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on 16 June 2005
This has become my bible for my German Studies. Before i owned this book my grammar knowledge was shady and patchy at best. But after using it as my study aid for my lectures and seminars i now find myself more confident and understanding more than i thought possible.
It's clearly set out and easy to read and follow. It worked best for me by supplementing it with my notes i got from lectures but i found that the parts my tutor was missing out i found the answer in this book.
Great study guide.
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on 4 February 2007
So many grammar books assume you know the mechanics of grammar but this is one of the very few which doesn't - it's probably the only one. Beautifully presented, lots of summary tables and the use of coloured type really highlights the essential bits to grasp. It's a joy just to sit and read and that's saying something for a grammar book! You need to be at A level standard and above for this tome. Just don't bother considering any of the many other grammar books on the market. (Also, it has N, A, G and D in the proper order too!)
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on 21 June 2009
I spent 9 months working in Germany, recently. Not ever having studied German before I found that this was the one resource that I kept going back to in my attempts to teach myself the language. I tried various other avenues to learn the language, various teach-yourself courses - but they all just seemed to give "stock" phrases. I did not find them nearly as helpful as this book. It is very clear and easy to follow. It starts at the fundamental level in each chapter - never assuming you know anything - and goes on to explain in simple terms the concepts required.
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on 2 June 2012
This book is good and does explain a lot of things in detail, if you are studying Germany that's great but English is not really taught to English school children and as such I find this book full of terms I do not understand.

It is so technical I actually can't follow what it's saying. It would help if the book just told you how instead of what all the time. Still, I can't fault it because it's very thorough and my lack of English understanding is not the books fault but I think it's important that for a person like myself who lacks understanding in the terminologies of the structure of their language, this book might be a bit difficult to work with.

I gave this book three stars because whereas it is a good book it was far too technical for my needs and I don't even think it's "Essential" either.
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on 28 June 2006
Having read many other books on german grammar, this one is quite simply the best. If you want to know how to order a beer, or ask directions to the football match, do not buy this book.

The book is well set-out, and the red/grey/black colour scheme used is very helpful. I first read this about three years ago, in a library, and everything I have read since has been inferior. The chapters on verb formation and usage are brilliant.

Be prepared to encounter grammatical terms early on, but as the authors point out in the introduction, this is neccessary. Once you have covered the basics, the book will be indispensible. The best german book I have bought, and a easier going than Hammer's German Grammar.
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on 4 October 2002
An excellent comprehensive German grammar, a book I have searched for for the last two years. As a teacher of English in Germany I have in the past searched in vain for a clearly written German grammar comparable with the abundant English language grammar books. Now I have found this book. It is clearly presented with colour headings, it says for post GCSE students, however I do not consider myself this standard, but still I find it understandable - in fact invaluable. The great thing about this book is that it is written in English, it is so much easier to understand the grammar rules when explained in your mother tongue. I particularly like the layout of the grammar information in the front of the book, and then the practice exercises at the back of the book. this I think makes it a much easier to use grammar reference book. The exercises are a bit difficult for me at present, but I can work up to them. This however, does not make the bulk of the book's information too difficult to understand.
I recommend this book to anyone wanting to learn the German language, or to improve their language. I also own Hammer's German Grammar, which is far too difficult for me, however this provides the perfect stepping stone to this advanced publication.
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on 25 February 2012
This is an excellent book that covers all German grammar basics - a must for beginners and intermediates. Highly recommended! love the colour coding which really does help to understand parts of the subject being described.
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on 25 August 2010
Although this book is very good in regards of the German grammar, I would say it is not for beginners. I believe it requires a good base of the language in order to become useful.

On a different note, I think the presentation of the information (font colour, size, style, etc) makes it 'hard' to read (e.g. red letters on dark background), and most of the time it makes the pages look 'too crowded'.
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on 6 November 2011
It has many German exercises to test my ability. It is designed for the use of intellectual German students who are aiming high.
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on 17 August 2015
It is a solid German grammar, but perhaps not one for the beginning language student. Hwever, if one has a background in other inflected languages then there is nothing that should come across as too surprising, and, in fact, you might find it downright irritating at times.

I could have gone for more stars (for content) but I find the book really, really annoying to read.... there is too much red ink! Even so far as chapter ten in the book we still find "NOUN PHRASE" capitalised and in red-ish ink. Combine this with overuse of italics, small caps, bold, bold italics, red bold small capitals...etc. Well, the typesetting is a mess, and to me it reads like a six-year-old were let loose on the thing with a highlighter pen.
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