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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 20 April 2010
A great book detailing this history of brainwashing from various means including military experiments with hypnosis and LSD, religious cults, hidden messages in heavy metal albums, right up to modern interrogation techniques.
No pie-in-the-sky conspiracy theories here, this book is based on factual accounts and is excellently researched.

It's written in an accessible, easy-to-read style and is what used to be deemed a "page turner".
If you have an interest in this subject, you won't be disappointed.
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on 1 April 2017
This is the Establishment story of UK/US mind control and is a cover up. Very readable and has occasional variation in terms of how open it is about small elements of mind control, but a bad faith book. The positive comments about Drs Cameron and Sargant, as if they were genuinely focused on the welfare of their patients, yet using tragically dated treatments, are absurd. Compared with Karen Wetmore in 'Surviving Evil' where she quotes the CIA as admitting that Gittingers PAS was unethical and about exploiting people, the bland terms Streatfeild uses about Gittingers PAS are a giveaway. Wetmores book shows the sinister intent of Gittingers weakness database in astonishingly blunt words. Other cover ups here are of modern mind control victims 'Targeted Individuals' and the massive exploitation industry that surrounds them, making Streatfeilds apparent concern for people who could in practice be TIs absurd. Does have a lot of background and will suit people in for a good read, (as it has parts on heavy metal albums and cults) but this tries to put the word 'brainwash' in a time capsule and leave it as a Korean War dead end curio, hoping that people will similarly associate mind control with such a time capsule. Obviously, technical specifications of what is and isn't specifically 'brainwashing' can be used to bamboozle the casual reader into wrongly believing mind control is in the past. It isn't. It is in the present and its cover up is a huge non-reported story. Bizarrely, to justify cover up books like this, they regularly, (as here) have to posit 'nothing to see in the US' and simultaneous 'nothing to see in the UK', (such as brainwashing and 'FMS/SRA' controversies) at the same time, which is suspicious when multiplied enough times. Another suspicious portrayal is half-heartedly implying nothing to see in UK/Canada/Australia experiments at the same time these were linked to Sargant.

This book mentions US/UK military/intelligence branches involved, including CIA/USAF/SIS/SS/BA/RAF but doesn't mention NSA/GCHQ/RN. For a book referencing the Cold War, it misses out Lida/Moscow Signal/Pandora. It mentions some nasty interrogation techniques and at the end says if only there was another way. I think this relates to current mind control, which is plausibly deniable. In keeping secret current mind control, mind-reading and interrogation technology and know-how, this book helps keep a lid on the public analyzing whether the alleged terror attacks in the West, (foiled and successful) in the last couple of decades happened as the MSM portrayed them, especially where the alleged culprits had been allegedly already known to the intelligence agencies as 'extremists'.

This book therefore strongly implies that when ordinary people talk of mind control it can only be from wrong conspiracy theories with some mass hysteria to blame, which is codswallop. The writing on 'subliminals' is a clear feint against state mind control use of subliminals, such as NLP on the BBC scheduling. The picture on the cover is misleading about the technology involved. Interrogation can be done by remote by Electronic Warfare technology and implants.
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VINE VOICEon 11 February 2009
This is an excellent, if somewhat disturbing, book. It covers the full gamut of techniques used to subvert the human will, ranging from inducing chemical imbalance through stressing (wall standing, hooding and malnutrition), sensory deprivation, hypnosis, subliminal messaging, socialisation and various forms of mind control. These techniques are used to induce "disordered brain function" at which point individuals can be manipulated and reprogrammed into a new belief system.

Case studies include the activities of large corporations in advertising their products, the Moonies, KGB methods of inducing false confessions from innocent people - and the use of such methods against the IRA (which the IRA promptly used against those it tortured).

In the case of the CIA they employed William Sargeant and Ewan Cameron (both now dead) on the MKULTRA project before becoming disillusioned with the results after the pair had destroyed the health, memories and lives of countless patients. President Ford later destroyed many of the papers relating to the project and forbade the use of such techniques in the future.

The most despicable aspect of the project was that it was carried out by scientists who willingly used and abused other human beings in the name of science. That the battle for the mind was fought in a free society by anything other than rational debate should concern everyone. Cameron accused Nazi medics of things he himself did, Sergeant sought to denigrate religion by claiming he used similar methods as that of evangelists.

Although the crude techniques used to produce the Soviet show trials of the 1930's are more sophisticated today they are still in use by governments around the world. Those who appear capable of most resistance are people with strong religious beliefs although everyone apparently has a breaking point which is why opponents of groups such as the Moonies initially went in for a kidnapping and reprogramming approach themselves.

Such an approach produced one of the few amusing moments in the book when a group rescued a girl from a cult and returned her to her parents with the words, "She's a Christian again". The parents were bemused she had been Jewish before she had joined the cult!!!

The balance of this book is maintained by the reference to the various "satanic abuse" trials that arose from the misplaced zeal of social workers in the 1980's and 1990. Even after all the evidence has been amassed and the accusations refuted some still refuse to believe that children had not been abused. Streatfeild remains suitably detached.

This is unquestionably a five star book. Brain washing is inimical to a free society. Everyone should read this book and determine for themselves how far our thoughts are genuinely our own. Get it as soon as possible.
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on 17 January 2017
I was hoping to get some useful information from this book, but it reads like a cheap detective novel. Overall, the author is highly dismissive of programs like MK ULTRA and the long term effects of ritual abuse. As a counsellor who has worked with several young victims of such abuse, I can tell you that this is very real - this book seems almost intended to cover up information about what authorities are capable of more than reveal it.
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on 31 July 2013
whether this is all true or not.....im starting to believe this HAS and IS going on....in all truth it makes me angry that these "elite devil worshippers " think we are below them, and they do as they want, are above the law......us the real people need to do something about these cretins....this is a scary read, but sadly i feel it isnt fiction, its happening
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on 1 March 2016
The author made a very impressive research and interviewed a massive quantity of people.
Although sometimes the book seems to stray a bit from the main topic, it always stays very compelling.
To be honest, I was skeptical but this book won me over.
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on 17 July 2007
...because you certainly won't find one here. Dominic Streatfeild has his head firmly screwed on and his feet on the ground. This book is a detailed history of all orms of mind control, and their use, from the interrigation methods of the KGB to the alleged problems of heavy metal in the 1980s, Streatfeild has covered it all. I would strongly reccoment this book to anyone, you won't be disappointed.
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on 11 March 2015
As the title suggests - mind control - illuminating if disturbing reading but A real eye opener! .
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on 4 June 2016
Well researched, even if some of the material makes harrowing reading. An important book
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on 17 April 2013
A very well resourced work with an excellent conclusion that de-constructs the entire subject and its assimilation into the collective culture and understanding of the subject.
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