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on 10 March 2017
This is a thorough book for starting along the path to literacy in French. It is fun but disciplined. There is much variety of subject and the little tests are comprehensive and engaging. The book assumes that you are starting from almost no experience and builds your knowledge methodically, but not too slowly. By page 50, one feels the progression. If you want to augment the book, you can just search on the internet for content relating to words and phrases. This will further enhance your experience and also put your new knowledge into context.
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on 12 February 2012
I am a true beginner, I didn't even know how to say He/She/We/They in French! But now 88 pages through, I'm reading and writing no problem and even correcting other people on their French. I think the people in previous reviews simply made the mistake of buying a book for beginners (even though it clearly says it on the title). This book is for anyone who's clueless like me and needs something to help them learn fast.
It's also a lot of fun, I found myself turning off my laptop and doing this instead. 5 stars!
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on 13 November 2014
Didn't get 4th edition. Got 5th so massive problem in the class as I keep having to find the corresponding page and some of the text is new.
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on 7 June 2017
Exactly as described. Thank you.
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on 7 March 2017
Very good ideal for what was required
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on 20 October 2014
The description failed to show it was book 1. I was unaware that there was a book 1 and 2 therefore did not spot the 1 on the cover. I was able to return the book and a refund was promptly forthcoming. Delivery was excellent
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VINE VOICEon 1 April 2007
Bonjour a tous
No worries,You will not sound like Mr Rene if you decide to learn French with this great course.

Yes, "Facon de parler" is a great french textbook and will definitely give you a decent knowledge of French by the time you ve reach its last page. The course comes in 2 volumes.. bringing up from level zero up a decent GCSE level at the end.It comes with CDs and self study guide..i would definitely recomment that you get the whole package, specially if you re learning French on your own free time.

what to expect along the way ?
a clearly structured approach of the terryfing french gramnmar... (serious.. it does make it easy to understand)
Loads of words that can be used in everyday colloquial French giving you a knowledge of French that will be accurate and will sound close to what you will hear in the streets, when people are talking among themselves.

If you want to grab a decent knowledge of french without having that dreadful feeling of struggling for nothing over endless lists of verbs or God knows what kind of grammatical nightmares.. go for it .
buy the book and what comes with it and have a great time..
If you do have the chance, also, tune your radio on some french stations (france Inter, Europe 1, RTL )are all availables on LW, and even if you don t understand what is being said, this will Tremendously help you to grasp the specific french pronunciation.
But remember, la pratique aide a la perfection . practice makes perfect.

La langue francaise n est pas si difficile que cela..and that book REALLY does make the learning task easy and pleasant.

Amicales salutations a tous
et bonnes etudes
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on 9 November 2009
A second book absolutely identical is available, the only difference is the price, but the description doesn't report the difference.....for me they were identical. Then, I chose the cheapest one.
I espected the book to come togheter with CDs, even if the common sense suggest that the higher the price the "richer" the product.
If I knew that CDs were not included I would have chosen the most expensive one between the two.
I suggest that the description of the book should be reviewed in order to make clear the difference between the one with CDs and the one without.
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on 30 June 2010
I bought this book as it is a friendly learning book with humerous situations. It is up to date and offers opportunuties for group work and homework. This book is also sold with cd's which I feel are essential for the teacher but not necessarily essential for the pupil. It has a nice broad outlook and progresses slowly but surely. Grammar inserts are also helpful. For adult groups it is an excellent book, as always solo learners need incentives to continue.
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on 12 January 2009
You start off ready to memorize the vocab and grammar. The first thing is you are presented with French which you cannot read. Only later in each chapter does it briefly translate some of the words. Others leave you scratching your head even after you have reread the French part. I really do not want the 10th French word I learn to be 'guines pig'. I don't often use it in everyday conversations.

You have to memorize a bunch of made up people. You are expected to learn how Henri is related to Clare, where they live, what they live to drink, what they drive etc. So the memory space you had reserved for French is filled with this nonsense.

Then you come to the exercises, for which no answers are present. You have to wonder what the author was thinking. I don't want to solve French anagrams. The words still look like valid French to me. I want to know what the answer is.

I am not sure who the intended audience is. If its adults they must be sorry examples of adulthood. Not for me, I rate it poorly, and I am a true beginner in French.
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