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on 26 March 2012
... I have some reservations. I am a fan of Michel Thomas and have used his material for Spanish and Italian also but I find the presence of the two students slightly irritating. He concentrates on the spoken language with the listener as the third learner who is invited to press 'pause' and have a go him/herself. The sentence structures of the language are stressed as are verbs which are, after all, the backbone of the language. But he leaves you to expand your vocabulary on your own (though there is a separate Vocabulary Builder which I have also reviewed.) He is soothing and yet does not allow errors to slip by - an excellent combination. If, like me, you prefer to have a book to accompany the audio you could try Breakthrough French 3 which has exercises, summarised grammar, plenty of vocabulary and everyday expressions and deals with common topics of general interest. I have reviewed this course in detail and tagged it on my Profile page as I find it the best available.
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on 2 October 2007
This course is to take you on from the foundation course, IF you found it good, though not everybody does (see my review of that). Once you've mastered the foundation course, this is excellent as the next stage. If you are already advanced at French, say, A-level and still retaining, then the term 'Advanced' may be a misnomer to you.

Thomas builds on the techniques he employed, and continues to simplify new tense endings into how they sound, categorises verbs in an easy way, and paints graphic pictures on how to form the more complex tenses. I agree some of the constructions he draws from you are difficult, but this is to build confidence: if you can master complex conditionals, you'll feel more astute at the simpler constructions. This has one star more from me than the foundation course since the problem of long gaps has been remedied.

Though I am not at the end of this yet, I can offer this review as I am confident it will not disappoint in the end. It IS for speaking French, but there is a chapter at the end on reading French.

Drawbacks are due to his desire to avoid memorising, some things need reinforcing; for example, there are 16 verbs of motion and living that take etre instead of avoir for the compose tense, yet I could not see this in the menu, and had to find a book with it. The whole course is done at learning speed of course, so to hone your listening skills, you should record Open University French programs and listen to the conversations. No French person will speak at the speed on these CDs, believe me.

To its praise, I went to France to look for work, and all that I learnt stood me well. There was even an English-speaking woman who had lived there for a year trying to master French who, hearing these CDs in my caravan, ordered them for herself. She said he easily explained things about the language she had never really grasped.
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on 3 November 2016
I have bought all the original courses, French, German, Spanish and Italian. I once thought that I was hopeless at learning foreign languages, but with these courses I leant more in 8 hours than I learned in a year at school. I do not advise buying the new copycat courses because they are very poor quality and it is difficult to hear what the instructor is saying, especially the Chinese course.
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on 13 July 2005
The 8 hour course "basic" course was excellent - this was even better. I have nothing but admiration for the way in which it is put across. After a few hours to end up with 20 odd tenses in relative ease takes some doing. You will find yourself smiling to yourself at how you are able to cover so much ground. Of course you need to listen again and again to get it to stick - no problem.
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on 29 August 2009
This item will suit those with some knowledge of French, especially those who have some knowledge of French, via the Foundation Course, since it pretty much picks up where the Foundation Course, left off.

The content moves along at a fair clip, which is helped by having two students of good ability, and not a pair of students with one much better than the other, since even though the less able student, may be no less able than oneself, one needs to concentrate on the proceedings, and can do with feeling positively challenged instead of distracted and/or discouraged. A rising tide which lifts all boats :-).

Most of the focus is on grammatical structure and how to express oneself in complexities of tenses. As pointed out at the end, the learner will have to supplement this course with vocabulary, and French specific expressions which do not lend themselves to being formulated from English into French (as would be the case for French speakers learning English). It is also useful to have the additional booklet and the review disk.

Learners should consider joining a 'meetup group'. These can be found by Googling, Binging, etc., for: french meetup London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Belfast, etc., etc. The Belfast and Edinburgh meetups have speakers from novice to native, so one can get to practice and/or improve their French, in a casual environment.
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VINE VOICEon 6 November 2007
I did a little French at school (twenty-five years ago!) and the Michel Thomas foundation course and I am now on disc 7 of the Advanced course. Michel Thomas has a great teaching method. He immediately takes the onus off you to lean and puts it on himself to teach. The CDs are a set of informal teaching sessions between Michel and two students and this format makes them easy listening. Just listen to these CDs a few times and you will take it in. Also because it is audio based you can learn when in the car or even in the bath. The other advantage is that you will be surprised how much theory you pick up allowing you to adapt the specifics that he teaches. I hate learning from books so this was a great way to improve my French. These CDs have improved my confidence and given me a base to learn from more traditional methods. The only limitation is that Michel Thomas concentrates on spoken French and consequently my written French is much weaker. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to learn or improve their French language.
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on 30 October 2016
Just amazing, really. Whistlestop tour through the language structure, including most tenses even the less used ones, use of pronouns, order of words in sentence. I put it on in the car and it was loved by the children too as they loved the voice of one of the students so we are all learning French with Michel! It is completely different from the first course which is very slow and doesn't cover as much. The beginner one also has different students.
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on 22 May 2017
Just as described. The pace is a little quicker than the foundation course and the students make very little mistakes but it's still the Michel Thomas method and you can replay the cds as much as you want ....opted for downloading them to my phone
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on 10 November 2015
This is a bit harder than his previous lessons. To be honest I struggle to get into it but I 'm sure someone with plenty of commitment will find it very rewarding
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on 21 November 2016
Very good. Prepare to work.
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