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on 22 June 2017
This book is a waste of money. It is essentially an advert. All is does is to repeat hacknied phrases which appear all over the web telling the reader how great the Kabbalah is and why it is important to study it. What it doesn't do is to go into any degree of depth, nor explanation about the Kabbalah - beyond signing its praises. It reads like an advertisers manual of phrases to be used on various posters to be displayed around the country. It also contains factual errors e.g. It suggests that only Kabbalah practitioners have seen beyond our reality of time and space - which is wrong - yogis, Christian mystics, Buddhists, Taoists, etc., etc., have written about these ideas and given detailed instruction for the individual to attain such wisdom. This book is just a rehash of what is freely available on websites. There are much better introductory guides around!
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on 8 April 2017
An excellent and enlightening read. For those of us that do not adhere to any religious groups, but believe in following a spiritual path, this book offers good guidance. A worthy book.
It is clear, precise and an easy read. Explanations are clear and helps you to relate actions and consequences, thoughts and desires with their possible outcomes.
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on 18 May 2017
Really enjoyed this book. Quite humorous at times which is nice. I doubt I've taken it all in but I've learnt a few principles to live by.
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on 27 March 2015
A subject that is continuous!
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on 22 March 2017
Better than i even expected it to be...... will be keeping this one with me.
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on 4 August 2015
life changing
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on 26 October 2015
not to my tase
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on 8 February 2014
I have read a great many self help books and some on Kabbalah. This book by Rav Berg is not a detailed exposition of the mysticism of Kabbalah as such but rather a book of how the practical wisdom enshrined in the ancient science of Kabbalah can give us the tools to completely change our lives and live full, meaningful, plentiful , happy and healthy lives.
This book contains true enlightenment, and comfort as well as giving us the tools to bring balance and fulfillment to our lives and abolish emotional pain and fear.

The author explains Kabbalah as an ancient hidden wisdom that reveals and unifies the physical and spiritual laws of life.

As the source of all spiritual teachings of this planet, predating religion, Adam and Eve and even Creation of the world itself.

He explains how the Kabbalah has influenced the most important thinkers and scientists throughout history such as Aristotle, John Dee, Isaac Newton,. Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein.
As Rav Berg explains 'Kabbalah was and continues to be the original technology of life. It's the science of the soul and the physic and metaphysics of fulfillment'

This books explains our inner being as being driven by desire, We are described as a vessel and light is used as the code word , a metaphor offered by the ancient kabbalists to convey the broad spectrum of fulfillment for which human beings long.
Rav Berg explains how the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah can eradicate the chaos that causes unhappiness in our lives, turn on the light and vanquish the darkness.
Pushing back of the light is resistance and we have to overcome the resistance which constricts the light and creates darkness in the vessel, Kabbalah explains how we can do this.

Rav Berg explains how Kabbalah teaches us how to remove the layers of cloth one strip at a time to reassemble the puzzle of Creation and bring even more light into our lives"

He instructs us how mediation on certain Hebrew letters he gives here can :

1 Remove compulsive or recurring negative thoughts

2 Arouse total certainty in any situation

3 Arouse healing power

4 Remove negative forces from people or places

5 Generate the energy of financial sustenance

6 Remove egomania

7 Eradicate the force of death

8 Return to the seed level of our existence

9 Give us the strength to stand after we fall

10 Give us the courage trio speak and hear the truth

He lists and expounds on Kabbalah's 13 rules of the game
And lastly gives us a brief history of Kabbalah. And the roles played by including others Abraham, Moses, Pythagoras, Plato and Aristotle, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and Rabbi Isaac Luria.
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on 10 July 2017
a bk writtenby deceivers.they tried to copy someone,but wanted him dead,and they did try.some demon told the ins salesman to try this .the demon prefers pimping as a profession.its loaded with jewish racial theory.
the word negativity is for them egyptian,criminal roman.
the kavana is aimed at a particular person,the one they met.there no benfits as such from these,its derived from demonics who are not for children,.i met some of them.those people spent an awful lot of money,because they are spiritually bankrupt.most of those ideas are from person they tried to kill,i mean the new age ideas.berg pretends to know of cosmos etc,but its a deception,breach of sales of goods act.
they tried to invoke the devil,i was there.
the so called egyptian moses tried to kill survives to report on it.
They were paranoid,they tried to sell paranoia.whats the punishment for that.Hillel told me "do unto them what they did unto you"
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on 16 February 2003
I love the way this book is presented. You need not know a thing about the Kabbalah to gain wisdom and insight from the well written work which is presented so it can be easily read and well understood by anyone, anywhere.
The examples offered are simple and reflective of everyday life and you can see the point being made clearly.
There is no mumbo-jumbo or technical jargon to throw you off-course, this book tells it like it is.
If you are on a spiritual path - this book is a great source of thought provoking information and states clearly "Don't believe a thing you read" in order for you to go out and experience it yourself.
I feel like my eyes have been opened! Quite frankly, you don't need to have a religious background to appreaciate the lessons being taught in this book. It's like a "how to survive life guide" that we should have been taught at school! It just makes so much sense.
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