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on 14 September 2012
A rip roaring, fast paced, unpredictable thriller that took me less than a week to finish (625 pages). BE WARNED though : you will forgo anything to keep reading this piece of addiction that'll keep you awake into the small hours with the suspense and interest of wanting to know what happens next.

Well written book with great depth of characters and many intertwining storylines melded so well together that eventually reach a brilliant crescendo. Never loses interest from the start to the finish, easily the best book read so far this year.

The description of cold war Russia is so real you feel part of the book and quickly build an affinity with the characters, all wrapped around an intriguing storyline.

Part of the story is based on real characters that played key role within Russian politics and this adds further interest.

Cannot recommend highly enough. A MUST READ!!.
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on 4 October 2005
This is an outstanding book! It has a wonderful combination of a fasciniating and exciting espionage story, viewed at times in a wonderfully nostalgic background through the eyes of Anna Khorev. The novel also takes us to some fascinating areas of the world, and describes them beautifully. I whole-heartedly recommend it. The plot is primarily set in the post-war USSR, where the CIA have plotted to kill Joseph Stalin (Operation Snow Wolf), the mission being coordinated by Jake Massey, who enlisted the aid of Alex Slanksi and Anna Khorev, with the KGB under Levrente Beria attempting to thwart them at every opportunity. The characters are well developed, as are the relationships between them. And, in spite of its length, the novel remains fast paced, and addictive. I couldn't put it down.
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on 17 August 2006
I read this about 3 years ago and thought it was absolutely first class. I like book s with twists that i simply don't see coming and this has one of the best twists ever. It is one of those books that you simply do not want to stop reading (even when you know you have work the next morning and aught to sleep)

ALthough i had a copy already, my local bookstore was selling autographed copies of Snow wolf and so i bought one. Maybe some day it might be worth something...

In summmary, if you like thrillers then this is essential.
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on 6 February 2001
This book is amazing just like the two others that I've read:Sakkara and Branderburg. Meade has a great talent on II.WW and pre and post scenarios. He is really very good at this. I love the reality in the scenario and the way of telling and the fluency. He makes become a character in the story too. He is the best in his area.
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on 5 November 1998
A very entertainig thriller, well worth buying. I have really enjoyed reading it, it could be far fetched but then again it might be possible. Much better than Brandenburg by the same author. The characters however are a bit larger than life - it would be nice to see them being a little bit more real.
An excellent read, hard to put down.
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Set during the Cold war era, the plot follows the operation to kill Stalin by the CIA. The paranoia and suspicion that existed post WWII is used to create an atmosphere and provides an excellent backdrop to the story.
Hard to put down, this book is great reading and really poses a great "what if...?" question
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on 1 September 2011
I don't often write Amazon reviews but a friend lent me an old copy of this and I thought it was bloody brilliant! Just one question - why is it out of print?

The plot is basically the same as Day of The Jackal, expect with Stalin as the target instead of De Gaulle, and is a chase through 1950's Soviet Union from the Baltic to Moscow with Slanski as a deadly assassin and Lukin his KGB nemesis.

The first 100 pages are the slowest, setting up the backstory including cameos from Eisenhower and a chocolate-munching-torture-porn watching Stalin, but as soon as operation Snow Wolf begins and the team are dropped into the USSR the action is relentless right to end. Believe me, you will have some very late nights with this book!

If it was just a chase through Russia it would still be brilliant- but what makes it so special is that it has a soul. Real emotional heart. The characters are life-like and I really cared about them, especially Slanski and Anna. It's also a very emotional book. I have to admit I was pretty choked by the ending.

There are also some totally unexpected twists. One in particular towards the end I never saw coming and is a complete game-changer! From that point on I read till the last page, finally finished the book at 1:50am even though I had an early start the next morning. And even when it's over, there is a final revelation in the author's note. Apparently this could all be based on real events.

I can't recommend this book enough. It's genuinely unputdownable. It's such a shame it's out of print. Given how many rubbishy thrillers there are out there this seems a tragedy. I hope someone sorts it out soon. This is a book that deserves to be back in the bestseller charts.
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on 17 January 2011
List the least likable despots of the 20th Century and you will have a depressingly long list, as there were more than a few. One man who should make everybody's list is Stalin, whose ideals about Communism soon went into a cocked hat, in favour of Stalinism (which was basically totalitarianism and terror). Glenn Meade draws the reader into the last days of Stalin's life in his Cold War thriller `Snow Wolf', a book about how a group of people set out to put an end to Stalin before he could get his hands on an all powerful bomb. Like all good historic thrillers `Snow Wolf' has a happy mixture of reality and nonsense to make it a fun read, but still feel like Meade knows what he is talking about.

A past master of the genre of the historic `boys own' thriller is Jack Higgins, but unlike Higgins' light bites, Meade is offers a far meatier proposition and in the end the book proves a little too long. As a reader you come to be bathed in anguish as every major character has a harrowing back story that plays out in full detail. This certainly adds to the tension in the book, but does make it a bleak read that may put off some readers. The pace picks up towards the end and as your loyalties are pulled one way then another, the final 100 pages are a testament to Meade's skill. Perhaps if he condensed the book into two thirds the length it would have been a classic of the thriller genre, instead it is a great effort, but overly long.
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on 26 November 2013
This is an excellent book. In my view it would make a great movie I enjoyed it so much I ordered Glenn Meade,s book. Brandenburg. Reading it am moment and it is looking good also.
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on 26 August 2013
Good storyline. Strong characters. Plot kept moving along. Some parts drawn out on detail. Enjoyed it. Pity the book I ordered was in such a mess.
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