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Customer reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars

on 17 August 2004
This book is a quick, easy read packed with information and sensible suggestions.
This is NOT a book for Gina Ford afficianados. It is not a scheme for training your baby. Instead it is about getting into harmony with your baby. You can keep your baby from crying because his emotional and mental needs are being met. You can do this by carrying him in a sling, breast feeding him, sleeping with him, etc. This may sound like a ball and chain for mom, but having a contented baby makes life very easy. For example, having baby in a sling means mom is free to move around and get things done while baby is happy and calm. Sleeping with baby means that mom gets a full night's sleep whether baby needs feeding in the night or not (and no, you will NOT smother your baby. And getting baby out of your bed is not a problem. My baby moved into her own cot in her room at five months without a single wimper.)
I followed Jackson's philosophy and I have a happy, healthy baby. She is following her growth curve perfectly, smiles all the time, crawled by 5 months, and has never been ill. Also, I have benefitted from good night's rest from the beginning, and have lost three dress sizes while still eating chocolate bars everyday. This happened by breast feeding and carrying my baby around with me. Another plus is that my husband has had good night's rest from the start and has spent lots of skin to skin time with baby although he works long hours. This happened because baby has slept in bed with us.
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on 24 February 2005
This is invaluable advice on not only how to calm a crying baby but how to be a good parent.
If everyone followed Deborah Jacksons advice the world would be full of relaxed parents with happy babies growing into confident and calm children. Instead people follow the advice of believers in strict routines and the result is stressed parents and unhappy, nervous children.
Some might expect the suggestions in the book to be more demanding of the parents but in fact, in the long term, the opposite is true. You get more freedom and have a better relationship with your child who is happy to go into new situations (when they are ready rather than when they are pushed before they are ready which parents who don't understand their children may do if they have followed any of the detachment methods of child-rearing such as sleep training).
i highly recommend this book, and Deborah Jacksons other books - they have certainly worked for me - read them before you embark on any harsh routines or regimes that may start to damage your relationship with your child.
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on 2 August 2005
I have a four month old daughter, and had been trying to stick to the Gina Ford way of controlled crying, strict bedtime and feeding regimes and self soothing. As these methods were not working I began to feel really guilty and as if I had failed. This book helped me to understand why leaving baby to cry goes against your natural maternal insticts - it just made complete sense to me. Give this book to anybody who has said you are 'spoiling' your baby by picking them up all the time, or has said you are 'making a rod for your own back!'
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on 16 February 2011
a lovely book that is very easy to read and gives you the confidence to do what you probably want to anyway
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