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on 2 July 2006
There is so much in this book that is unconvincing. I don't deny that the author had an abused childhood and I feel sorry for that but I agree with other reviewers when they talk of the impossibility of holding down so many jobs at the same time at such a young age. The episode about being in hospital with the doctor talking of 'cancer' and 'trauma' to a child, simply would not happen. She reports that she is being abused at home and all of a sudden there is a court case and her Stepfather is told off and told not to do it again and sent off home. No social workers, no attempt to check anything, or involve parents? Who takes down the name of a child who comes in to report abuse and then sends her home again to wait for a court case!!!

why does a father who has won the pools and has a string of houses, send her off with a pound to buy sweets? Was there nothing more he could do for her?

Could a teacher, even in those days, ( I am roughly the same age, although i,m not sure just how old Constance is) just take a child home to live with her?

The episode of her constances' mother trying to tell her father that he has just become the father of twins of is laughable.

If Constance can hold down 4 jobs, why does she not have the gumption to tell someone that there is no electricty and get them to replace the fuse?

Ihe list goes on and on. I am disturbed by he number of things in the book that do not quite add up and I am interested to know why this is. I am interested in knowing why the author would write something like this. I do not all deny that she suffered n some way. Why did the publisher not pick up on the things that clearly a lot of readers find hard to believe? i can uderstand that someone who has been thorugh such trauma would not be able to see things in quite the same way but why did no one around her, including her well educated family and friends, not advise her?
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on 28 September 2015
Enjoy this book
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on 21 October 2009
Fantastic book! I read this book is one and half days...(one day if i didn't have to go to work)i couldn't put it down. Extremely well written. The awful memory and emotions the author must have gone through having to 're-live', so to speak, her awful childhood. I think the court case added as extra at the end of the book made it even better, it certainly made me feel better!!
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on 2 September 2015
This "biography" is so full of absurdities and lies, I am amazed by what people still give credit to such idiocy. Just to name a few, first have that ridiculous scene with two alleged "Jehovah's Witnesses" in her house door, shouting, dancing and talking like Pentecostals is a total lie. To make the sign of the cross! Oh, please, come on, since when Jehovah's Witnesses make sign of the cross or are acting like crazy, screaming and yelling, when they go to people's homes? And the adoption of Denise? Who can adopt a child as well, especially in England? Where social assistance at a time like? And if her mother never wanted children, why he adopted another child? And why she hated both Constance? And since no one would have seen so many injuries in a child? My God, her mother deeply cut her arm and no one saw anything, not in school and not in the street? The English are blind? And as that court did not festered? Frankly, it makes no sense!
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on 13 March 2006
this book is the best book i have read for a long time i could hardly put it down.
it was very moving and i really felt for the child.
it was fantastic a very good book.
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on 10 March 2006
Sorry but I have to agree with those who found this book poor. I waited for it to come out and the disappointment was vast. It's slow, labourious to read and I had to keep pushing myself to carry on, waiting for the best part. If you have read "A Child Called It", this will let you down.....big time!
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on 21 July 2013
Having seen an interview by Constance Briscoe, she is an amazing and beautiful woman.

Whilst reading this book, you cannot help but be amazed by her struggle and determination, and the fact she is now a successful woman.

A truly amazing story of a beautiful woman
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on 24 September 2011
Raw and real. I have never read of such real life situations in all my reading years. How this woman survived childhood is a miracle. The details hold the reader in unbelievable suspense, it would be pretty good if it wewre fiction, but that it all happened is mind blow
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on 7 May 2006
Although I can completely understand why some people thought this book wasn't great I still have to give it 10/10. As someone who also suffered violance & hatred as a child I fully understand how hard it is to try to put into words exactly what happened, when, why & how.

People deal with childhood issues like these in different ways, it must be very hard to be full of emotion when writing about past events that you have now dealt with in some way or other. I know that if I ever talk about my past it's "matter of factly" as it's in the past. At the time, you go through the emotions & you get to the stage that you have no more tears to cry!

I read the whole book in less than a day, I was hooked. I cried & I looked at the back page at the end. The photo of Constance as an adult, she's Beautiful!!

Obvioulsly this book was about Constance's memories of her childhood & not a book written as though she was currently experiencing these traumas. As she stated in the book, her Diaries were taken by her mother & therefor the dates etc may be slghtly wrong. Whereas had she had the diaries I'm sure she would recollect many other horrific trauma's that she had encountered by her mother & maybe more of her feelings she experienced at the time.

I remember reading a diary of mine not that long ago & forgot, until I read it, of many things that I had experienced.

I take it that although there were a few question unanswered that even Constance didn't know the answers to them either!

I would recommend this book to everyone with an open mind. I personally loved it & I admire Constance for sharing her horrific childhood with everyone.
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on 3 June 2015
Fast delivery! Good book
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