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on 8 April 2015
Super beautiful, super popular prom queen Elena becomes fascinated with aloof new guy, Stefan, who seems to have a secret.

First of all, I cannot believe how much Twilight directly ripped this off! For shame, Stephanie Meyer!

I found this mildly entertaining. I couldn't really identify with Elena as she was so spoiled and popular, so I didn't really want her to get Stefan or anything.

Stefan is quite one-dimensional in this book, although I got the feeling he probably develops as a character. I thought the whole dark secret in his past was a bit contrived and not very fleshed out.

Not a lot seems to happen in the book, either. It got to the end and I was like 'what, is that it?' And then it ends on a total cliffhanger, like a serial.

The thing which struck me the most about this is how many supposed writing errors it makes; jumping between POV's in one paragraph etc. The author would never get away that stuff these days.

Overall, underwhelming but I can see how teens would like it.
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on 3 June 2013
I originally bought this because my friend recommended it and I enjoyed the series on TV. I'd heard that the plot was completely different, and that the series had even changed some of the main characters (there is no Meredith, and Elena's sister is now a brother). Still, I thought I'd give it a go, especially because I like L. J. Smith's other books, 'Dark Visions' and 'The Forbidden Game'.
I'm sad to say that I was a little disappointed. Maybe this is because I enjoyed the TV series and the plot so much that I had completely different expectations for the book series, but I found I just didn't really enjoy it. Had I read the books first, I think I would probably have loved it (or liked it, at the very least) but I don't think this is for me.
Apart from that, one of the main problems I had was that it's called 'The Vampire Diaries' but I can only remember there being a handful throughout. I found that slightly odd, and the entries that were in the book was pretty useless to the plot.
Also, I think the plot escalates a bit too quickly. *SPOILER ALERT: I think that Elena becomes a vampire very quickly, and I think that if Smith had extended the time period I would've appreciated the tension and feuding a hell of a lot more.*
As it stands, I won't be purchasing the next volume. Personally, the TV series has a far better plot and this book, although an easy read, just isn't for me. If you like vampires, romance, and haven't seen the series on telly, then buy this. It's good value for money and an easy read.
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on 4 February 2015
Nothing like the series!! The only likeness to the TV show is the names of the characters and some of them are slightly different!! I think the thing I struggled with the most is the fact that Elena Gilbert as written in this novel is so unlikable that I'm secretly urging Stefan to sink his teeth into her neck and rid the world of one more spoiled, selfish, cheerleading brat!
Well written for the most part, can't really see why it was snapped up for TV... can see why they changed every aspect of it for a wider and more mature audience.
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on 27 April 2016
I have been watching the vampire diaries tv series for a couple of months now and I was recommended to read the books. Its a really good book and it is written well but I think that I like the tv series better. It maybe because I watched the tv series first and there happens to be a lot of differences between the book and the tv series.
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on 3 December 2017
Very different to the TV series.
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on 20 November 2017
Enjoyed the tv series more , these books are ok though.
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on 27 May 2011
I have tried and tried to get into the Vampire Diaries series, but struggle to feel anything for the characters or the writing. While I adore the TV series - I would watch that over and over again - the books are doing nothing for me as a reader. Shame, as I generally love the genre. Endlessly
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on 6 March 2016
This book is okay but a little far fetched which is saying something because I love the TV series.
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on 25 October 2013
Usually I read the books before seeing the film or tv series but this time it was the other way round and I found the tv series of vampire diaries much better than the book. Will stick to watching the dvds.
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on 10 September 2013
I enjoyed the 2 books but i found it so different from the tv series.

In my head i kept trying to put the book characters as the tv characters, but they definitely didn't fit.

The book is ok the tv series is much better

I would continue reading them though as they are quite interesting
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