I first read this book a couple of years ago, after getting into the Vampire Diaries tv show (I'm a huge fan! Damon - Mmmm)and I thought it was absolutely terrible. Elena was annoying, it was so teeny and shallow. And the writing was trashy.
After a year I gave in and read the rest of the books. By about the fourth book I was totally into it. It was absorbing, interesting, I loved the characters. It was passionate and original. The 5th and 6th books are my favorates.
Recently I went back and read this book, and I saw it in a completely different light. I had stopped comparing it to the tv series (really the only character that is similar is Damon)and read it for what it was: A teenage book, delightfully absorbing and compelling.
After reading the other books the ridiculous things that happen in this one pale into insignificance! I wish they hadn't fired L.J. Smith from writing the rest of the series because the later books are terribly weak.
In desperation for more vampire diaries like books I've recently ordered The Secret Circle: Initiation AND The Captive Part v. 1, will have to wait and see if it delivers!
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on 26 December 2016
I've watched vampire diaries on TV and have them on dvd and recently I decided to read them. Now the whole book in my opinion is different from the TV programme but I like it. It took me a while to accept the book having watched it on TV but it's a good read just it's a shame that I read the book after I watched it on TV because I already have the TV version in my head when reading the books. But it's all good just a little hard to grasp the book afterwards.
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on 28 November 2015
Ok, so, im 13 and I read this book and I thought I was gonna be something BETTER than twilight. I've read all the twilight books and they are quite good, a bit soppy but okay. Anyway back to vAmpire diaries.....this book was a disappointment. I had to stop halfway through its was so Boring. I started watching the tv series halfway through and prefer the tv series WAY more. The tv series is scarier than the book. I think when they started making the tv series, they took the names from the book and kind of based the series on the book, but the series goes a whole other way to the book. Anyway, thought it wasn't worth a read, and I'm not going to get the next ones...
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on 14 July 2010
I'm a bit surprised by some of the reviews here giving 2 stars etc... I'm baffled as I absolutely loved this book! i didn't notice any bad writing but then things like that don't usually bother me as I normally get sucked in the story and the writing itself hardly makes much difference.

I thought it was brilliant how at first I hated Elena and her self importance and how little by little i started to warm up to her. The way she changes through out the book is great as she realises that not everything is about her.
The best parts of the book is definatly about Elena, Bonnie and Meredith together. I love their little circle and the friendship they got. I have to say though that reading about the 3 girls was far more interesting than reading about Elena and Stefan... I found Stefan awful boring and weak, full of self pity to the point i wished elena would have slapped him! I much rather Damon...

All in all it's a great book and I think it's worth to at least give it a chance. i read all the bad reviews here before i read the book and I was worried I might not like it but how wrong was I... I'm glad i decided to give it a chance.
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on 27 December 2011
I bought the 2 books and was hoping for a good light read - what it ended up being is a dry, wooden story. The characters are pretty painful... as in no depth what so ever. Granted these books get better towards the end of the book but still had me flicking through pages impatiently.
The heroine was just awful... really grated on me reading about her in the beginning. She got better and the two main male characters weren't that much more exciting but Damon being a little bit more complex and compelling against the back drop of the others. Stefan is just too weak to be interesting and the love confessions too early in the book.
I know these books are compared to Twilight and I am a fan of Meyers books which had me ignoring the whole world around me. Sadly these books didn't do it for me. I still got to the end of these but couldn't wait to finish and wont be buying any more. Maybe the TV series will be better...?
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A brilliant story on how to brothers fall for the same girl and she doesn't realize she's been compelled. After loosing her parents it's hard for Elena to cope and she starts a diary and keeps all her thoughts and dreams in there. One night she meets Damon a vampire who compels her to forget they met as she reminds him of his lost love. Will the brothers ever get along?
I can't wait for more
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on 6 July 2016
I watched the series before reading the books. The books are awful, even if treated as their own entity. Don't even get me started. It's like the story was written by a lonely thirteen year old girl who just threw every macho magical fantastical fancy she ever had, into a book. Zero substance and zero character depth.
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on 10 February 2010
had to admit, i only bought these after I watched the first airing of the television series in the UK last week - I enjoyed the program, but it does differ enormously from the books, needles to say i recieved all 4 books from amazon on Tues - today is Thurs and im half way thru the third. although clearly aimed at a younger dynamic - around high school, i still thoroughly enjoy reading them, and am finding it hard to not want to know whats happening next. Im glad that I bought all 4 because i dont think i could bear waiting for delivery in between.

If you like these you should also read PC & Kristen Casts House of Night Books, very easy reading - and really enjoyable.

for those comparing it to twighlight.....these books were actually written and published before Twilight was, so its an unfair comparison.
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on 3 June 2013
I originally bought this because my friend recommended it and I enjoyed the series on TV. I'd heard that the plot was completely different, and that the series had even changed some of the main characters (there is no Meredith, and Elena's sister is now a brother). Still, I thought I'd give it a go, especially because I like L. J. Smith's other books, 'Dark Visions' and 'The Forbidden Game'.
I'm sad to say that I was a little disappointed. Maybe this is because I enjoyed the TV series and the plot so much that I had completely different expectations for the book series, but I found I just didn't really enjoy it. Had I read the books first, I think I would probably have loved it (or liked it, at the very least) but I don't think this is for me.
Apart from that, one of the main problems I had was that it's called 'The Vampire Diaries' but I can only remember there being a handful throughout. I found that slightly odd, and the entries that were in the book was pretty useless to the plot.
Also, I think the plot escalates a bit too quickly. *SPOILER ALERT: I think that Elena becomes a vampire very quickly, and I think that if Smith had extended the time period I would've appreciated the tension and feuding a hell of a lot more.*
As it stands, I won't be purchasing the next volume. Personally, the TV series has a far better plot and this book, although an easy read, just isn't for me. If you like vampires, romance, and haven't seen the series on telly, then buy this. It's good value for money and an easy read.
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